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Adams genealogy.

Genelis. . Tbe ork prepared. 4 And the days of Adam after he had

0 H A P. v .. beğorcen Seth, were eight hundred years : 1 Tbe wickedness of tbe world confitb the and he begat fons and daughters.

flood, 8 Noab findetb grace, 14 Tb:order, 5 And all the days that Adam lived were form, and end of tbe ark. cine hundred and thirty yeats: and he died. And it came to pass, when men began

6 And Seth lived an hundred and live 11 to multiply on the face of the earth, years, and begat Eros.

i and daughters were born unio them: 7 And Seih lived after he begat Enos ? That the fons of God saw the daughciebt hundred and seven years, and begat ters of men, that they were frir: and they tons and daughters.

took thein wives of zi) which they chore. 8 And all the days of Seth were nine 3 And the LORD said, My'pirit shall not bundred and twelve years : and he died. always strive with man, for that he allo is

1 And Enos lived ninely years, and bc- fleh: yet his days shall be an hundred and gat Cainan.

twenty years, 1o And Enos lived after he begat Caia 4. There were giants in the earth in nan eight hundred and fifteen years, and shore days: abd also after that, when the begu loos and daughters.

fons of God came ini unto the daughters 11 And all the days of Enos were nine of men, and they bare children to them: Hundred and five years: and he died. the faire bucurie migbry men, which will 12 And Cainan lived seventy

of old, men of renown. and begat Mahalaleel.

5 $ Ani God law that the wickedners 13. And Cainan lived after he begat Ma- of man 10.48 great in the earth, and tbat haláleel eight hundred and fourty years, and every imagination of the thoughts of his begat sons and daug beis.

heart was ooty evil continually. 14. And all the days of Cainan were nine 6 And it repented the LORD that he had hundred and ten years: and he died. made man on the earth, and it grieved

15 And Mahalaleel lived fixty and him at his heart. fve years, and begat Jared.

7 And the LORD raid, 1 will deltroy 16 And Mahalaleel lived after he begat man, whom I have created, from the face Jared eight hundred and thirty years, and of the earth, both man and beast, and the begat (ons and daughters,

creeping thing, and the fowls of the air : 17 And all the days of Mahalateel were for it repenceth me that I have made then. çight hundred ninery and five years : and 8 Bw Noah found grace in the eyes of ke died,

the LORD. 18 | And Jared lived an bundre: fixty 99 There are the geacrations of Noah : and two years, and he begat Enoch

Noah was a jaft mar and perfect in his ge.. 19 And Jarod lived after he begat Enoch rations, and Noth walked with God.

cight hundred years, and begat Tons and 10 'And Noah begat three sons, Shem, daaghrers.

Ham, and Japheth, 20. And all the days of Jared were nine ( The earth also was corropt before wundred fixty and two years : and he died, God, and $ earth was filled with violence,

21 || And Enoch lived fixty & five years, 12 And God looked upon the earth, and and begat Methalelah..

behold, it was corrupt for all fleih had 22 And Enoch walked with God after corrupted his way upon the carth. he begat Methuselah three hundre

13 And God said unto Noah, The end of and begat sons and dangliters,

all Aerk is come before me: for the carth 23. And all the deye of Enoch were three is filled with violence through them and kundred fixty and five years,

behold I will destroy them with the earth. 14 And Enoeb walked with God, and ke 14. Make thee an ak of gopher wood : Wu not : for God took him.

rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and fast 25 Ý And Methuselah lived an hundred pitch it within and without with pitch.. eighty and seven years, and begat Lamech.:16 And this is tbe fasbion which thou shalt

26 And Methulelab lived after he begal make it of: The length of the ark sball be Lamech Seven hundred eighty and two three handred cobits, the breadth of it fitty gears, and begat sons and daughters.

cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits. 27 And all the days of Mettuselab were 16 A window thalt thou make to the Dine hundred fixty and nine years: and he ark, and in a cubit Kalt thou finish it a. died.

bove and the door of the ark shalt thou 28 ll And Lamech lived an hoodred let in the fide thereof: with lower, second, eighty and two years, and begat a fon, and third Hories halt thou make it.

