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HERE is nothing new in this Vo

lume, except two Sermons (the fecond and the seventh);

; -an Appendix to the Discourse to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry of Ely; another to the Letter to the late Archbishop of Canterbury ;-and two or three Notes: The rest of the Contents have been more than once submitted to the judgment of the Public.

The Political Principles herein advanced may not be acceptable to all Parties. They were not originally written, nor are they now re-published, with a view of pleasing or of displeasing any Party; but from a conviction, that they are wholly consonant to that System of civil Government which it would be the Interest of Free-Men

every where to submit to; and intirely repugnant to that, which it is the Unhappiness of Slaves in many countries to endure.


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C Ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ S.

1. A Sermon preached at Cambridge, at

the Aflizes, before the Honourable Sir Richard Adams, Knt. March 9, 1769.

P: 5. II. A Sermon preached before the Gover

nors of Addenbrooke's Hospital, in

Cambridge, July 1, 1774. p. 29. III. 'The Principles of the Revolution vin

dicated; a Sermon preached before the University of Cambridge, May 29,

1776. p. 59. IV. A Sermon preached before the Univer

sity of Cambridge, on the Anniversary of his Majesty's Accession to the Throne,

October 25, 1776. p. 83. V. A Sermon preached before the Univer

sity of Cambridge, on the Day appointed for a General Fast, on Account of the American War, Feb. 4, 1780. p. 107

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