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On completing the FIFTY-SECOND Volume of this Miscellany, the Editor tenders his sincerest thanks to those of his original Subscribers who have survived the stern march of time, for the generous support which they have conferred on his labours. He earnestly hopes that their long intercourse has not produced satiety, and that the sympathy of principles and taste which first produced their literary connection, has never been, nor ever will be disturbed. In the singular vicissitudes of the world, which have taken place during the production of so extended a periodical Series, the same principles which influenced the Editor in the composition of his Prospectus, and in the arrangement of his first Number, have continued to govern his conduct. He then believed what he has since experienced, that in the great family of the British People, there were to be found a sufficient number of Friends of liberal principles, on questions of Politics and Government, who at the same time were qualified to enjoy a Magazine, with higher literary and scientific pretensions, than had previously characterized our Monthly Miscellanies. at the same time, that a periodical publication possessed capabilities for diffusing useful practical Knowledge, and all novel facts in the Arts and Sciences, and under these combined views this Miscellany was undertaken, and has been perseveringly conducted.

The Editor's judgment is blunted, and his readers and correspondents are guilty of the basest flattery, if the series have not progressively improvedl, if they have not kept pace in taste, with the taste which they fostered and created, and if all the late numbers have not possessed a superiority not only over their elder brethren, but over all contemporaneous publications.

Strong in this sentiment, which is echoed from all quarters, the Editor has acted on the maxim that that good wine, needs no bush ;" and he has, therefore, førborne to enter into a competition of empiricism with certain adventurers in the same line of publication, who seek to catch the unwary by their boisterous advertisements, confident that the best advertisement is the constant superiority of his numbers, in Information, Interest, and Utility, and that his best advertizers are the good opinions of the intelligent portion of the nation, expressed in the circles in which they respectively move.

Jan. 28th, 1822.


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