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luctance, and with much Caution; knowing that this is a Question which has convulsed the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, from End to End, and from Side to Side.

REFERRING to the One Hundreth and Seventy-seventh Page of this Essay, it will be seen that we have not been unmindful of the Mental, the General, and the Scientific Improvement of “The Daughters of England.”—This is, undoubtedly, an Object of the First Importance; whether we consider it in a Private, or in a Public Point of VIEW.

The First Principles of Education, are generally incul. cated by the MOTHER; and if the Foundation be false and unsound, the Superstructure must inevitably prove danger. ous, not only to particular Individuals, but also to private Society, and to the GENERAL PUBLIC.

We would, therefore, most earnestly but affectionately, advise “ The Daughters of England," to store their Minds well with Historical, Biographical, Philosophical, and General Knowledge; in order that they may be properly qualified to discharge their important Duties, to the Rising Generation, with Prudence, Propriety, and Success !!

BEFORE we close our Remarks, we would again, address ourselves to “ The Sons of Great Britain.”—They should not only consider their Education and Improvement, in an Individual, but also in a National Point of View. The Future Destinies of this Great and Mighty Empire will VERY Soon be placed in their Hands; and upon their Knowledge, Prudence, Firmness, and courage, it will greatly depend, whether we may still continue to Rise, in the scale of Nations; or whether we may begin gradually to DECLINE ; and at Length, entirely Fall, and even CEASE to be an Independent Nation, like the Ancient, Renowned and Mighty Empires of Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Greece, and ROME!!!

No. 38, Kennington Lane,

April 25th, 1842.






PAGE. General Observations on Education .

58 Mr. Nesbit's Letter on Education

60 Professor Young, on Mathematics

61 Extracts from Todd's Student's Guide

62 Mutual Instruction

63 Extracts relating to Mathematics

66 Mensuration, Gauging, Land Surveying, Trigonometry, &c. &c.

66 Extracts relating to Natural Philosophy

74 Extracts relating to Chemistry

77 Botany

85 Geology. Remarks on Geology. The Universal Deluge Extracts from various Authors

89 Observations on Noah's Ark

90 Modern Geology

91 Organic Remains Remarks on Meteoric Stones

94 Observations on the British Museum, and on Different

Organic Remains, in Coal Measures

96 Volcanoes

97 Production of Volcanoes

98 Effects of Volcanoes

100 Earthquakes

101 Production of Earthquakes

101 Effects of Earthquakes

102 Observation on Physical Causes

103 The Grand Geological Query

104 Extracts from various Authors

105 Remarks on the Mosaic Account of the Creation

108 Mineralogy

109 Observations on Scripture Geology and Mineralogy

110 Observations on the Power and the Wisdom of God, as displayed in the Works of the Creation

114 Remarks and Notes .

117 Observations on the Immensity of the Creation. 118 Astronomy

119 Antiquity of Astronomy

127 The Fixed Stars

128 Extracts from various Authors




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The Minuteness of the Creation
Moral Philosophy
Theology and Religion
Extracts from various Authors
The Bridgewater Treatises
Remarks on Religious Education
Duties of Teachers
Duties of Parents'.
Extracts from various Authors
Notes on the Duties of Parents and Teachers
Duties of Ministers
Duties of Children
Extracts from various Authors
Poetry, and the British Poets
Voyages and Travels
Extracts from us Authors
Improved School Books
Systems of Classical Instruction
References to Works on Various Departments of

Observations and Remarks on Education
Additional Notes
Concluding Remarks

134 135 135 137 144 144 145 146 151 152 154 157 165 172 178 181 184


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Messrs. NESBIT beg to return their most GRATEFUL THANKS, for the prompt and generous Assistance afforded them, on the Occasion of their late Calamitous Fire; and for the continued Christian Kindness displayed by their Friends,

They also wish to inform their Friends and the Public, that they have taken a Commodious House, No. 26, Chester Place, for the Accommodation of their Family and Boarders, until their own House is rebuilt; which will be done as expeditiously as possible, with every Convenience for the Reception of about THIRTY BOARDERS.


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Their Excellent School Room having escaped the Ravages of the Fire, the Business of the School is still carried on as usual; and they trust by their constant Assiduity and Perseverance, to merit the Continuation of that Patronage with which they have already been so HIGHLY HONOURED.

No. 38, Kennington Lane, April 25th, 1842.

MR. NESBIT'S WORKS are all published by Longman and Co., London; Wilson and Sons, York; and may be had of all Booksellers. The Price of the Surveying, is 128.; Mensuration, 6s.; Gauging, 58.; Arithmetic, 5s.; and the Parsing, 2s. 60. The Key to the Mensuration sells at 5s. ; Key to the Arithmetic at 58.; and that to the Gauging, at 4s. BOUND.

Mr. J. C. NESBIT most respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he gives Instructions on Chemistry, Electricity, Galvanism, Magnetism, Electro-Magnetism, and other Branches of Natural Philosophy ; illustrating and exemplifying the various Departments, by numerous Practical Experiments.

J. C. Nesbit has studied Chemistry and other Branches of Natural Philosophy, for several years; has been under the Tuition of Dr. Dalton, of MANCHESTER, to whom he is kindly permitted to refer; and also to Dr. D. Boswell Reid, F.R.S.E., F.R.C.P.E.; Lecturer to the Edinburgh Society of Arts; Author of Elements of Practical Chemistry, &c.

Duke Street, WESTMINSTER. THE TERMS and other Particulars may be known on APPLICATION.


Mr. JACOB NESBIT, who purchased our Premises, and succeeded us in Sidney Street, Manchester; has excellent Accommodation for a Limited Number of Young Ladies, as Pupils and Boarders.--The Terms of the Establishment, and other Particulars may be known on APPLICATION.


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