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3. Those Texts, wherein we are directed, either by Precept, or by Example, to Baptize in the Spirit's Name, &c. do not infer any Honour peculiar to the Holy Spirit, as a distinct Being from the Very God; any more than mencioning the Spirit of a Man, or Actions relating to the Spirit of a Man, does imply, that the Spirit of a Man is a distinct Be ing from the Man whose the Spirit is.

His Fifty fourth Propofition. For putting up Prayers and Supplications directly " and exprefly to the Person of the Holy Spirit, it must be acknowledged there is no clear Precept or Example

in Scripture.

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See Prop. 53. Art. 1, 2.

His Fifty fifth Proposition. The Titles given in the New Testament to the Three Persons of the everblessed Trinity, when all mentioned togetber; are as follows.

You then subjoin an enumeration of Particulars. What I shall remark, is only this. Of the Phrase Three Persons, see Prop. 33. Whether the Three Persons, in my sense of that Phrase, be mentioned in each of the Texts you quote, it matters not.

'Tis certain, that none of those Texts does prove, that the Father, WORD and Spirit are Three Persons in your sense of the Phrase.

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Of his Third Part.

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Nothing remains, but your Third and laft Part; .“ wherein (you (a) say) is, first, brought together a

great Number of Pallages out of the Liturgy of the Church of England, wherein the Doctrine set forth in the former Parts is expresly. affirmed ; and then in the next Place are collected the principal Pallages, which may seem at first sight to differ from that Doitrine : and

these latter (you lay) you have indeavour'd to reconcile with the former,' by Sewing how they may

derftood in a sense confiftent both with the Doctrine of Scripture, and with the other before cited Expressions of

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be un

the Liturgy.

Now as to this point much needs not to be said at present. For my Inquiry is, what the Holy Scriprures do teach concerning the Blessed Trinity in Unity ; and not what our Church has deliver'd concerning it. For tho' our Church teaches the very Truth ; yet her Public Forms are not the Standard of our Belief. For we are to believe · what our Church professes, not because she profeffes it, but because the Holy Scriptures do teach it. Wherefore, if our Church did never so expresly affirm your Doctrin, yet I should oppose it notwithstanding ; because I efteem it (and I think I have proved it) to be inconsistent with the Holy Scriptures.

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() Introduct. p.19.

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This were sufficient ;. especially since I am of 0pinion, that those who do not think your Doctrin contained in the Scriptures, will never fansy that they find it in our Church's Liturgy; and that those who do think it contained in the Scriptures, will affert and defend it, even tho' they should chance to believe, that our Church Licurgy is a flar Contraction to it, so that an Inquiry into the Consistency of our Church's Liturgy with what you have written concerning the Holy Trinity, cannot be at present esteem'd necessary.

But I will further add, in Justice to our Holy Mother, that (tho' I do not at present enter upon that Debate, because 'twould enlarge the Controversy to no great purpose; yet) I am firmly persuaded, that your Doctrine is not either exprefly affirm'd, or so much as intimated, in our Liturgy, and consequently there is no need of reconciling her Passages relating to the Trinity, either to the Scriptures, or to each other. And as I am firmly persuaded, you are a Person of so great Integrity, that you will not venture (notwithstanding your Attempt for explaining) to repeat your Subscri. ption, cc. till you have altered your Sentiments touching these Points (which I pray God may be speedily effe&ed) so I hope none of those Persons who-espouse your present Sentiments, will be influenced by what you have written, to think your Sense of those Passages colerable. I really tremble at the Apprehension of that Guilt, which such a Collusion must pollute them with ; and I can't but earnestly intreat you to do what lies in your Pow. er, in the most public Manner, for preventing such an Interpretation of our Liturgy, as must (I fear) necessarily lay wast the Consciences of the Complyers, and pave the way for a Man's sub

scribing scribing and using such Forms of Devotion as thwart the Sense of his own Mind.

But I have don. May the God of Truth, and Lover of Souls, illuminate and direct us both; and may that Blessed Spirit, without whose Aid we can do nothing that is good, guide us by his Grace, and conduct us safely to that glorious State, in which, how much soever we differ in our Opinions here, we shall be perfe&ly united in holy Love to all Eternity. I am, with the fincereft Affection,

Your most Faithful Friend,

and most Humble Servant,




Of the TEXTS Explain'd

in this Book.

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4. 16.

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20. 1, &c.

3. 210.




7. 1, 2.

1.9. 17-25

53, 54



23. 20-23.


194, 195





31. 23.


14. 6.


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4. I 2.



5. 22.

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26. 17,

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