29 And he called his name Noah, saying, "And behold, I, even 1 do bring a flood This same fhall comfort us concerning Jor of waters upon the earth, to deftroy all work and toil of our hands, because of the folh, wherein is the breath of life, from ground which the LORD hath cursed, under heaven and every thing that is in

30 And Latech lived after he begat the earth ihall die. Noah five hundred ninety and five years, 18 But with thee will I establish my coveand begat sons and daughters.

nant, and thou shalt come into the ark ; 31 And all the days of Lamech were le- thou, and thy fons, and thy wife, and thy yen hundred seventy and seven years, and fons wives with thee, he died.

10 And of every living thing of all 32 And Noah was five bundred years olds field, two of cvery fort (balt thou bring and Naal begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth,


121. And take and thou fall eithec, and polit; and the maled that moved, and

: None entretb tbe ark. Ghap. vii, viii. . The world drownedo into the ark, to keep tbem alive with thee: bare up the ark, and it was lift up abore they shall be malc and lemale.

the earth. 20 Of fowls after their kind, and of cattel '18 And the waters prevailed, and were after their kind, of every creeping thing of increased greatly upon the earth : aod the the earth aiter his kind : two of every sort ark went upon the face of the waters. lhall come unto thee, to keep tbsm alive. 19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly

21 And take thou unto thee of all food upon the earth: and all the high Dills that that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to were under y whole heaven, were covered. thee, and it shall be for food for thee, and 20 Fifteen cubits upward did the waters for them.

22. Thus did Noah : according to all that 21 And all fclh died that moved upon God cominanded him, 10 did he.

the earth, both of fowl and of cattel, and CHAP. VII.

of beafts, and of every creeping thing that I Norb entretb tbe ark. 17 I be beginning, in- creepeth upon the earth, and every man. Grease, and continuance of tbl flood.

22. All in whole poitrils was the breath of And the LORD said unto Noah, come life, of all that was in the dry land, died

thou, and all thy house, into the ark : 13 And every living fubitance was de: for thee have I seen righteous before me ftroyed which was upon the face of the in this generation.

ground, both man, and cattel, and the 2 Or every clean beast thou shalt take to creeping things, and the fowl of the heathee by revens, the male and his female : ven : and they were deftroyed from the and of beaits that are not clean by two, the earth : and Noah only remained alive, and male and his female.

they that were with him in the ark. 3 Of towls alio of the air by ferens, the 24 And the waters prevalled upo sdále and the female ; to keep reed alive earth an hundred and fifty days, upon the face of all the earth.

CHAP, VIII. 4 For yet reven days, and I will cause 1 Tbe waters affpage. 18 Noab goetb forib it to rain upon the earth forty days, and of tbe ark, buildetb an altar, and offeretb forty nights: and every living fubftance facrifice. 21 Gods promise to curle tbe, that I have made, will I destroy from off earth no more. the face of the earth,

And God remembred Noah, and every 5 And Noah did according unto all that 1 living thing, and all the cattel that the LORD commanded him.

was with him in che ark: and God made. 6 And Noah was fix hundred years old, a wind to pa's over the earth, and the win when the flood of waters was upon y earth, ters aftwaged.

71 And Noah went in, and his sons, and 2 The fountains all of the deep, and his wife, and his sons wives with him, into the windows of heaven were ftopped, and the ark; because of the water of the food. the rain from heaven was restrained.

8 Of clean beafts, and of ocalts that are 3 And the waters returned from off the not clean, and ot fowls, and of every thing earth continually: and after the end of that creepeth upon the earth.

the hundred and fity days the waters 9 There went in two and two unto Noah were abated. into the ark, the male and the female, as 4 And the ark rested in the feventh God had commanded Noah.

month, on the seventeenth day of the 10 And it came to pass after seven days, month, upon the mountains of Ararat. that the waters of the flood were upon the 5 And the waters decreased continually

until the tenth month : ,, in the tenth 11 Io the Gx hundredth year of Noahs month, on the first day of the month, were Jife, in the second mon:h, the seventeenth the tops of the mountains seen. day of the month, the same day were all 6 And it came to pals at the end of the fountairs of the great deep broken up, forty days, that Noah opened the window and the windows of heaven were opened.' of the ark which he had made.

