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Recapitulation, with reflections and in-

I have told you before it come to pass, that
when it is come to pass, ye might believe.


Page 21. n. 1. 2. for 19. read 18.

24. n. 1. 1. for ii. r. 11.

32. n. d. r. Matt. xiii. 43. and refer Mark xiv.

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MATT. VI. 10.

Thy kingdom come.

HE kingdom of God is an expreffion which has different acceptations in

holy fcripture. It denotes his eternal and his fpiritual dominion; that fovereign power, which the Creator of all things exercifeth over the works of his hands, and that state of grace and falvation, which was established in the world by Jefus Chrift. The former, it is evident, is neither fubject to

3 Βασιλείας τ8 Θες δύο οι δεν ή γραφη, την μεν κατ' οικείωσιν, την κατα δημουργίαν. βασιλεύει μεν γαρ άπαντων-κατα τον της δημιουργίας λογον βασιλευει δε των πιςων κατα τον της οικειώσεως. Chryfoft. Hom. 39. in 1 Cor. Tom. III. p. 509. 1. 12. ed. Savil. διπλη ή το Σωτηρος βασίλεια· ή μεν προαιώνιος τα αρχή, εκ εχέσα, ἡ δὲ μετα τες αιώνας, αρχήν απο της οικονομίας λαμβάνεσαι. Id. T. v. p. 681. 1.10.

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