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Thus bare they loved to wandeMhey have thou shaft tell stem ( Thni siith theLo»» not refrained their feet, therefore the Lord Such as tnr for death, to death ,& lu«h ai doth not accept thems he will now re- *n for the fword.to the swords and Iu«* aa member their iruauitr, & viiit their fins, trt for the famine,to the famine; and sock

ir Then laid the LORD unto me, P/ay as tn for the captivity, to the captivity, not for this people for (Mr good, , 1 And I will appoint over them foul

11 when they said 1 will not hear their kinds, faith the Lord, the Iwoid to flay, cry, and when they offer bwnt-offering indite dogs to tear, and the fowls of the and an oblation, I will not accept them: heaven, and <he bealtsof the earth.todebut I will consume them by the svord.and vour and destroy, by the famine, and by the pestilence. 4 And 1 will cause them to he removed i? H Then said l,Ah Lord GOD,behold, into all kingdoma of the earth, becaDsc the prophetssay unto them.te mall notice of Manassch the Ion of Heiekiah king of the sword^neither lhall ye have famine,but Judah, for tbtt which he did in Jetusalem. Iwill give you assured peace in this place. ?For who shall have pity opon thee, O uThen the LORD said unto me, The Jerusalem ? or who lhall bemoan thee ? or prophets prophely lies in my Name, 1 lent who shall go ssideto ask how thou dost? them not,r either have I commanded them 6Tbou haft loriaken mc,lasth thcLoRD, neither spaKe unto them: they prophesy thou art gone backward: therefore will I omo you a iilse vision and divination, and Itrctca out my hand against thee, and a thine of nought, and the deceit of then daltroy thee, 1 am weary with repenting. heltl 7 And I will fan them with a fan in tha

Is Therefore thus faith the LORD con- gateaot the land : I will bereave riim of ceiriing the prophets that prophesy in my children ; 1 will destroy my people, s,tk Name, and 1 sent them not, yet they say, they return not from their ways. Sword and famine shall not be in this 8 Their widows are increaseu tomealand.By swoid and famine shall those pro- bove rhe land of the seas ; 1 have brought ahets be consumed, upon them against the mother of the

IS And the people to whom they pro- young men a spoiler at noon-day : 1 have phely.lhall be cist out in the ttreetsol Je- caused bim to lull upon it luddenly, ana! tufaleru. becaule of the famine, and the tenors upon the city, tword, and they lhall have none to bury •) Sh? that hath born leven, langoiiheth: (hem i them, theit wives, nor theii sons, she hath given up the ghost, her fun is nor their daughters: for, I will pour their gone down while if arrnt yet day i she hath wickedness upon them. been ashamed and confounded, and therc

17 41 Therefore thou lhalt fay this word sidue of them will 1 deliver to the I word. Unto them, Lei mine eyes tun down with betoie their enemies, faith the LORD, tears night and day tk let them not cease: to HWo ia ine.my mother.that thou haft for the virgin daughter of my people is born me a man of strife,and a man of conbroken with a great breach, with a very tention to the whale earth: 1 have neither grievous blow. lent on ufury,nor men have lent to me on

•8 If I go forth into the field,then behold uluryorif every one of them doth curie me the stain with the sword ; 8t if Lenter into la The Lord said, Verily it lhall be well the city, then behold them y are sick with with thy remnant, verily I will cause the famine ;yea, both y prophet & the priest enemy to entreat thee well in the time of Po about into a land that they know not. evil, and in the time of affliction.

