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Tbe building of

Chap. vii.

Solomons temple, houle within, to let there the ark of the But ( which is the cighth month I was the covenant of the LORD.

heute finished throughout all the parts 20 And the oracle in the fore-part was thereof, and according to all the fashion twenty cubits in lergth, and twenty cubits of it: So was he ieven years in building it. in breadth, and twenty cubits in the height

CH A P. VII. theicot: and be overlaid it with pure gold,

Tbe building of Solomons boufe. and Jo covered the altar wbicb was of ce- R U So.omon was building his own house dar.

D thirteen years, and he fin:ined all his ii So Solomon overlaid the house within boule, with pure gold : and he made a partition,"11 He built also the house of the torreft by the chains of gold before the oracle, of Lebanon ; the length thereof was a and he overlaid it with gold.

hundred cubits, and the breadth thereof 22 And the whole house he overlaid with fitty cubits, and the height to creat thirty *gold, until be bad finifhed all the house : cubits, upon four rows of cedar pullars.

also the whole altar that was by the oracle with cedar beams upon the pillars, he overlaid with gold.

3. And it was covered with cedar above 23 | And within the oracle he made two upon the beams, that lay on founty five cherubims of olive-tree, edeb ten cubits, pillars, fifteen in a row, :high. * .

4 And Ibere were windows in three rows. 24 And five cubits was the one wing of and light was against light in three ranks. : the cherubs and five cubits the other wing 5 And all the deors and posts were (quale.

of the cherub: from the uttermost part of with the windows and light was againit the One wing, onto the uttermoft part of light in three ranks. the other, were ten cubits.

01 And he made a porch of pillars, the And the other cherub WANten cu- length thereot 24 hity cubits, and the -bits : both the cherubims were of one mea.

her breadth thereof thirty cubits; and the fure, and one size,

poich was before them : ard the otber pil::25 The height of the onc cherub wis tea lars and the thick beam were before them. cubits, and so was it of the other cherub. 7 Then he made a poich to the throne

27 And he let the cherubims within the where he might judge, quen the porch of inner boule ; and they stretched forth the judgment : and it was covered with cedar wings of the cherubims, so that the wing from one fide of the floor to the other.

of the one touched the one wall, and the 8 And his houlę where he dwelt, bed is wing of the other chctub touched the another court within the porch, wbicb was

other wall and their wings touched one of the like work. Soloinen made allo an another in the midst of the houle.' house for Pharaohs daughter ( whom he

28 +And te overlaid the cherubims with had taken to wife) like unto this porca. gold.

9 All theie were of cofily ftoties, accord29 And be carved all the walls of the ing to the measures of howed stones, la wed bone roundhom ishrvad figures of with saws, within and without, ev en from cherubims, and palm trees, and open

Open the foundation unto tt.c copicg, and so on fiowers, withid and without. .

the out-fide toward the great court. 3. And the floor of the house he over 10 And the foundation was of coftly laid with gold, within and without

1tones, cuen great ftones ; Itones of ten cu31 And for the entring of the orzele bils, 20d Itones of eight cubits, he made doors of olive-tree : the Jintel il And above were costly ftones (after end fide- Posts were a fifth part of tbe wall. the measures of

bort of the the measures of hewed itones) and cedare. 32. The two doors alio were of olive 12 And the great court round about as tree ; and he carved upon them carvings with

ed non tem carving. With three rows of bewed stores, and you of cherubims, and palm trees, and open or ceata

of cedar beams, both for the ioner court flowers, and overlaid tbem with gold, and of tte hou!e of the LORD, and for the 1pread gold upon the cherubims, and upon porch of the toure. the palm-trees. ),

:!3 4 And king Solomon sent, and set 33. So also made te for the door of the Hiram out of Tyre. temple, polts of olive-tree a fourth part of 14. He was a widows lon of the tribe of tbe rall.

