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is received and daten in the estate of fingle life, or to abftain Supper, is Faich.

from marriage : therefore it is The Sacrament of the Lord's lawful for them, as for all other Supper was not by Christ's ore Chriftian men to marry at their dinance reserved, carried about, own discretion, as they thail · lifted up, or worshipped. judge tlie same to serve better to XXIX. Of the wicked, which do godliness. not eat ibe body of Christ in tbe XXXII. Of excommunicate Pera use of the Lord's Supper.

fons, bow they are to be avoided. HE wicked, and such as TH

THAT Person which is

open denunciation of the although they do carnally and Church, is rightly cut off from visibly press with their teeth (as the unity of the Church, and Saint Auguftine faith) the Sacra- excommunicated, ought to be ment of the body and blood of taken of the whole multitude of Chrift; yet in no wise are they the faithful, as an Heatben and partakers of Chritt : but rather, Publican, until he be openly to their condemnation, do eat reconciled by penance, and re: and drink the fign or Sacrament ceived into the Church by a of fo great a thing

judge that hath authority there. XXX. Of both kinds. The bec denied to the Lay "HE Cup of the Lord is not XXXIV. Of the Traditions of

the Cburcb. phobler for both the parts of I Tiinnot neceffary that Tradi

. the Lord's Sacrament, by Chrift's all places one, or utterly like; ordinance and commandment for at all times they have been ought to be ministered to all Chriftian men alike.

divers, and may be changed

according to the diversities of XXXI. Of the ené oblation of countries, times, and men's

Christ fixished apon the Cross. T made HÉ Offering of Christ once ordained against God's Word.

manners, fo that nothing be demption, Propitiation, and Sa- judgemont, willingly and pur. tisfa&tion for all the sins of the pofely doth openly break the whole world, both original and Traditions and Ceremonies of actual; and there is none other the Church, which be not re: satisfaction for sin, but that pugnant to the Word of God, alone. Wherefore the facrifice and be ordained and approved of Maffes, in the which it was by common authority, ought commonly faid, that the Priest to be rebuked openly (that did offer Christ for the quick other may fear to do the like and the dead, to have remiffion as he that offendeth against the of pain or guilt, were blasphea common order of the Church, mous fables, and dangerous de- and hurteth the authority of ceits,

the Magistrate, and woundeth XXXII. Of the Marriage of the confciences of the weak Priefts.

brethren. B" Thops, Priests, and Deacons,

Every particular or national not commanded by Church hath authority, God's Law, either to vow the dain, change, and abolik cez


to or


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27. Of Prayer.

remonies or rites of the Church, XXXVI. Of the Confecration of BS ordained only by man's autho Mops and. Minister's. rity, so that all things be done Book of Consecration of to edifying"

Archbishops and Bishops, * XXXV. Of the Homilies.

and Ordering of Priests and THE HE second book of Ho. Deaconș, lately set forth in the

milies, the several titles time of Edward the Sixth, and whereof we have joined under confirmed at the same time by this Article, doth contain a

authority of Parliament, doch godly and wholesome doctrine,

contain all things necessary to and neceffary for these times, such Consecration and Ordering: as doth the former book of neither hath it any thing that of Homilies, which were set forth itself is superstitious and ungod. in the time of Edrward the Sixth; ly. And therefore whosoever are and cherefore we judge them có consecrated or ordered according be read in Churches by the Mi- to the rites of that Book, fince pifters, diligently, and distinctly,

the second year of the fore. that they may be understanded named King Edward, unto this of the people.

time, or hereafter shall be con

secrated or ordered according to Of the Names of the Homilies. the same rites; we decree all I. ·0F the right Use of the such to be rightly, orderly, and Church.

lawfully confecrated and or2. Agains Peril of Idolatry. dered. 3. Of Repairing and keeping clean XXXVII. Of the Civil Magi4. of good works : F'irf, of Faf. Tithe chief power in this

Arales. ing: 5. Against Gluttony and Drunk- Realm of England, and other ennels.

his dominions, unto whom the 6. Against Excess of Apparel. chief government of all estates

of this Realm, whether they bę of the Place and Time of Ecclefiaftical or Civil

, in all Prayer.

causes doth appertain, and is 9. That Common Prayer and $a- not, nor ought to be subject to

craments ought to be minie any foreign Jurisdiction,
stered in a knoqon tongue.

