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he spirit of love and thankfulness our holy religion, wkich thou

to thee its only author; a {pi, haft ro wonderfully rescued, 'rit of peaceable submislion and and established, a blessing to us obedience to our gracious Sove- and our pofterity. And this we reign Lord King GEORGE; beg for Jesus Christ his fake. and a spirit of fervent zeal for Amen. A FORM of PRAYER with FASTING, to be used

yearly upon the Thirtieth day of January, being the day of the Martyrdom of the blefled King Charles I. to implore the mercy of God, that neither the guilt of that facred and innocent blood, nor those other fins, by which God was provoked to deliver up both us and our King into the hands of cruel and unreafonable men, may at any time hereafter be visited

upon us, or our pofterity. . If this Day shall happen to be Sunday, this form of Prayer fall be used and the Fast kept the next day following. And upon the Lord's day next before the Day to be kept, at Morning Prayer immediately after the Nícene Creed, notice pall be given for the due obfervation of the

said Day; TT be service of the Day shall be the same with the usual Office for Holydays in all things, except where it is in this Office oíberwise appointed.

The Order for MORNING PRAYER. 9 He that ministereth shall begin Thou art juft, O Lord, in all with one or more of these Sen- that is brought upon us :

for tbou

bast done right, but we bave done T mere randu Forgiveneties the Lord our God belong wickedly. Neh. 9. 33.

Nevertheless, our feet were all though we have rebelled againit most gone : our treadings had him : neither have we obeyed well-nigh Nipped. Pfal. 73. 2. the voice of the Lord our God, For wby? we were grieved at to walk in his laws which he the wicked: we did allo see the set before us. Dan. 9.9, 10. ungodly in such prosperity. ver, 3.

Correct us, O Lord, but with The people stood up, and the judgement : not in thine anger, rulers took counsel together : left thou bring us to nothing. against the Lord, and against his Jer. 10. 24.

Anointed. Psal. 2. 2. Enter not into judgement with They caft their heads togetber thy fervants, O Lord : for in with one consent : and were conthy light shall no man living be federate against bim. Pfal. 83. 5. justified. Pfal. 143. 2.

He heard the blasphemy of Inftead of Venite exultemus,n the multitude, and fear was on Ibé Hymn following, shall be said every side : while they conspired or jung : one verse by the Prieft, together against him, to take another by the Clerk and People. away his life. I fal. 31, 15. Righteous are thonjo Lord: They spake againt bim with

and just are thy judge: false tongues, and compafled kine ments ! Psal, 119. 137.

about with words of batred :



Wisd. 3.4.

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and fought againf bim' without a bonour; but be is in peace Wici

. caufe. Plal. 109. 2

5.4.& 3. 3. Yea, his own familiar friends, For though he was punished whom he trusted: they that eat in the fight of men : yet was of his bread, laid great wait for his hope full of immortality, him. Pfal.41.99

They rewarded bim evil for How is - be numbered wib de 10 Ecod: to the great discomfort of children of God : and bis lot is his soul. Pfal. 35: 12.

among the saints! Wird. 5.5 They took their counsel toge Bui, oʻLord God, to whom ther, saying, God hath forsaken vengeance belongeth, thout him': perfecute him, and take God, to whom vengeance belf him, for there is none to deliver longeth : be favourable and Sove him. Pfal. 75.9:

gracious 'unto Sion, Psal. 94. ! The breath of our nostrils, the & 51. 18. Anointed of the Lord; was taken Be merciful, O Lord, unto the men in their piis: of whom we said, people, whom thou haft redeemed here Under bis shadow we shall be and lay not innocent blood to our Jafe. Lam.4.20.

charge. Deut. 21. 8. The adversary and the ene. o shut not up our fouls with that my entered into the gates of finners : nor our lives with the

dows Jerusalem : saying, When Mall blood-thirity. Psal. 26.9. he die, and his name perith ? Celiver us from blund-guiline ver. 12. Pfal. 41. 5.

O God, thou ebat art tbe God's Let the sentence of guiltinefs our falvation : and our targa

this proceed againlt bim : and now that fall fing of thy rigbteoufrulha be lieth, olet bim rise up no more. Pfal. 51. 14.

