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I. " Altogether a Christian,”—HE bowed at the cross and seen the

CANNOT BE DESTITUTE OF THE bleeding victim of the world's FUNDAMENTAL FAITH OF THE transgression make an end of SaGOSPEL.

tanic misrepresentations of the

Divine character by “the sacrifice • He that cometh to God must of Himself.” The Man of Sorrows, believe that He is.” He who bearing thetransgressions of the people worthily wears the name of Christ, in His own body on the tree, has must sustain some special relation- not vacated His office as the great ship to Him, the nature of which is Teacher of the world. His words manifest in a conscious and marked are words of Divinest compassion, identity of interest and life. Christ of tenderest commiseration, of is the official name of our Blessed atoning help, of spiritual rescue, Lord. It means the Anointed of

of almighty deliverance. God, and sets forth the fact that

3. The Prophet and the Priest, He occupies the position and fills Christ cannot be other than the King. the offices to which anointing was The authoritative rule centres in applied. The Anointed is the the perfection of His personal ensupreme head, that Being who is dowments as perfect Teacher and above all others who have been

perfect Redeemer. He alone can thus treated and designated ; to ħave absolute control over minds whom they pointed; of whom they to whom “all things are naked and were types. The designation directs open ”—with whom "

are hidden us, therefore, at once, to the func- all the secrets of wisdom and knowtions and characteristics of Him who, ledge.” He alone can rule absobeing in the form of God, made lutely the moral sense and the Himself of no reputation, and took human will who is Himself “Holy, upon Him the form of a servant, and harmless, undefiled,” and who can: was found in fashion as a man, and command and inspire a supreme became obedient unto death, even affection. There is none other who the death of the cross. A Christian can stand where Hestands—who can cannot deny,cannot refuse toaccept, rule as He rules. He is “the beginChrist in any one of His offices or ning and the ending, the first and relations. He is to be accepted as the last, the Almighty.” There is the Prophet ; as the one supreme none other name of power. There and authoritative Revealer of the is none other hand which can hold Infinite Life.

the sceptre of all races and of all 2. His Priesthood. The two worlds. There is none other head characters, in fact, go together, and around which may circle the flashcannot for one moment be really ing diaden: of a universal dominion. separated. His words find their He is “the Head of the body.” deeper meaning and spiritual sig- In all things He has the pre-eminificance in the death He accom

“ He is Lord of all.” plished at Jerusalem; and the “ He is set on the right hand of great sacrifice for sin embodies the the throne of the Majesty in the distinguishing, crowning, supreme, heavens.' 'He makes His enemies all-subduing, Divine_Revelation. His footstool.” His living agency Men never know the Father's love is “ the working by which He is --the mystery of the Divine Holi- able to subdue all things unto ness—the tender, melting pathos Himself.” He

puts down all of the Divine solicitude for the rule, and all authority and power.” sinful who have wandered far away He takes every thought into capfrom Him-the redeeming might tivity. We have unveiled here the of His matchless grace and His might, and onset, and triumph of ineffable perfection, until they have particular moral means and all




suasive moral principles. The king

thus accounted for. He is express dom He rules is spiritual. The in his declarations on this head. power He wields is of a like kind. ‘By the grace of God I am what I The power is unlimited as the

A light shone around him. grace and the truth, and the exult- “ above the brightness of the sun,' ing hymn of the Redeemer's coro- but that was as nothing compared nation is “ Thou art the King of to the intenser radiance which. Glory, O Christ!” “Thy throne, filled his mind with the idea that O God, is for ever and ever!”

Jesus was the Christ. The inner: 4. And now, the fundamental discernment came of a Divine faith of the Gospel recognizes, and teaching and

persuasion. The accepts, and rests upon Christ as Spirit took the things of Christ perfect Teacher-perfect sacrifice and showed them to him. There perfect King. The act of faith is was an immediate Divine drawing, not a mere intellectual assent to and he came to the Christ. doctrine, however perfect.

It is a

3. And the third thing about moral act. It is the dependence of this faith is that it is its own witness. the spirit upon this Being—the “He that believeth hath the submission and committal of the witness in himself.” This sacred will to this rule, and authority, and vital truth, this holy salvation, and power. As the child confides so commends itself to mind, conin parental love; as the bride science; heart, that there can be trusts the man of her choice; as no doubt of it or despair of its. the merchant adventures his capital efficacy. There is an intuitive perand risks his cargo on the sea- ception of the fitness of this grace ; worthiness of the ship, and the ca- there is an eternal impression and pability of the captain, and the consciousness, which gird

the trustworthiness of the crew; as the heart's trust with an unchangeable shipwrecked take to the lifeboat; strength. It goes down into the as the drowning clutch the hand of depths of the nature, and touches. power stretched out—so men who it at all points; it succours all are altogether Christians take to, distresses, it befriends all weaktrust, and rest on, and clasp the nesses, it soothes all sorrows, so hand of Christ.