1. And the rain was upon the earth 7 And he sent forth a raven, which went forty days, and forty nights.

forth to and fro, until the waters were 13 In the self-fame day entred Noah, and dried up from off the earth. Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, the tons of 8 Allo he sent forth a dove from him, to Noah, and Noabs wife, and the three wives see if the waters were abated from off the af his fons with them into the ark.

face of the ground. 14. They, and every beast after his kind, But the dove found no rest for the lole and all the cattel after their kind, and e. of her foot, and the returned uno bim invery creeping thing that crccpeth upon the to the ark: for the waters were on the carth after his kind, and every fowl after face of the whole earth. Then he put his kind, every bird of every fort,

forth his hand, and took her, and pulled 15 And they went in unto Noah into her in unto him into the ark. the ark, two and two of all Helh, wherein to And he stayed yet other leven days, is the breath of life.

and again he sent forth the dove out of the 16 And they that went in, went in male ark. and female of all Aeth, as God had com 10 And the dove came into him in the manded him: and the LORD shut him in. evening, and lo, in her mouth was an olive

17 And the flood was forty days upon leaf pluckt off: So Noah knew that the the carth , and the waters increased and waters were abated from off the earth.

A 4

12 And

earth. inthe Gx hundredth e repenteenth the top and it came

din year of Noahs montos of the mountains leer the end of

Nósb goetb out of ebe ork. Genesis. . Gods covenant. 12 And he stayed yet other reven days, 8 9 And God spake unto Noah, and to and sent forth the dove, which returned not his sons with him, saying, again unto him any more.

9 And I, behold, l'establish my covenant 13. And it came to pass in the fix hone with you, and with your feed afier you ; dredth and first year, in the first montb, 10 And with every living creature that the firit day of the month, the waters were is with you, of the fowl, or the cattel, and dried up from off the carth : and Noah re- of every beast of the carth with you, from moved the covering of the ark, and looked, all that go out of the ark, to every beast and behold, the face of the ground was dry, of the earth.

14 And in the second month, on the 11 And I will establish my covenant with Seven and twentieth day of the month, you, neither Mall all flesh be cut off any was the earth dried.

more by the waters of a food, neither th all 15 | And God spake unto Noah, laying, there any more be a flood to deltroy ş earth.

16 Go forth of the ark, thou and thy wite, 12 And God said, This is the token of and thy fons, and thy fons wives with thee. the covenant which I make between me

17 Bring forth with thec every living and you, and every living creature that is thing that is with thee, of all fiefh, botb of with yow, for perpetual generations : fowl, and of cattel, and of every creeping '13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and thing that creepeth upon the carth: that it shall be tor 2 token of a covenant be. they may breed abundantly in the earth, & tween me and the earth. be fruitful, and multiply upon the earth. 14 And it thall come to pass, when I

'18 And Noah went forth, and bis song, bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow and his wife, and his fons wives with him. Thall be seen in the cloud:

19 Every beast, every creeping thing, 15 And I will remember my covenant, and every fowl, and whatsoever creepeth which is between me, and your and every upon the earth, after their kinds, went living creature of all fleth, and the waters forth out of the ark.

Thall no more become a flood to deitroy all 20 | And Noah builded an altay onto the flesh. LORD, and took of every clean bealt, and16 And the bow shall be in the cloud of cvery clean fowl, and offered burnt and I will look upon it, that I may reofferings on the altar.

member the everlalting covenant between 21 And the LORD smelled a sweet ra. God and every living creature of all felh vour, and the LORD said in his heart, I that is upon the earth. will not again curse the ground any more 17 And God laid tinto Noah, This is for maos fake: for the imagination of the token of the covenant, which I have mans heart is evil from his youth: neither established between me, and all felh that willl again smite any more every thing li- is upon the earth. ing, as I have done.