Where we attribute to the 10. Of the reverend Efimation of King's Majesty the chief gor God's Word.

vernment, by which titles we di 11. Of Alms-doing.

understand the minds of fome 12. Of the Nativity of Christ. Nanderous folks to be offended : 13. Of tbe Poflion of Christ. we give not to our Princes the 14. Of the Resurrection of Christ, ministering either of God's 15. Of the worthy receiving of the Word, or of Sacraments, the

Sacrament of the Body and which thing the Injunctions al-
Blood of Chrif.

ro lately set forth by Elizabeth 16. Of the Gifts of the Holy Ghost. our Queen do molt plainly testi* 17. For ebe Rogation-days

fy: But that only prerogative 18. Of the state of Marrimony.

which we fee to have been given 19. Of Repentance.

always to all godly Princes in 20. Against Idleness.

holy Scriptures by God him. and then 21. Agains Rebellion,

self: that is, that they should


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rule all estates and degrees com- poffeffion of the fame, as cermitted to their charge by God, tain Anabaptists do faliy boast. whether they be Ecclefiaftical Notwithstanding, every or Temporal, and restrain with ought of such things as he porthe civil sword the stubborn and fetieth, liberally to give alms evil.doers.

to the poor, according to his The Bishop of Rome hath no ability. jurifdi&tion in, thuis realm of XXXIX. Of a Christian man's England.


S we confess that vain and Christian with

rash swearing is forbidden death, for heinous and grievous Christian men by our Lord offences.

Jesus Christ, and James his It is lawful for Christian men, Apostle ; so we judge that at the commandment of the Ma. Christian Religion doib gistrate, to wear weapons, and prohibit, but that a man may serve in the wars.

fwear when the Magistrate re. XXXVIII. Of Chriftian men's quireth, in a cause of faith and

Goods which are not common. charity; so it be done accordTELE

HE riches and goods of ing to the Prophet's teach

Christians are not common, ing, in Justice, Judgement, and as touching the right, title, and Truth.

The laws.riffithe Realm with AS


THE RATIFICATION. THIS Book of Articles before rehearsed, is again ap

proved, and allowed to holden and executed within this Realm, by the affent and consent of our Sovereign Lady ELIZABETH, by the. Grace of God, of England, France, and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c. Which Articles were deliberately read, and confirmed again by the subscription of the hands of the Archbishops and BiJhops of the upper house, and by the subscription of the whole Clergy of the nether house in their Convocation, in the Year of our Lord 1517.

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'H E usual Reason which Men asign for their not coming fo often to the Holy Sacra

ment as they would do, is their Fear of eating and drinking unworthily, and consequently, of incurring their own Damnation thereby. The Designi then of this hort Discourse is, to shew what that Sacramento Preparation is, which is absolutely necessary to qualify Men for a worthy Participation of the Lord's Supper, that so Men may

come without the least Fear of eating and drinking Damnation to themselves : For which Purpose, I conceive nd Rule, no Infruction more Safe, easy and instructive, than that of our Church Catechism, which I have endeavoured to explain, and to accommodate for the Use and Benefit of the meanest Capacity.

The conduding Part of this Discourse contains Prayers and Meditations preparative to a Sacramental Preparation ; and though they be few in Number, yet I hope they fully answer all those several Parts of a Communicant's Duty, accorcha ing to that Rule and Standard which our Church has fixed for our Guide and Companion to the holy Altar. By the Addition of those Psalms, and proper Lessons annexed to each particular Prayer and Meditation, the Communicant may enlarge his Devotions to what Degree or Length be pleaseth. By which Method you have as much Matter for actual Préparation in this little Book, as in any other Discourse of this Nature whatsoever.


Bible and Crown in Pater nofter Row.


IFTY-TWO Practical Discourses on various

Subjects, being a compleat Set, and designed for every Lord's Day throughout the Year. To which is added, A Form of Devotion for all Perfons who cannot attend the publick Service of the Church on the Lord's Day ; with some occasional Prayers. By ROBERT WARREN, D. D. Proper for all Families and private Persons. In three Vols. 8vo. The Fifth Edition. Price 15 s.

The History of Mademoiselle De St. PHALE, giving a full Account of the miraculous Conversion of a Noble French Lady and her Daughter to the Reformed Religion, with the Defeat of the Intrigues of a Jesuit, their Confefior. Price is. 6 d. N. B. The above is a proper Present to young

Ladies at Boarding-School, as it contains a full Expofition of the Intrigues practised by

the Jesuits in France. The London New Method and Art of Teaching Children to spell and read distinctly and perfectly; containing all the necessary Rules of Spelling, with Chapters to learn the Stops, Marks and Figures, Portions of Scripture, Fables with Cuts, several Hymns, and Rules for the Behaviour of Children. Price 6 d.

The Happiness and Pleasure of a Religious Life, set forth in two Discourses: Wherein, ist, The Importance of it is confidered, from the happy Conclusion of it, by J. Norris, M. A. 2d, The continual Pleasure arising from the Practice of it; with a devout Frayer suitable to the important Subject. By R. WARREN, D. D. Price 3 d. or 20 s. per Hundred. Where


be had all Sorts of Bibles, CommonPrayers, Teftaments, and Books of Devotion, Wholesale or Retail.

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