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The Greek Testament: with a critically re

vised Text; a Digest of Various Readings; Marginal References to Verbal and Idiomatic Usage; Prolegomena ; and a Critical and Exegetical Commentary. For the use of Theological Students and Ministers. By HENRY ALFORD, D.D., Dean of Canterbury.

Vol. I. Fifth Edition, containing the Four Gospels. 11. 8s.

il Vol. II. Fourth Edition, containing the Acts of the Apostles, the Epistles to the Romans and Corinthians. Il. 45.

Vol. III. Third Edition, containing the Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians,-to Timotheus, Titus, and Philemon. 18s.

Vol. IV. Part I. Third Edition, containing the Epistle to the Hebrews, and the Catholic Epistle of St James and St Peter. I8s.

Vol. IV. Part II. Second Edition, containing the Epistles of St John and St Jude, and the Revelation.

148. The New Testament for English Readers.

Containing the Authorised Version, with additional corrections of Readings and Renderings; Marginal references ; and a Critical and Explanatory Commentary. By HENRY ALFORD, D.D., Dean of Canterbury. In two volumes.

Vol. I. Part I. containing the First Three Gospels.

Vol. I. Part II. containing St John and the Acts.

This opportunity may properly be taken of especially recommending to every thoughtful Student this and the treatise on the succession of events in the Gospel History. A translation of it would be a very welcome aid to the general reader.-Bp. Ellicott, Lectures on the Life of our Lord.

Observations on the attempted Application of

Pantheistic Principles to the Theory and Historic Criticism of the Gospels. By W. H. MILL, D.D., late Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge. Second Edition, with the Author's latest notes and additions. Edited by B. WEBB, M.A. 8vo.


Commentaries on the Gospels, intended for the

· English Reader, and adapted either for Domestic or Private use.

By the Very Rev. H. GOODWIN, D.D., Dean of Ely. Crown 8vo. S. Matthew, 128. S. Mark, 78. 6d. S. Luke, in the Press.


Ios. 6d.

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Hints for some Improvements in the Author

ised Version of the New Testament. By the late J. SCHOLEFIELD, M.A. Fourth Edition. Fcp. 8vo.

4s. Jerusalem Explored : being a Description of

the Ancient and Medern City, with upwards of one Hundred Illustrations, consisting of Views, Groundplans, and Sections. By ERMETE PIEROTTI, Doctor of Mathematics, Captain of the Corps of Engineers in the Army of Sarilinia, Architect-Engineer to his Excellency Soorraya Pasha of Jerusalem, and Architect of the Holy Land. 2 Vols. imperial

4to. 57. 58. Nature and Grace. Sermons preached in the

Chapel Royal, Whitehall, during the years 1862–64.
By the Rev. W. M. CAMPION, B.D., Fellow and
Tutor of Queens' College, Cambridge, Rector of St
Botolph's, Cambridge, and one of Her Majesty's
Preachers at Whitehall. Small 8vo. 6s. 68.

A History of the Articles of Religion. To

which is added a series of Documents from A.D. 1536 to A.D. 1615. Together with illustrations from contemporary sources. By CHARLES HARDWICK, B.D., late Archdeacon of Ely. Second Edition, corrected and enlarged. 8vo.

* A considerable amount of fresh matter has been incorporated, especially in the two Chapters which relate to the construction and revision of our present code of Articles.

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Tertulliani Liber Apologeticus. The Apology

of Tertullian. With English Notes and a Preface, intended as an Introduction to the Study of Patristical and Ecclesiastical Latinity. By H. A. WOODHAM, LL.D. Second Edition. 8vo. 83. 6d.



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