10 Halt thou utterly rejected Judah? hath it Shall iron break the notthem iron, thy soul loathed iion? why hast thou irait- and the steel?

ten us, and tbtrtti no healing- forua? we t? Thy iubltaroe and thy treasures will looked for peace, and tfari h no good, & I give to the spoil without price, lt d tbtt for the time of healing.& behold trouble, lor all thy sins, even in all thy borders.

igWe acknowledge,O LciRD.our wick- 14 And I will make tbtt to pass with kedness, tni the iniquity of ourfatheis : thine enemies, into a land toils* thoa for we have finned against thee. knowest not :for a fire is kindled in mine

11 Do not abhor ui, or thy Names fake, anger, vbicb shall bum upon you.

do not disgrace the throne ot thy glory: re- Is II O LORD, thou knowest, remember member, break not thy covenant with us. me, andviiitmc. and revenge me ot my ix Are there tn) among the vanities of persecutors, rake me not away in thy long, the .Gentiles j can caule rain? or can the fostering: know that for thy lake I have heavens give showers 1 tit not thou he, O fullered rebuke.

F Urdoozgo ?therefore we will wait upon i5 Thy words were found, and I did eat thee* tor thou hast made all fhefe ibmgi. them, and thy word was unto me the joy CHAP, XV. and rejoicing of mine heart, for I am ctl.

Til uttir njttlion of tit Jtvei. led by thy Name, O Lorn) GOD ot holta. T*Hen said the Lord unto me, Though 171 sat not in the assembly of 5 mockers, I Mofei and Samuel stood before me, nor rejoiced : 1 fat alone, because of thy irt my mind could not bt toward this peo- hand : for thou hast filled mewindignatiori .le, call tbtm out of my light, St let them 18 Why is ay pain perpetual > and ray To forth. wound incurable,mkitb refuseth lobe heal.

i And it lhall come to pasa, if they say ed ? wilt thou be altogether unto me aa a into tiiec,Whithei shall we go forthjthcn liar, tni n wateii tbtt fail?

c if • Tuete.

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TU dettitfut hurt. Chip. IVUi. lulgmmtt tbrutnti.

inters, and f**t spreadeth out her roots by ofjadihi and from the plica aStm Jemv theriver,and (hall Dot feewbe* heat com I Hem, and from the land of Benjamin, eth, bother leaf shall be green and shall a:.d from the plain, and (rum--.c mouoriot be careful in the year of droughts nei- and tram the south, bringing burntther shall reaicfrom yielding fruit. offerings, and sacrifices, and raert-oftorQlj 1 be heart U decentul above all fim?'» inga, and incense, and bringing sacrifice! and desperately wicked, who can know it? of praise unto the bouse ot the Lord.

10 Ithe Loro search ? heart, I tryf reini *7 But it ye will oet hearken unto me, even to give every man according to his to hallow the fabbath-day and not to ways,&)ccordingto the fruit of his doings, hear a burden,even entriag in at the gates

it A' the partridge litteth on eggi, and of Jerusalem on the fabbath-day : then

hatcheth them not: Jo he getter nches will 1 kindle a tire in the gates thereof,ani

&not by right,shall leavetnem in (ft e midst it shall de our the palaces or Jerusalem,

Ol his days, and at bit end shall be stool, and it shall not be quenched.

11 Tl A glorious high throne from the C H A P. AVUI. beginning, t* the place of our sanctuary. iVniir tbttjrpi of* ptrttr,o$d shtwtti hi*

O Lord, the hope of Israel, all that *»/o/uf« sower in disposing of nstiont. u

forlake thee shall be ashamed, tnd -they judimtntt tbreMntd to fttd*h.

that depart from me shall be written in 'TT'He word which Cihic to ieremiah

the earth, because they have forsaken the 1 fromrtic Lwrd, fayirg,

LoRn, the fountain of living waters. xArise and go down to the potters hon e,

14 Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be &there I will cause thee to hear my worda* healed: save me, and 1 shall be saved j ?T hen lwent down to the potters house, forthou *rf my praise. &bebold.he wroughtawork on the wheela.

