List of Periodical Engineering Literature: (published in the English Language,)

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Strona 14 - Warden of the Standards on the proceedings and business of the standard weights and measures department of the Board of Trade.
Strona 10 - MAGAZINE. Containing useful original matter on subjects connected with manufactures, the arts, and sciences, as well as selections from the most approved domestic and foreign journals. Conducted by Associated Mechanics. 2 vols., 8vo. New York, 1825. Continued under the title : [ft.] Franklin (The) Journal and American Mechanics
Strona 12 - London, 1801-04. 427. *ANNALS OF PHILOSOPHY ; or Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts. By Thomas Thomson. 16 vols., 8vo. London, 1813-'20. New series. [Edited by Richard Phillips.] 12 vols., 8vo. London, 1821-'26. United in 1827 with "the Philosophical Magazine and Journal.
Strona 61 - The Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, exhibiting a view of the progress of discovery in natural philosophy, chemistry, natural history, practical mechanics, geography, statistics, and the fine and useful arts.
Strona 69 - Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences. Being a record of the progress of invention as applied to the arts. New series. 26 vols, (i-xxvi), 8vo. London, 1855-'67 ['69 (?)] LONDON (TnK) JOURNAL OF BOTANT, [etc.] By "Wm. Jackson Hooker. See Botanical Miscellany. 2713. LONDON (THE) MECHANICS
Strona 15 - ARCHIVES OF USEFUL KNOWLEDGE. A work devoted to commerce, manufactures, rural and domestic economy, agriculture, and the useful arts.
Strona 79 - T. A treatise on the study of antiquities as the commentary to historical learning. . . . Appendix 1, on the elements of speech ; 2, on the orign of written language .... London, 1782.
Strona 24 - Journal of the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania. Devoted to the mechanic arts, manufactures, general science, and the recording of American and other patented inventions. Edited by Thomas P. Jones. New series. 26 vols, (i-xxvi), 8vo. Philadelphia, 1828-'40. Continued under the title : [O.] Journal of the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania and Mechanics
Strona 20 - ... tinctoriales ; en général à tous les produits colorants et matières textiles employés dans l'industrie et dans les arts. Par A. Félix Gouillon. [From 1872 by the same with PF Blondeau.] Troisième série. 4to. Paris, 1867-80+ 1321. COLTIVATORE (!L). —vols. Cásale, 1854-'82+ 1322. COLTON'S JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHY AND COLLATERAL SCIENCES.
Strona 46 - Royal Society of London. Abstracts of the Papers printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Bd. l — 1832; 2 — 1833; 3 — 1837. — Abstracts of the Papers communicated to the Royal Society.

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