Naphtali, and his father was a man of 34 And the two doors were of fir tree : Tyre, a worker in brass : and he was filled the two leaves of the one door were fold. with wisdom and understarding, and con.

ing, and the two leaves of the other door ning to work all works in brass ; and he : were folding. Om

"cazie to king Solomon, and wrought all - 35 And he carved tbeyeon cherubims, dis work, . and palm trees, and open flowers : and.co.. 15 For he cast two pillars of brass, of

vered them with gold, fitted upon the car. eighteen cubits high a piece : and a line .? Ved work.

of twelve cubits did compass either of 26 0 And be built the inner court with them about. three rows of hewed ftone, and a row of 16 And be made two chapiters of molten cedar-beams.

brass, to set upon the tops of the pillars : 37 In the fourth year was the founda- the height of the one chapiter was five cution of the boure of the LORD laid in the bits, and the beigbt of the cther chapiter month Zif.

was five cubits: 38 And in the eleventh year, inthe month 17 And acts of cheker-work, and


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Tbe molten fes.


tbe brazen laver s.. wreathes of chalo-work, for the chapters 33 And the work of the wheels was like

which were upon the top of the pillars; the work of a chariot-wheel : their axle. • seven for the one chapiter, and seven for trees, and their naves, and their felloes, the other chapiter.

and their spokes were all molt eo, 18 And he made the pillars, and two 34. And tbere were four undersetters to rows round about upon the one net-work, the four corners of one base: and the unto cover the chapiters that were upon the derleiters were of the very bale it self. top, with pomegranates: and so did he for 35 And in the top of the base was there a the other chapiter.

round compass of 'half a cubit bigh : and TO And the chapiters that were upon the on the top of the base, the ledges thereof, top of the pillars, were of lily-work in thc and the borders thereof, were of the fame. porch, four cubits,

36 For on the plates of the ledges there20 And the cbapiters upon the two pil. Of, and on the borders thereof, he graved lars bad pomegranates also above, over a. cherubims, lions, and palm-trcas, accordgainst the belly which was by f net-work: ing to the proportion of every one, and and the pomegranates were two hundred in additions round about, rows round about upon the other chapiter:. 37 After this manner, be made the ten

21 And he set up the pillars in the porch bases : all of them had one casting, onc of the temple : and he set up the right pil- maafure, and one size. i lar, and called the name thereof Jachin : 38 | Then made he ten lavars of brass : and he set up the left piltar, and called the one laver contained fourty baths and eQame thereof Boaz.

. very laver was four cubits: and upon every 22 And upon the top of the pillars one of the ten bases, one laver. was lily-work : so was the work of the 39 And he put five bases en $ right side pillars finished,

of the house, and five on the left fide ofthe 23 1 And he made a molten sea, ten ca. house: and he let the sea on the right fide bits from one brim to the other : it was of the houlc caftward,over against § routh, round all about, & his height was five ca. 40 || And Hiram made the la vers, and bits: and a line of thirty cub did com. the thovels, and the basons : so Hiram pals it round about.

made an end of doing all the work thathe 24 And under the brim of it round about made king Solomon for the house of the Ibere were knops, compassing it, ten in a LORD. cubit, compassing the sea round about: the.. 41 The two pillars, and the two bowels of knops were calt in two rows, when it was the chapiters that were on the top of the caft.

two pillars : and the two net-works, to co25 It ftood upon twelve oxen,three look- ver the two bowels of the chapiters which ing toward the north, and three lookingto- were upon the top of the pillars :. ward the west, and three looking toward 42 And four hundred pomegranates for the south, and three looking toward the the two net-works, even two rows of eat : and the sea was set above uponthem, pomegranates for one network, to cover and all their hinder parts were inward the two bowels of the chapiters that were

26 And it was an hand-breadth thick, and upon the pillars : the brim thereof was wrought like the 43 And the teo bales, and ten lavers on brim of a cup, with flowers of lillies : it the bases : contained two thousand baths,

44 And one sea, and twelve oxen under 27 1 And he made ten bares of brass, the rea : four cubits was the length of one basc, and .45 And the pots, and the shovels, and fonr cubits the breadth thereof, and three the basons: and all these vefsels whichHicubits the height of it...

ram made to king Solomon, for the houle 2 And the work of the bafes was on of the LORD, were of bright brass. this manner : They had borders, and the 46 In the plain of Jordan did the king borders were between the ledges:

cast them in the clay ground, between 20 And on the borders that were between Succoth and zarthan, the 'ledges were lions, oxen, and cheru- 47 And Solomon left all the vellels anhimsi ind opon the ledges tbert Doss a base weigbed, becaule they were exceeding above and beneath the lions and oxen many: neither was the weight of the brass mere certain additions made of thin work, found out.