15H Behold, they fay unto me, Where/i 4 And the veflel that he made of clay

the wo d of the Lord ? let it come now. waa marred in the hand of the potter, sa

15 As for me, I have not haftned from he made it again another vesld. as seembtint a pa (tour to follow thee,neither hive ed good to the potter to make it,

1 desired the woful day, thou knowest: f Then the word of the Lord came to chat which cam; out of my lips was right me, faying,

before thee. 6 O house of Israel, cannot I do with

17 Se not a terrour unto me, thon are you aa this potter ? faith the Lord, bemy hope in the day of evil. hold, as the clay it in the potters hand, fa

18 Let them be confounded § persecute «rs ye in mine band. O bouse of Israel, me, but let not me be cjniounded:let them 7 At vebtt instantl shafl speak concerbe dismayed,aut let not me be dismayed: ning a nation, and concerning akingdowi bring upon them the day of evil, and de- to pluck up. and to pull dowo, and to deltroy them with double destruction. Itroy rt.

Io H Thue faith the Lord unto me,Go glftftat nation against whom I have proand stand inthe gate of the children ofthc rounced.turn from their evil, 1 will repent people, whereby the kings of Judah come of the evil jf I thought to do unto them, io, and by trie which they go out, and in 9 And «t vebdt instant I shall speik conall the gates of Jerusalem j cerning a nation, and concerning a king

to And fay unto them, Heat ye the word dom to build and to plantfft of the Lord : ye kings of Judah, and all to If it do evil in my sight, that jt obey Judah, and all the inhabitants ot Jerusa- not my voice* then Iwill repent of j good lem that enter in by these gates. wherewith I said 1 would benefit them.

it Thus faith the i.ORD.Take heed to 111! Now therefore go to, speak tothe yout selves, and bear no burden on the men ot Judah, and to the inhabitants of fabSatb-day, nor briog rrjn by the gate* Jerusalem, saying, Thus faith the Load, of Jerusalem Behold, 1 frame evil against you, and de

al Neither carry fotth a burden out of vilea device against you, return ye now your houfesonthesabbath-diy,neitherdo every one from his evil way, and make ye any work, but hallow ye the sabbath- your ways and your doings good, day, as I commanded your fathers. la And they said. There Is no hope, buc

ja, But they obeyed not, neither end in- we will walk after our own devices, anas ed their ear, but made their necks stiff, we will everyone do the imagination of: that they might not heir nor receive in* his evil heart.

It ruction. iz Therefore thus faith the Lor?, Ask

»4 And it shall come to pass, if yedili- ye now amorig the hesihen. Who hath gently hearken unto me, faith *tin Lord* heard (ueb things ;the virgin of Israel ro bring in no burden tfrou^h the gate* of hath done a very horribl. thing, this city on the labbaih-day, but hallow >4 Will « m«n leave the snow of Leajhe sabbach-day, to do no work tf erein: banan vbiib tomttb from the rock of the &5 Then shall there enter into the gatea field ? or shall the cold dowiog *aters that of this city, kings and princes sitting upon come from another place, be forsaken i the throne of David, riding in chariots,& 15Because my people hath ror&Qttenme, en horse J, they and their princei,the men they have burnt incenle to vauty.and they of Judah, and the inhabitants of Jeru'a. have caused them to stumble in their ways, lem, and this city shall remain for ever, from the ancient paths, to walk in paths in \i And they IC1II come ftw the cities a way not cast op; ,

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i "give to be meat for the fowls of the ■ en, and for the beasts of the earth.

wind before the enemy: I will shew them

the back and not the face, in the day of 8 And I win make thii citv desolate" Sc their calamity. an hifling : every one that passeth thecov

,3 H Then fa d they. Come, and let us Ihall be allonisti'd and hifss accaulc ot afl derile devices against Jeremiah ; for the the plagues rl eteof '>■■»■«'•»' ait

law shall not perishi from the prielt, nor 0 Andl will cause them to eat the flesh counsel from ''e wise, nor the word from of their f'ons.and the flesh of their dauehthe prophet; come, and let us smite him Mrs, and they shall eat every one the flelh. with the tongue, and let us not give heed of his friend in the siege and Itrailnels. to any of his words. wherewith their enemies, and they that

iq Give heed to me, Ot.enD, and hear- feck their lives, shall llraiten them, ken to the voice of them that contend '0 lhcn shalt thou break-(he bottle io with me. the fight ot the men that go with thee.