For thou art the God that

lai Falle witnesses also did 'rise haft no pleasure in wickednes: up against him : they laid to neither thall any evil dwell with Mo his charge things that he knew thee. Pfal. 5.4. not. Pfal. 35.11.

Thou wilt deftroy them that is For the fins of the people, and speak leasing: tbe Lord ablom the iniquities of the priests : they both the blood-thirsty, and deceita fhed the blood of the just in tbe midf ful man. ver, 6. of Jerusalem. Lam. 4.13.

O how suddenly do they cono my soul, come not thou fume : perish, and come to a into their secret ;, unto their fearful end! Plal. 73. 18. afsembly, mine honour, be Yea, even like as å dream what not thou united : for in their one awaketb : so did it has made anger they New a mán; Gen. their image to "vaniss out of the

city. ver. 19. Even the man of thy right Great and marvellous are hånd; she Son of man whom tkou thy works, o Lord God Alhad made fo Atrong for thine own mighty : just and true are the felf. Pfal. 80. 17.

ways, o King of faints! Rer. In the light of the unwife - 15. 3. he seemed to die : and his de Righteous art thou, O Lord : parture was taken for misery, and just are thy judgements! Psalı Wisd. 3. 2.

119.137. They fools counted bis life mad Glory be to the Father, &c. nefs, and his end to be witbout

As it was in the beginning, &c.

* Proper

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ver. 8,

49. 6.


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that they were the craving and mercifully hear our praya

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Proper Leffons: memory, O Lord, be ever blefr. The firft. 2 Sam. 1.

ed among us; that we may The second. S. Matth.27: follow the example of his cou9 Instead of the First Coliet at rage and constancy, his meek

Morning Prayer, shall these two nels and patience, and great ubicb next folloru, be used. charity. And grant that this O

Most mighty God," terrible our land may be freed from

in thy, judgements, and the vengeance of his righteous wonderful in thy doings to- blood, and thy mercy glorified ward the children of men ; who in the forgiveness of our fins : in thy heavý displeasure didft and all for Jesus Christ his fake," suffer the life of our gracious our only Mediator and AdvoSovereign King Charles the First, cate. Amen. to be, as this day, taken away in the end of the Litany, which by the hands of cruel and bloody pall always on tbis day be used, men : We thy sinful creatures immediately after the collect here assembled before thee, do, [We humbly beseech thee, O in the behalf of all the people Father, &c.] the three Colleets of this land, humbly confefs, next following are to be read.

theo brought down this heavy judgement ers, and spare all those who upon us. But, gracious God, confess their fins unto thee; when thou makest inquisition that they whose consciences by for blood, lay not the gvilt of fin are accused, by thy merci this innocent blood, the thed- ful pardon may be absolved, ding whereof nothing but the through Christ our Lord. Amen. blood of thy Son can expiate, lay it not to the charge of the O Molt mighty God, and

merciful Father, who hast people of this land; nor let it compassion upun all men, and ever be required of us, or our hatest nothing that thou haft potterity. Be merciful, O Lord, made; who wouldest not the be merciful unto thy people, death of a sinner, but that he whom thou hast redeemed Mould rather turn from his fist and be not angry with us for and be saved; Mercifully for:

but pardon us for thy give us our trespasses ; receive mercies fake, through the me- and comfort us, who are grier. rits of thy Son Jesus Christ our ed and wearied with the burden Lord. Amen,

of our sins. Thy property is the death of thy saints is only it appertainech to forgive precious; We magnify thy name, fins. Spare us erefore, good for thiné abundant grace be- Lord, spare thy people, whom stowed upon our martyred So. thou haft redeemed, enter noe vereign : by which he was en- into judgement with thy ferva abled ro cheerfully to follow ants, who are vile earth, and the steps of his blessed Master miserable finners; but fo turn and Saviour, in a constant meek thine anger from us, who meeksuffering of all barbarous indig- ly acknowledge our vileness, nities, and at last resisting unto and truly repent us of our faults; blood; and even then, accord- and so make hafte to help us in ing to the same pattern, pray- this world, that we may ever. ing for his murderers. Let his live with thee in the world ti




come, through Jesus Christ our froward. For this is thanks Lord. Amen.

