New Historical Literary Study: Essays on Reproducing Texts, Representing History

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Jeffrey N. Cox, Larry J. Reynolds
Princeton University Press, 1993 - 337

This volume, growing out of the celebrated turn toward history in literary criticism, showcases some of the best new historical work being done today in textual theory, literary history, and cultural criticism. The collection brings together for the first time key representativesfrom various schools of historicist scholarship, including leading critics whose work has helped define new historicism. The essays illuminate literary periods ranging from Anglo-Saxon to postmodern, a variety of literary texts that includes The Siege of Thebes, Macbeth, The Jazz Singer, and The Chosen Place, the Timeless People, and central issues that have marked new historicism: power, ideology, textuality, othering, marginality, exile, and liberation.

The contributors are Janet Aikins, Lawrence Buell, Ralph Cohen, Margaret Ezell, Stephen Greenblatt, Terence Hoagwood, Jerome McGann, Robert Newman, Katherine O'Keeffe, Lee Patterson, Michael Rogin, Edward Said, and Hortense Spillers. The editors' introduction situates the various essays within contemporary criticism and explores the multiple, contestatory issues at stake within the historicist enterprise.


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Generating Literary Histories
Texts and Works Some Historical Questions on the Editing of Old English Verse
Making Identities in FifteenthCentury England Henry V and John Lydgate
Shakespeare Bewitched
Revisioning the Restoration Or How to Stop Obscuring Early Women Writers
Representing the Body in Pamela II
Fictions and Freedom Wordsworth and the Ideology of Romanticism
Beyond the Valley of Production or Defactorum natura A Dialogue
Literary History as a Hybrid Genre
Blackface White Noise The Jewish Jazz Singer Finds His Voice
Black White and in Color or Learning Mow to Paint Toward an Intramural Protocol of Reading
Exiling History Hysterical Transgression in Historical Narrative
Figures Configurations Transfigurations
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Informacje o autorze (1993)

Jeffrey N. Cox is Associate Professor of English and Larry J. Reynolds is Professor of English and Thomas Franklin Mayo Professor in Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University.

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