20And every bare had four braleniwheels, 48 And Solomon made allthe vessels that and plates of brals : and the four corners pertained unto the hople of the LORD the Thereof had underretters : under the laver altar of gold, and the table of gold, wheremore underfettersmolten, at the fide of upon the shew-bread was;

549 And the candeltticks of pure gold, 21. And the month of it within the cha. five on the right fide, and five on the left, piter, and above was a cobit: but the mouth before the oracle, with the flowers, and thereof was round, after the work of the the lamps, and the songs of gold, base, a cubit and in half : and also upon 5° And the buvels, and the (nuffers, and the mouth of it were gravings with their the balons, and the Spoons, and the censers borders, foursquare, not found.

of pure gold ; and the hipgesof gold, botb 32 And under the borders were four for the doors of the inner-houle, the mo it wheels: and the axle-trees of the wheels holy place, and for the divors of the houle, were joined to the bare, od the height of to wit, of the temple. wheel was a cubit and half a cubit.

5! So

as the lengen bases of biro

four cubits

cvery addition,

Tbe temple dedicated. Chap. viii.

Solomons bleffing. 51 So was ended all the work that king 16 Since the day that I brought forth my Solomon made for the house of the LORD : people Israel out of Egypt, I chose no city and Solomon brought in the things which out of all the tribes of Israel to build an David his father had dedicated even the house that my Name might be therein, but filver, and the gold, and the veftels did he I chose David to be over my people lirae! pot among the treasures of the house of 11 And it was in the heart of David my the LORD.

father, to build an house for the Name of CHA P. VIII.

the LORD God of Israel, i Tbe dedication of tbe temple, 12 und Solo- 18 And the LORD said unto David my mons blessing, 22 His prayer. 62 His father, whereas it was in thine heart to facrifics of peace-offerings.

build an houle unto my Name, thou didit Rien Solomon trembled the elders of well that it was in thine heart: I Ifrael, and all the heads of the tribes 19 Nevertheless, thou shalt not build the the chief of the fathers of the children of houle, but thy son that ihall come forth Israel, coto king Solomon, in Jerusalem, out of thy loins, he shall build the house that they might bring up the ark of the unto my Name. covenant of the LORD, out of the city of 20 And the LORD hath Performed his David, which is Zion,

word that he spake, and I am risen up in 2 And all the men of Israel assembled the room of David Iry father, and fit on themselves unto king Solomon, at the feast the throne of Irael, as the LORD Promi. in the month Ethnaim, which is s seventh sed, and have built an bouse for the Name month.

of the LORD God of Ifrael. 3 And all the elders of Israel came, and 21 And I have let there a place for the the priests took up the ark.

ark, wherein is the covenant of the LORD, A And they brought up the ark of the which he made with our fathers, when he Lord, and the tabernacle of the Congre- brought them out of the land of Egypt. gation, andall the holy vefsels that were in 22 || And Solomon Itood before the al. the tabernacle, even those did the priests tar of the LORD, in the presence of all the and the Levites bring up,

congregation of Israel, and spread forth S Aad king Solomon, and all the con- bis hands toward heaven: gregation of Israel, that were affembled 23 And he said, LORD God of Israel, unto him, were with him before the ark, there is no God like thee, in heaven above. facrificing sheep and oxen, that could not or on earth bencath, who keepeft covenant be told oor nuinbred for multitude and mercy with thy servants, that walk be.