18 1 And the sons of Noah, that went 22 While the carth remaineth, feed-time. forth of the ark, were Shem, and Ham, and and barvelt, and cold, and heat, and fun- Japheth: and Ham is the father of Canaan, mer and winter, and day and night ihall 19. There are the three sons of Noah, and not ccare.

of them was the whole earth overspread. снА Р. ІХ.

20 And Noch began to be an husband3 God blesetb Noab. 4 Blood and murder an man, and he planted a vineyard. .

forbidden. 8 Godi covenant, 13 by tbe 21 And he drankofy wine, and was drunk. Tan-bow. 21 Noabis drunken, 25 Curetben, and he was uncovered within bis tent. Canaan, 29 and dietb.

22 And Hom the father of Canaan saw AND God blessed Noah and his fons, and the nakedness of his father, and told his I said unto them, Be fruitful and multi-two brethren without. ply, and replenish the earth.

23 And Shein and Japheth took a gar1 And the fear of you, 20d the dread ment, and laid it upon both their fhoulof you Thall be upon every beast of the ders, and went backward, and covered the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, up. nakedness of their father; and their faces on all that mowerh upon the earth, and up. were backward : and they saw not their on all the fishes of the sea ; into your hand fathers nakedness. are they delivered.

24 And Noah awoke from his wine, and 3 Every moving thing that liveth thall knew what his younger son had done unto be meat for you ; even as the green herb him. have I given you all things :

25 And he raid, Cursed be Canaan : a 1.4 Bus Ach with the life thereof, robicb is servant of servants thall he be unto his the blood thereof, shall you not eat.

brethren, 5 And surely your blood of your lives will 25 And heiaid, Blessed be the LORD God I require : at the hand of every besit will or Siem, and Canaan shall be his servant. I require it, and at the hand of man, at 27 God fhall enlarge Japheth, and he thie hand of every mans brother will I re- mall dwell in the tents of Shem, and Caquire the life of min.

0220 hall be his servant. wbolo thedderh mans blood, by man 23 1 And Noah lived after the flood Shall his blood be thed : for in the image. three hundred and fitty years. of God made he man. :

29 And all the days of Noah were nine 7 And you, be ye fruitful, and multi- hundred and fifty years : and he died. ply, bring forth abundantly in the earth, 2r.d multiply therein,


Noabs gehtrations.

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" CHA P. X.

27 And Hadoram, and Uzal, and Diklah, † Noabı generation. The song of Japbetb, 28 And Obal, and Abimael, and Sheba.

6 of Ham. 8 Nimrod to fitit Monarcb, 29 And Ophir, and Havilah, and Jobab : 21 Tbe Sons of Sbem..

all there were the tons of Joktan, Now there are generations of the fons 30 And their dwelling was from Mesha, as IV of Noab; Shem, Ham, and Japheth ; thou goeft unto Sephar, a mount of the ealt. & unto them were ons born after the food. 31 There are the tons ot Shem, after their

2 The fons of Japheth : Gomer, and lamilies, atrer their tongues, in their lands, Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tub? after their nations. and Meshech, and Tiras.

32 Thele are the families of the sons of 3. And the fons of Gomer ; Alhkcoaz Noah, after their generations, in their na. and Riphath, and Togarmah.

tions: and by thele were the nations die 4 And the sons of Javan, Elishah, and vided in the earth after the food, Tarshish, Kittim, aod Dodanim,

“C H A P. 11. 5 By there were the ines of the Gentiles ! One language in the world. 3 Babel is built, divided in their lands; every one after 7 Languages contounded. jo i be generatihis tongue, after their families, in their ons of Sbom, and Terab. Dations.

ANd the whole earth was of one langu, 6 | And the Sons of Ham; Cush, and n age, and of one spcech.. Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan.