10 Shall evi be rcompenled lor good? it And shalt lay unio them, Thus fa th for they bate digged a pit (or my s<»l: re- the LORD of bolis, Even lo will I break member thatl stood before thee to Ipeak this people, and this iiy, as om hreaketh a good for them, tni to turn away thy potters vessel that eannot be made whole wrath from them. again, and they shall bury than ,n Tophet

aiTherefore deliver up thei- children to till riere bt no place to bury the famine, and pour out their Head by the n Thus will I do unto this place, saitfi force of the swotd, and let their wives be the LORD, ard to the inhabitants thereof bereaved of theit children ard bt widows, anH tvm make this city as Tophet. and let their men be put to death,/if their r; And the houses of Jerusalem, and younsr. «ien bt slain by the sword in battle, 'he houses oi the kings ol Judah shall be

u Let a cry be heard from their houses denied as the place ol Tophet, because of when thou shalt bring a troop suddenly all the houses upon whole roofs they have upon them, for they have dinged a pit to burnt incense unto all th; holt of heaven take me, and hid Inares for my feet. and have poured out drink-offennss untd

11 Yet, Lom>, thou knowelt all (heir othet gods. fa u oormsel against me to (lay mi: forgive not HThen came Jeremiah from Tophet. their iniquity, neither blot out their sin whitherthe LORD had sent himto pro from thy siiht,but let them be overthrown Poesy, and he Itood in the court of the before thee; deal raw with them in the Lords house, and said to all the people, time of thine anger. H Thus faith y Lord ol holta the God

CHAP' XIX. of Israel, Behold, 1 will bring upen thit

type of brtMkjng t parser) vtjstl U city and upon all her towns, all the evil sped tie dtsoUtion of tbt Jewifor that I have pronounced againlt it: because they have hardened their necks, that they

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nu governour in the heard that Jeremiah

»And go forth unto the valley oi

of Hinnom, which it by the entry of the VrOwPitiHii y son or

east-gate, and proclaim there the words 1A| who w*. al'o chief

that I shall tell thee: house of the LORD, hea.

a And say,Hearye the word of the Lord, prophesied the e things.

Q kings ofJudah, and inhabitants of Je- z Then Pashurlmoie Jeremiah the pro

nifalem, Tnus faith *s.e LORD of host?, pbet, and put him in the stocks th7t wtn

th-God of Israel, Behold, I will bring in the high gaie of Benjamin, which w*f

evil upen this place, the which whofoeFer by the house of the LORD,

heareth, bis ears lhall tingle. 3 And it came to pals on the morrow,

4. Because they have forsaken me, and that Pashur brought faith Jeremiah out of

have estranged this plice, and have burnt the stocks. Then said Jeremiah unto him,

incense in it onto otherGods.whom neither The LORD hath nut called thy Name Pa

tneynw their fathers have known, nor the Hiur,but Magor-missaMb.

kings of Judah, and have filled this place 4 For thus faith ttn Lord,Behold,1 will

witfi the blood of innocents: make thee a terror to thy self, and to all

j They have built alfb the high pltcea thy friends, & they shall fall by the sword

•f Baal, to burn their sons with sire for of their enemies, and thine eyes (hall he

burnt-offetings unto Baal which 1 com- hold it, and I will give all Judah into the

minded not nor spake it, aeithei came it hand of the king of Babylon, and he shall

into my mind: carry them captive into Babylon,and shall

6 Therefore behold,the dava come,siifh flay them with the (word,

we Cord, that thii place shall no more b* {Moreover,! will deliver all the strength

called Tophet, nor the valley ef the son of of this city,and all the labours thereof, 8c

Flinnorti,.but the valley tf slaughter. all the precious things thereof, and all

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