6 And the prielts brought in the ark of fore thee with all their heart : the covenant of the LORD unto his place, 24 Who haft kept with thy servantDavid into the oracle of the house to the most my father that thou promisedit him: thou boly place, suen under the wings of the spakett allo with thy inouth, and halt fulcherubims.

filled it with thine hand, 29 it is this day. 7 For the cherubims spread forth their 25 Therefore now, LORD God of Ifrael, two wings over the place of the ark, and keep with thy servant David my father. 5 the cherubims covered the ark, and the thou promisedit him,fsying, there ihall not staves thereof above.

fail thee a man in my right, to fit on the 8 And they drew out the Itaves, that the throne ot Ifrael ; so that thy children take ends of the steves were seen out in the heed to their way, that they walk before holy place before the oracle, and theywere me, as theu bast walked before me : not seen without : and there they are unto 26 And now, O God of Israel, let thy this day.

word, I pray theç, be verified, which thoa Tbire was nothing in the ark save the ipakelt onto thy servant David my father. two tables of Itone, which Mofes put there 27 But will God indeed dwell on the at Horeb, when the LORDmade a covenant earth? behold, the heaven, and heaven of with the childrenof Israel,when they came beavens cannot contain thee, how much out of the land of Egypt.

Jess this house that I have builded ? 10 And it came to pass when the priests 28 Yet have thou respe&t unto theprayer were come out of the holy place, that the of thy servant, and to his fupplication, o cloud filled the house of the LORD, LORD my God, to bearken unto the cry

11 So that the priests could not stand to and to the prayer, which thy servant prayminifter, becaufe of the cloud: for the glo- eth before thee to day. ry of the LORD bad filled the house of 29 That thine eyes may be open toward the LORD.

this house night and day, even toward the 12 ] Then spake Solomon, The Lordlaid place of which thou haft said, My name that he would dwell in the thick darkness. Thall be there : that thou mayest hearken

13 I have surely built thec an house to onto the prayer which thy servant shall dwell in, a settled place for thee to abide make towards this place. in for ever.

30 And hearken thou to the fupplication 14 And the king turned his face about, of thy servant, and of thy people Israel, and blefled all the congregation of Ifrael: when they fh all pray towards this place (and all the congregation of Israel stood ) and hear thou in heaven thy dwelling

15. And he said Blessed be the LORD God place, and when thou hearelt, forgive. of Israel, which prke with his mouthunto 31 1 If any man trespass against hig David my father, and hath with bis brad oeighbour, and an oath belaid upon him talfilled it, faying.

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Solomons prayer

I Kings,

and fupplication. to chore him to swear, and the oath come enemy, so they carry them away captives before thinc altar in this house :

unto the land of the enemy, far or near ; 32 Then hear thou in heaven, and do, 47 Yet if they ihall bethink themselves, and judge thy servants, condemning the in the land whither they were carried cap wicked, to bring his way upon his head, tives, and repent, and make supplication .and justifying the righteous, to give him unto thee in the land of them that carried according to liis righteousness,

them captives, saying, We have finned, 23. When thy people Ifrael be fmittenard have done perverly, we have com. down belore the enemy, becaute they have mitted wickednels; finned against thee, and shall turn again to 48 And so return into thee with all their thee, and confess thy Name, and pray and heart and with all their soul, in the land of! make fupplication unto thee in this house: their enemies, which led them away cap.

34 Tben hear thou in heaven, and for- tive, and pray unto thee toward their · give the fin ot thy people Israel, and bring land, which thou gavelt unto their fathers,

them again unto the land, which thou ga. the city which thou haft chofen, and the veft unto their fathers.

house which I have built for thy Name. 35 l when heaven is shut up, and there49 Then hear thou their prayer and their is no rain, because they have finned against fupplication in heaven thy dwelline-place, thee, if they pray towards this place, and and maintain their cause, contess thy name, and turn from their fin, So And forgive thy people that have fiawhen thou affliteit them:

ned against thee, and all their transgreffi: 36 Tnen hear thou in heaven, and for- ons wherein they have transgressed against give the fin of thy servants, & of thy peo- thee, and give them compaflion before pre Ifrael, that thou teach them the good them who carried them captive, that they way wherein they should walk, and give may have compassion on them : rain upon thy land which thou hatt given 51 For they be thy people and thine into thy people for an inheritance,

