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You are all well acquainted with the laws divine and human which should regulate your actions. You all know who are the legitimate rulers of the State, and yet, in defiance of every law, in opposition to your own convictions of what is right, in contempt of those who are placed over you as rulers, you allow known prisoners of State to excite your rebellious and evil dispositions, and then use them for the

purpose of usurping the places of your faithful rulers. Let me implore you to take warning from your defeat, to repent of the vio



have committed, and to consider that by making an unprovoked attack on those who never injured you, you have not done to others as you would wish to be done by. O could I, by any act of mine, by any personal sacrifice, lead you into the paths of peace and virtue, how gladly would I submit to it-yes, even to death itself! Deluded men, let me implore you, for your own sakes, to discard the counsel of those worthless prisoners ; tell me that you see the error into which you have rashly hurried, and I feel assured

that forgiveness will be offered to you, affection will be readily shown towards you, and your transgression no more remembered.”

no more.

Methought that the croud were moved at the address, and humbled themselves, and promised to offend

Love, with drooping pinion, then declared that the first proof of their obedience should be shewn by their instantly seizing the prisoners and placing them again in prison, since they were not only his greatest foes, but the most intolerant enemies of the State. In a moment these miscreants were laid hands on, and also all their immediate adherents, and conveyed to the dungeon. Love seemed abashed at his drooping pinion, and would not become reconciled to enemies who had so deeply wounded him.

Order being restored, Piety arose, and after declaring sentiments favourable to the alliance, said that,

Since the consultation had

been so unexpectedly interrupted, it would be advisable to adjourn.”

The President then adjourned the Council, and expressed a hope that Piety would favour them with further remarks when they met again, which would enable him to perform his awful duty.

Suddenly all that I had seen was absorbed in a cloud of golden light-before I could ask my conductor what had happened, the tenderest and most melodious

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