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of the name. They are scenes of strife and misery. They are gardens without flowers, temples in ruins, palaces with every beautiful ornament destroyed. Thank God, that to most of us at least home means everything that is dear and precious. I remember when I was a boy being sent away to a boardingschool, and if ever a little fellow was homesick, I was. And why did I think so much of home? Oh, it was because there was so much love there. The very atmosphere was summer, and I longed to be in it as much as ever a flower languished for the reviving shower. If you were sent away among strangers, how your young hearts would yearn to get back again ! “ Home, sweet bome; there is no place like home.” And this is just what God is to all his children-a home, a place of love. Mother, father, wife, children, are but faint, faint images of God. He is the fountain of all their affection.

There is no place in the universe so safe and so delightful.

Dear children, God is willing to become your home now. He is inviting each one of you to come to Him. As the little birds seek shelter and comfort under the parental wing, so may you under the broad and feathery pinions of your heavenly Father's love. “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ,' and you are in God's bosom, in God's heart. The angels have not a richer, brighter, happier home than have they who believe. The moment you accept Christ as your Saviour, God becomes


habitation. How rich, and safe, and happy must they be who are living in God's heart! Oh, dear children, come! The door is open; the table is spread with everything that you can need; bright spirits are waiting to minister to your happiness. Come now, and make God your



The Bible and Modern Discovery,


Phænician Influence on the

take the trade into his own hands

by sending a fleet to the Indian Israelites.

Ocean. To construct and navigate I SHALL endeavour to show how a fleet, however, was beyond the intercourse with the Phænicians skill of the Israelites; so we are affected the Jews as indicated in told Solomon “made a navy of Bible history; and I shall begin ships in Ezion-geber with that department with which the shore of the Red Sea the Phoenicians attained to their And Hiram sent in the navy his greatest celebrity-navigation. servants, shipmen that had know

The first record of direct inter- ledge of the sea, with the servants course between the two nations in of Solomon.

(1 Kings ix. 26, maritime affairs was when King 27.).

It is evident from the parDavid began to collect materials allel account in 2 Chron. viii. 17, for building the temple. Then 18, where we read that “Hiram “the Sidonians and they of Tyre sent to him (Solomon) by the hand brought much cedar-wood to" him of his servants ships,” and from (1 Chron. xxii. 4). The inter- an incidental statement (1 Kings course was developed by the ambi- x. 11), that the ships were really tion of Solomon and his passion built and, in part at least, owned for wealth and splendour. The by the Phænicians, who then gave

which had hitherto the Jews their first lessons both in brought to Jerusalem the treasures naval architecture and navigation. of Arabia and the East did not The effect on Solomon and his satisfy him, and he resolved to court was disastrous. Pride, wealth, and luxury, and their usual con- cedar-wood” (1 Chron. xvii. 4). comitants in the East, moral de- And when Solomon began to carry generacy and gross debauchery, out the designs of his father, he soon undermined the purity and wrote to Hiram, asking for skilled power of prince and people. The workmen; and he replied, “ I have first open manifestation of the de- heard of the things which thou grading corruption of the court sentest to me for; I will do all thy was given during the visit of the desire concerning timber of cedar, Queen of Sheba; and it soon spread and timber of cypress. My serover the kingdom. (See 1 Kings vants shall bring them down from x. xi., ; 2 Chron. ix.) Solomon Lebanon unto the sea, and I will established a harem on a scale of convey them by sea in rafts to the unprecedented magnitude. Foreign place that thou shalt appoint me. women were brought into it, and


And they got out great they introduced not only the pro- stones, costly stones, hewn stones, fligacy but the idolatry of their to lay the foundation of the house. native countries. They “turned And Solomon's builders and away the king's heart," and he be- Hiram's builders and the Gibcame their slave. He built temples lites” (wrongly translated “stoneand shrines to their idols, and squarers”) “hewed them” (1 Kings sanctioned rites in Israel which v.). Some of those “great stones were inhuman and impure. The are still in their places in the outer worship of the true God was under- wall of the temple court, measuring mined, and a system of reckless nearly forty feet in length; and immorality and godless anarchy recent research has brought to was initiated, which led to the light the Phænician characters speedy dismemberment and the which the Giblite masons inscribed eventual overthrow of the kingdom. upon them to mark their places in The scientific acquirements and

the building technical skill of the Phænicians Solomon also wrote to Hiram for were taken advantage of by the an artist to execute the ornamental Jews in other ways. The Phoeni- work of the interior; and Hiram cians were apparently of Egyptian replied :

“I have sent a wise man, origin, and they brought from that endued with understanding, namely country a knowledge of architecture Huram, my chief (workman), the which was unequalled in Western son of a woman of the daughters: Asia. Some splendid examples of of Dan, but his father was a man their architectural genius may still of Tyre, skilful to work in gold, be seen in the colossal ramparts of and in silver ; in brass, in iron, in Gebal, and among the ruins of stone and in timber; in purple, in Tyre, Sidon, and Arvad.

blue, and in fine linen and in crimWhen King David resolved to son; also to carve all carving, and build a palace, he employed Phoni- to devise every device which shall cians to execute the work. Hiram, be put to him, with thy wise men' king of Tyre, was his friend and I (2 Chron. ii. 13, 14). This most ally; and we are told that Hiram accomplished artist, we are told, “sent messengers to David, and was son of a Danite woman, no cedar-trees, and carpenters, and doubt belonging to that section of masons; and they built a house the tribe which captured and for David." (2 Sam. V., 11; cf. colonized the old Phænician city of 1 Chron. xiv. 1.) These were of Laish (Judges xviii.), and perhaps course sent by sea from Gebal, at also a descendant of that Aholiab the foot of Lebanon, to Joppa. So who was one of the two artists also, when David was collecting employed by Moses in decorating materials for the the temple, “the the tabernacle (Ex. xxxi. 6). Sidonians and they of Tyre brought J. L. PORTER, D.D., LL.D.





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The settlement of claims arranged with promptitude and liberality, this impany having already paid for Losses more than FOURTEEN MILLIONS STERLING.



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Rates and Particulars of Insurance may be obtained at the Chief Offices, MBARD STREET and CHARING Cross, and from the respective Agents of the mpany throughout the Kingdom.




bllected and Edited by the Rev. W. Hope Davison.

The most complete Hymnal yet published. Contains Chants and Anthems, well as Psalms and Hymns, obviating the use of several volumes in rship.

LONDON: The Office of THE PREACHERS' MONTHLY, 84, Hatton Garden. BOLTON: Tillotson & Son.


by Rev. W. HOPE DAVISON, Contains 429 Hymns, Chants, and Anthems for Sunday Schools, Mission Rooms, and

General Worship. Price 6d.


ONDON: Office of “The Preachers' Monthly," 84, Hatton Garden.

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