- 2 And it came to pass, as they journeyed 7 And the sons of Cuth: Seba, & Havilah, from the east, that they found a plain in and Sabtah, and Raamah ; and Sabtecha : the land of Shinar ; and they dwelt there. and the sons of Raamah ; Sheba,andDedan. . 3 And they said one to another, Go to, .8 And Cuih begat Nimrod : he began to let us make brick, and burn them through be a mighty one in the carth.

ly. And they had brick for itone, and lime ,9 He was a mighty hunter before the had they for morter. LORD: wherefore it is said, Even as Nim- '4 And they said, Go to, let us build is rod the mighty hunter before the LORD, a city and a tower, whose top may reach • To And the beginning of his kingdom unto heaven, and let us make us a name, w28 Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and left we be icattered abroad upon the face Caineh, in the land of Shinar.

of the whole earth. 11 Out of that land went forth Ator, 5 And the LORD came down to fee th and builded Nineveh, and the city Reho. city and the tower, which the children of both, and Calah.

men builded. 12 And Reren between Nineveh and 6 And the LORD said, Behold, the peo Calah: the same is a great city.

plc is one, and they have all one language, 13 And Mizraim bogat Ludim and Ana- and this they begin to do ; and now nomim, and Lehabim, and Naphtuim, thing will be restrained from them, which.

14. And Pathrufim, and Caduhim, (odt they have imagined to do. of whom came Philiftim) and Caphtorim, * 7 Go to, let us go down, and there con

15 11 And Canaan begat Sidon his firtt- found their language, that they may not born, and Heth,

underttand one anothers speech. 16 And the Jebusite, and the Emorite, 8 So the LORD scattered them abroad and the Girgalite,

from thence upon the face of all the. 17 And the Hivite, and the Arkite, and earth, and they lets off to build the city." the Sinite,

9. Therefore is the name of it called 18 And thc Arvadite, and the Lemarite, Babel, because the LORD did there coda and the Hamathite : & afterwards were the 'found the language of all the earth : and. families of the Canaanites (pread abroad from thence did the LORD scatter them

1 And the border of the Cansanites abroad upon the face of all the earth.*** was from Sidon, as thou comelt to Gerar, 104 There are the generations of Shem; unto Gaza, as thcu goeft unto S dom and Shem was an hundred years old, and begat ; Gomorrah, and Adaiah, and Zeboim, even Arphaxad two years after the flood. : unto Lashah,

i And Sbem lived after be begat Ar20 There are the Cons of Ham, after phaxad five hundred years, and begat longtheir families, after their tongues, in their and daughters. countreys, and in their nations. . .: 12 And Arphaxad lived five and thirty

21 Unto Shem also the father of all the years, and begat Salah.. children of Eber, the brother of Japheth 13 And Asphaxad lived after he begat the elder, even unto him were children born. Salah, four hundred and three years, and

22 The children of Shem, Elam, and begat fons and daughters, Ashur, and Arphaxad, and Lud, and Aram. 14 And Salahlived thirty years, and

23. And the children of Aram, Uz, and begat Eber. Hul, and Gether, and Main :

is And Salah lived after he begat Eber 24 And Arphaxad begat Salah ; and Sa- four bundred and three years, and begat lab begat Eber:

sons and daughters. 25 And unto Eber were born two sons : 16 And Eber lived four and thirty the name of one wu Peleg, for in his years, and begat Peleg. days was the earth divided : apd his bro- 17 And Eber lived after he begat Pethers dame was Joktao.

leg, four hundred and thirty years, and 26 And Joktan begat Almodad, a nd begas Sons and daughterss Shalopb, and Hazarmaveth, anderah


38 and

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years And Nahor lives nineteen years, and a lipiins han fee child they will ki

Tbe generations of Torna, Genel, Abram called by Godor 18 And Péleg lived thirty years, add bco" , and the LORD appeared unto Abram. at Reu.

and said, Unto thy feed will I give this 10 And Peleg lived after he begat Réu, land : and there builded he an altar unto iwo hundred and nine years, and begat the LORD, who appeared unto nim. song and daughters.

8 And he removed from thence unto 30 And Reu lived two and thirty years, mountain on the cast of Bethel, and and begat_Serug.

pitched his tent, baving Beth-el on the And Reu lived after he begat Serug welt, and Hai on the eait : and there be two hundred and seven years, and begat builded an altar unto the LORD, and calions and Jaughters.

fed upon the name of the LORD. 22 And Serug lived thirty years, and be- 9 And Abram journeyed, going on still gat Nahor.

toward the south, 2 And Serug lived after he begat N2- 10 9 And there was a famine in the land. hor two hundred ars, and begat fons and Abramwent down into Egypt to sojouin and daughter's,

there; for y famine was grievous ins land. • 24 And Nahor lived nibe u

And it came to pafs, when he was years, and begat Terah.

come near to enter into Egypt, that he said 25 And Nahor lived after he begat Te- Anto Sarai his wife, Behota, no'y I low shk' in hundred and nineteen years, and that thou art a fair woman to look upon. begat sons and daughters.