heritance, which thou broughtelt forth out 27 If there be in the land famine, if of Egypt, from the mids of the furnace there be peitilence, blasting, mildew, lo- of iron : cult, or if there be caterpiller; if their 52 That thine eyes may be open unto the enemy beliege them in the land of their fupplication of thy servant, and unto S fup. cities, whatsoever plague, whatloever plication of thy people Ifrael, to hearken fickness, tbere be ;

into them in all ý they call for unto thee. 38 what prayer and supplication soever 53 For thou didst separate them from • be made by any man, or by all thy people among all $ people of the earth, to be thine

Israel, which thall know every man the inheritance, as thoa Ipakelt by the hand of plague of his own heart, and spread forth Moses thy fervant, when thou broughtest his hands towards this house :

our fathers out of Egypt, O LORD God. · 39 Then hear thou in heaven thy dwelling 54 And it was so, that when Solomon

place, & forgive, and do, & give to every had made an end of praying all this prayer man according to his ways, whoie heart and supplication into the LORD, he arose thou knowest ( for thou, even thou only from before the altar of the LORD, from knoweft the hearts of all children of men) koeeling on his knees, with his hands

40 That they may fear thee all the days spread up to heaven. that they live, in the land which thou ga. 55. And he ttood & bleffed all $congreveft unto our fathers.

gation of Israel, with a loud voice, 1aying, 41 Moreover, concerning a stranger that. 56 Bletled be the LORD, bath given is not of thy people Ifrael, but cometh out rett unto his people Israel, according to all of a far country, for thy Names fake; that he promised there hath notfailed one

42 ( For they hall hear of thy great word ofallhis good promise, which he proName, and of thy strong hand, and of thy, inised by the hand of Moses his servant. stretched out arm) when he shall come and 57 The LORD Our God be with us, as he pray towards this houle:

was with our fathers : let him not leave ,43 Hear thou in heaven thy dwelling. us, nor forsake us : place, and do according to all that the 58 That he may incline our hearts unto Itranger calleth to thee for : that all peo- him, to walk in all his ways, & to keep his ple of the earth may know thy Name, to commandments,& his statutes,& his judg. fear thee, as do thy people Israel, & that ments, which he commanded our fathers. they may know that this house which I 59 And let there my words wherewith I have buildea, is called by thy Name. have made fupplication before the LORD,

441 If thy people go out to battle against be nigb unto the LORD our God day 2nd their enemy, whitherloever thou shalt fend night, that he maintain the cause of his them, and Mall pray unto the LORDEOward (crvant, and the cause of his people Ifrael the city which thou haft choren, & toward at all times, as the matter shall require : the house that I have built for thy Name: Co That all the people of the earth may

45 Then hear thou in heaven their know that the LORD is God, and tbut there Prayer and their suplication, and main- is none elle. tain their caure.

61 Let your heart therefore be perfet . 45 If they fin against thee ( fortbere is with $ LORD Our God, to walk in his staa man that finneth not) and thou be an- lutes, and to keep is commandments, as gry with them, and deliver them to the a this day,

62 1 And


trames present,

pealcore Solomon or create the LORD. forrook the LORD

Gods covenant in a vison. Chap. ix. = 626 Add the king, and all Ifrael with forlook the LORD their God, who brought bim, offered sacrifice before the LORD. forth their fathers out of the land of E.

62 And Solomon offered a sacrifice of gypt, and have taken hold upon other peace-offerings, which he offered unto the gods, and have worshipped them, and serLORD, two and twenty thousand oxen, and ved them : therefore bath the LORD an hundred and twenty thousand Meep: fo brought upon them all this evil. the king and all the children of Israel, de 1o And it came to pass at the end of dicated the house of the LORD.