that it becomes impossible that the canst save

and Thou man can be moved away from the alone !” And it commits itself hope of the Gospel. It becomes. to the Saviour.

the “ tried stone” of trust, the Now, about this faith which is the sure foundation,” the steadfast one and only foundation of the life anchor of the life and hope. It of the “s

Altogether a Christian," interweaves itself with all activities, three things may be remarked :- and it brightens with its joy the

1. It implies self-mistrust. There hours of rest. It dispels guilt and is a marvellous fund of meaning in fear, and is the birth of a new the apostle's words, “ What things nature, It is the guide of youth were gain to me these I counted and the staff of age. In poverty it loss for Christ; yea, and I count cheers the hard lot, in affliction all things but loss for the excel- it stills the throbbing agony. It lency of the knowledge of Christ blunts the edge of adversity. It Jesus my Lord.”

tears out the sting of death. It 2. The second thing about this brightens the glazing, darkening faith is that its exercise is the eye with visions of blessed immorresult of a Divine suasion through tality. What wonder that the the truth. Paul became a Christian


that the altogether through immediate revelation. The Christian-feels that to doubt were suddenness of the change is to be to blaspheme.

Faith says:

". Thou


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mand you.

II. THE ALTOGETHER CHRISTIAN body of Christ; warning most

MUST MANIFEST THE PERFECT earnestly against abuses, and inCHRISTIAN MORALITY OR ORDER sisting, with all the vehemence of OF LIFE.

his nature, that dishonour shall Christ saves His people from not be done to the Lord by recktheir sins.” There is a present less, wilful, ignorant lawlessness in deliverance from fleshly lusts which the congregations of the saints. war against the soul. The Christian To Timothy he writes that he altogether is a Christ man. What might “Know how he might bethe Lord was he is in the measure have himself in the Church of the of his capacity in “ the spirit of his living God.” The Christian life mind." "Ye are My friends," said tends towards and seeks organizaJesus, “if


do whatsoever I com- tion, and the Lord has left us laws

One of the essential by which it is to be regulated. conditions of the Divine forgiveness There can be no Christian altoand salvation is restoration to moral gether who is indifferent to, or obedience. Remaining wedded to wholly partially a neglecter of, any one evil habit; persisting in the ordinances of the sanctuary. any one form of known disobedi- Habitual secret prayer has its ence; guilty of one wilful sin, counterpart in habitual common the trust of the spirit in Christ is worship and communion. Chrisnot complete, the self surrender is tian nurture here finds its means not entire, and the salvation cannot and method, and none can keep up be experienced. “Now if any man the high-toned vigour of devout life have not the Spirit of Christ he is who forsake the assembling of none of His."

themselves together.” So, said the apostle, “to me to The Altogether Christian cannot live is Christ.' His life was be indifferent to the sacred ordinfashioned by Christ's will. He ance which celebrates the Lord's sought to promote Christ's ends.

redeeming love. He charged his He adopted Christ's means. He

disciples who were nearest and manifested Christ's character. He

dearest to Him, “do this in relived for Christ's glory. The alto- membrance of Me,” and the aposgether Christian emulates this

tle born out of due time asserted example, and is " the epistle of its perpetuity :

“ As often as ye do Christ, known and read of all men.”

this, ye do show the Lord's death “Let your light so shine before until He come.” As a means of men, that they may see your good deepening love, as

means of works and glorify your Father melting the heart, as a power of which is in heaven.

pathos in spiritual experience, as III. THE ALTOGETHER CHRISTIAN à reminder of solemn vows, as

THE ORDER, an occasion of reconsecration, as DECORUM, AND GRACE OF THE a witness to the essential verity of CHRISTIAN SOCIETY.

our holy religion, it occupies the one Paul had been delivered from a pre-eminent position. A Christian system of outward law and cere- altogether would prize such an monial; and man who ever hour above all pricē—would never lived was less inclined than he was willingly be absent, would seize to be entangled again in any yoke every occasion for such joyful of bondage. And yet we find him fellowship and communion. The full of anxiety about the Christian neglect of the ordinance is avenged Church Life, and instructing im

in cold-hearted formalism and loss mature believers, in many closely of spiritual life.

of spiritual life. “For this cause reasoned pages, in the order of the many are weak and sickly and Church, which he insisted is the many sleep."