12 Therefore it ihall come to pals, when 26 And Terah lived feventy years, and the Egyptians fhall see thec, that they shall begat Abram, Nahor, and Hárán.

ray, This is his wife : and they will kill Now there are the generations of me, but they will save thee alive, terai: Terah begat Abram, Nabor, and 13 Say, I pray thec, thou art my filter : Heran ; and Haran begät Lol.

that it may be well with me for thy fake : 28 And Harán died before his father and my soul Mall live because of thee. Terah, in the land of his oativity, in Ur14 11 And it came to pass, that when A. of the Caldees.

• bram was come into Egypt, the Egyptians 20 And Abram and Nabor took them beheld the woman, that the was very fair. Sives: the name of Abrams wife was Sa. 15 The princes also of Pharaoh law her. Tai; and the name of Nahors wife, Milcah, and commended her before Pharaoh : and the daughter of Harad, the father of Mile the woman was taken into Pharaohs house. cah, and the father of Iscab.

16 And he entreated Abram well for her 20But Sárai was barren: the bad no child, fake: and he had theep, and oxen, and he

2 And Terah took Abram his son, and alles, and men-Servants, and m Lot the son of Haran his sons fon, and S2- and she-afles, and camels. tai his daughter in law, bis fon Abrams 17. And the LORD plagued Pharaoh and wife and they went forth with them from his house with great plagues, because of Ur of the Caldees, to go into the land of Sarai Abrams wife. . Canaan: and they came unto Haran, and 18 And Pharaoh called Abram, and said, dwelt there.

What is this tbat thou haft done anto me? 32 And the days of Terah were two hud- why didst thou not tell me that she was thy dred & five years: & Terah died in Haran, wife? ****CHA P. XII.

19 why faidst thou, She is my fiter? so 1 God calletb Abram, bleffetb bim bi:b a I might have taken her to me to wife;

promise of Cbrift. 4 His departure from now therefore, behold thy wife, take ber, Haran. Canain is promifed.

and go thy way. N ow the LORD bad said unto Abram, 20° And Pharaoh commanded bis men

Y Get thee out of thy countrey, and from concerning him and they sent him away, thy kindred, and from thy fathers houfe, and his wife, and all that he had. unto a land that I will shew thee,

CHAP, Xlll. 2 And I will make of thee a great nati- I Abram and Lot return out of Egypt, on, and I will bless thee, and make thy 7 By disagreement tbey part afunder, 14 pame great and thou shalt be a blefifing, Gods promise yenewed to Abram.

3 And I will bless them that bless thee, A Nd Abram went up out of Egypt, he, and curse him that curieth theek and in thee 'n and his wife, and all that he had, Thall all families of the earth be blested, Lot with him, into the forth.

4 So Abram departed, as the LORD had 2 And Abram was very rich in cattel, and fpoken poto him, and Lot went with him : filver, and in gold.... and Abram was seventy and five years old 3. And he went on his journeys from the wben he departed out of Haran.

fouth, even to Beth-el, unto the place 5 And Abram took Sarai his wife, and where his tent had been at the beginning, Lot bis brothers fon, and all their fub- between Beth-el and Hai: Atance that they had gathered, and the souls 4 Unto the place of the altar, which he that they bad gotten in Haran : and they had made there at the firit ; and there Awont forth to go into the land of Canaan, bram called on the name of the LORD. and into the land of Canaan they came 54 And Lot aifo which went with A.

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6.9 And Abram passed through the land bram, had flocks, and herds, and tents, unto the place of Sichem unto the plain 6 And the land was not able to bear them of Moreh. And the Canaanite wus then that they might dwell together : for their in the land,

fubftance was great, so that they could not dwell together,


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