twenty years, when Solomon had built the 64 The same day did the kiog hallow two houses, the house of the LORD, and the middle of the court that was before the the kings house, house of the LORD: for there he offered 10 (Now Niram the king of Tyre had burat-offerings, and meat-offerings, and furnished Solomon with cedar-trees, and the fat of the peace offerings : because the fir trees, and with gold, according to all brasen altar that was before the LORD, his defire) that then king Solomon gave was too little to receive the burnt-offer. Hiram twenty cities in the land of Galilee. ings, and meat-offerings, and the fat of 12 And Hiram came out from Tyre to the peace-offerings.

see the cities which Solomon had given 65 And at that timc Solomon belda him, and they pleased him not. feast, and all Ifrael with him, a great con- 13 And he said, What cities are there gregation, from the entring in of Hamath, which thou hast giveo me, my brother? unto the river of Egypt, before the LORD And he called them the land of Cabul unto our God, raven days, and seven days, even this day.. fourteen days.

14 And Hiram sent to the king fixscore 65 On the eighth day he sent the people taleats of gold. away : & they bleted the king, & went up. 15. And this is the reason of the Icary, to their teots joyful and glad of heart, for which king Solomon raised, for to build all goodoelsthat the LORD hath done for the house of the LORD, and his own houses David his servant, & for Ifracl his people, and Millo, and the wall of Jerusalem, and CHA P. IX.

Hazor, and Megiddo, and Gezer, 1 Gods covenant in a vision witb Solomon. 16 For Pharaoh king of Egypt had gone

1o Tbe mutual presents of Solomion and up, and taken Gezer, and burnt it with fire, Hiram. 21 His yearly sacrifico,

and Nain the Canaanites that dwelt in the ANd it came to pass when Solomon had city, and given it for a prescat unto bis

finished the building of the house of daughter Solomons wife. the LORD, & the kiogs house, & all Solo- 17 And Solomon built Gezer, and BethMons delure which he was pleased to do, boron the nether,

2 That the LORD appeared to Solomon, 18 Add Baalath, and Tadmor in the wil. the second time, as he had appeared unto derness, in the land, him at Gibeon.

19 And all the cities of Nore that Solo2 And the LORD said unto him, I have mon had, and cities for his chariots, & ci. heard thy prayer and thy fupplication that tics for bis horsemen, and that which Solo. thou hast made before me: I have hallow-mon de Gred to build in Jerusalem, and in ed this house which thou hast built, to put Lebanon, and in all & land of bis dominion. my Name there for ever, and mine eyes 20 And all the people but were left of and minc heart shall be there perpetually, the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, HI.

4 And if thou wilt walk betore me as Vites, and Jebusites, which were aot of David thy father walked, in integrity of the children of Israel, heart and in uprightness, to do according2 1 Their children that were left after to all that I have commanded thee, and them in the land, whom the children of wilt keep my statutes and my judgments: Israel also were not able utterly to destroy

5. Then I will establish the throne of thy upon those did Solomon levy a tribute of kingdom upon Israel for ever: as I pro- bund service unto this day. mired to David thy father, saying, There 2! But of the children of Israel did soshall not fail thee a man upon the throne lomon make no bondmed: but they were of Israel.

men of war, and his servants, and his 6 Bar if you shall at all turn from fola princes, and his captains, and rulers of lowing mc, you or your children, and will his chariots, and his horsemen. dot keep my commandments, and my fta 2 3 These were the chief of the officers tutes, which I have set before you, but go that were over Solomous work, five hunand serve other gods, and worship them : dred and fifty, which bare rule over the

7 Then will I cut off israel out of the people that wrought in the work, land I have given them; and this house - 24 | But Pharaohs daughter came up which I have hallowed for my Name, will out of the city of David, nato her house I cast out of my Gght, and Israel shall be a which Solomon had built for her: then die proverb, & a byword among all people: he build Millo.

8 And at this house wbicb is high, every 25 11 And three times in a year did Soone that pafleth by it Thall be altonished, lomon offer burnt-offerings, and peaceand shall hils; and they shall say, Why offerings, upoathe altar which he built onhath che LORD done thus unto this land, to the LORD, and he buroc incense upon and to this house?

the altar that was before the LORD: so he 9 And they thall answer, Because they fiaihed the house.

26 | And

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