The Altogether Christian turns immortality the glory of the the holy impulse of new-born ex- Christian likeness to Christ and the perience into channels of practical glory of the certainty of closer advantage for others, and he works association with Him in more perin some appointed calling until the fect service and joy. His blessed Lord appears and bids him home Spirit, which leads us on through to rest.

life, conquering us,as the years pass, The Altogether Christian is the ever more completely, redeeming son of peace. The Epistles are full from all evil, bringing the better of exhortations against those who peace out of the

sorrow, the foment discord in the Christian stronger faith out of the conflict, brotherhood, and no law of the the brighter, inner joy out of the Lord's is more express than that crucifixion of the flesh, does not which bids the faithful have no

say Farewell" at the portal of the company with and to withdraw tomb. Even there He still leads on. themselves from “every one that He shows the path of heavenly life. walketh disorderly.” Where“envy- He opens the kingdom of the pering and strife are,

there is every

fect to all believers. In the deathevil work,” and the gentle spirit of less realm beyond we wipe the dust Jesus will not be associated with of death from deathless brows, and them.

take our places in the home and And thus, the life begun, in faith realm of light, and love, and purity, is rounded into the completeness of and the face-to-face vision of God, holy character, and holy word, and to go no more out for ever.“And holy deed. "The life also of the there shall be no more curse; but Lord Jesus is manifested in the His servants shall serve Him. And mortal flesh." Whether long or they shall see His face; and His short, the life is lived unto the name shall be in their foreheads; Lord. And at evening time and there shall be no night there, there is light. Amid the bloom for the Lord God giveth them and freshness of early ripened light; and they shall reign for ever faculty, or the slow decline of old and ever.” “Happy is the people age, there is the glory, serene, and that is in such a case; yea, happy is bright, and calm as the everlasting the people whose God is the Lord.” stars, which lights the way



The Children's Service.

The Best Home.

Ps. lxxi. 3. Be thou my strong habitation, whereunto I may continually resort.'

I am going to talk to you about the best home. There is no home anywhere that can compare with it. And where do you think it is ? In heaven? Oh, no. It is just here beside you. All you have to do is to enter through the door, which is Jesus Christ, and you are there, at home in God's palace, in God's heart, where there is everything to make you happy. God is a home, ---that's what our text means.

But what is home without liberty, without freedom ? You would not like to have God looking down upon you all the time. He is so good that you are afraid of Him. Ah, my dear children, if you only get into this home, your hearts will be so changed that it will be your delight to please God. You always like to be near those whom you love. The flower looks out every morning for the sunlight. It would die if you should put it somewhere where the smiles of heaven could not reach it. And so it is with you. If you only get into this blessed harm you.

You may

home, you will live in your this home of which I am speaking, heavenly Father's smiles, and you they can't harm us. God is a sure will have all the freedom that you refuge for His children. want.

Long, long ago, in England, the But I don't care, say you, to live great rich people lived in castles in a home where there is no play- built of strong stone walls, and ground. I like to run, and leap, and frequently surrounded by a deep, enjoy myself. Well, do you think broad ditch, so that robbers and God is displeased with your inno- enemies might not be able to enter cent amusements ? Did He not and despoil them of their property. give the little birds wings to fly and Very frequentl they used to fight voices to sing ? Everything God with each other, and when the ever made is set to music. And

battle began to turn against them, when you get into this home, God they would flee into their castles, will be your Father, and nothing and there they were safe. Now, will be sweeter music in His ear God is a great castle.

He is a than the sound of your merry “strong habitation.” If you once laughter.

He has made every get inside of it, no enemy can provision for your happiness.

But you say again, What is home I know a little boy who was out without a mother? Ah, it is not in the park one afternoon when a necessary that you should leave storm came up suddenly. The your earthly mother to become an great clouds were piling one upon inhabitant of this palace-home. another, and the deep loud thunderAnd, more than that, immediately peals made the earth fairly tremble you yield your heart to Christ, God under that little boy's feet as he becomes your mother.

ran with all his might toward home. have thought that God was hard And when he got there, wasn't he and cruel, looking down upon His glad ? His young heart leaped for -children with angry, frowning face, very joy as he nestled close to papa's but it is a great mistake—God is chair. All fear was gone, for he love. “ As a mother comforteth, was at home. Now that is just so will I comfort you,” is what He what God is to His children. He says to all those who come to Him is a refuge from the storms of life. -to all His dear children.


There are homes where children AND SECURITY.

have at times to suffer hunger. But

such is not the case with this home Every boy and girl feels safe at

of which I am speaking: This home. There is a little fellow trembling and crying in the presence

home has everything to make those

who live in it satisfied and happy. of a lot of boys larger than himself.

Many of you have very pleasant They are about to punish him for

homes, where there are many good something he has done. But by things. You have kind fathers and by, when their attention has

and mothers who are pleased to been diverted by some passing give you almost everything that object of interest, he gets an oppor

you desire--good food, beautiful tunity to escape, and he runs with

clothes, attractive toys, and interall his might until he gets to the

esting books. But they can't do for door-step of his own home, and there all fear is gone.

you what God can.
Him your home, you

" shall not Now there are a great many dan

want any good thing.” gers and troubles in the world that grasp us, and threaten us, and III. HOME IS A PLACE OF LOVE. frighten us; but if we only get into There are some homes unworthy

If you make

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