worthy, if a man for conscience Lord, and so thall we be fering, wrongfully. For what turned. Be favourable, O Lord, glory is it, it when ye be bufbe favourable to thy people, feted for your faults, ye hall Who turn to thee in weeping, take it patiently? but if when fasting, and praying: For thou ye do well, and suffer for it, ye art a merciful God,

full of com- take it patiently, this is accept. passion, long-suffering, and of able with God. For even here. great pity. Thou (parest when unto were ye called; because we deserve punishment, and in Christ also suffered for us, leavthy wrath thinkeft upon mercy, ing us an example, that ye Spare thy people,, good Lord, should follow his steps; who fpare them, and let not thine did no fin, neither was guile heritage be brought to confu- found in his mouth. hon, Hear us, O Lord, for The Gospel. S. Matth. 21. 33. thy mercy is great, And after the multitude of thy mercies holder which planted a look upon us, Through the vineyard, and hedged it round merits and mediation of thy about, and digged a wine-press bleffed Son Jesus Christ our in it, and built a tower, and Lord. Amen.

let it out to husbandmen, and In the Communion Service, af- went into a far country. And

for de (Almighty God, whose king- near, he sent his servants to the dom is everlasting, &c.] in- husbandmen, that they might A:ad of the Collect for the Day, receive the fruits of it. And fhall these two be used: the husbandmen took his serv. O most mighty God, &c. ants, and beat one, and killed Blefed Lord, &C.

another, and stoned another, : As in the Morning Prayers. Again he fent other servants,

Tbe Epifile. S. Pet. 2. 13. more than the first: and they Ubmit yourselves to every did unto them likewise.

theme Lord's fake: whether it be to the his son, saying, They will reve, king, as fupreme, or unto go rence my son. But when the vernors, as unto them that are husbandmen faw the son, they fent by him, for the punish- faid among themselves, 'This is ment of evil-doers, and for the the heir : come, let us kill him, i praise of them that do well, and let us feize on his inherita For so is the will of God, that ance, And they caught him, with well-doing ye may put to and cast him out of the vinefilence the ignorance of foolish yard, and new him. When the men': as free, and not using Lord therefore of the vineyard your liberty for a cloke of ma- cometh, what will he do unto liciousness, but as the servants those husbandmen? They fay of God. Honour all men ; Love unto him, He will miserably the brotherhood; Fear God; destroy those wicked men, and Honour the king. Servants bé will let out his vineyard unto subject to your masters with other husbandmen, which thall all fear, not only to the good render him the fruits in their and gentle, but also to the feasons,


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After the Nicene Creed, shall didit miraculously preserve the be read, instead of the Se mon undoubted heir of his crowns, for that day, the firs and second our then gracious Sovereign parts of the Homily against Dif- King Cbarles the Second, from obedience and wilful Rebellion, his bloody enemies, hiding him fet forth by authority ; or the under the madow of thy wings, Minister who officiates, fball until their tyranny was overpreach a Sermon of his own com- part; and didst bring him back

poling upon the fame argumenta in thy good appointed time, 1 In the offertory foall this sens to fit upon the throne of his tence be read:

and together with the Whatfuever ye would that Royal Family, didit restore to men should do unto you, even to us our ancient government in do unto them: for this is the law Church and State. For these and the prophets, S. Matth.7.12. thy great and unspeakable mer:

eies, we render to thee our most 9. After the Prayer [For the humble and unfeigned thanks;

whole ftate of Christ's Church, beseeching thee still to continue &c.] these two Colleets follows thy gracious protection over ing shall be used.

the whole Royal Family; and Lord, our heavenly Father, to grant to our gracious Sove

who didît not punifh us reign King GEORGE, a long as our fins have deserved, but and a happy reign over us. So hast in the midst of judgement we that are thy people, will remembered mercy, We ac- give thee thanks for ever, and knowledge it thine especial fa- will alway he sewing forth vour, that though for our many thy praise from generation to and great provocations, thou generation, through Jesus Christ didst suffer thine Anointed, our Lord and Saviour. Amen. blefred King Charles the First, as on this day, to fall into the A vecerant, o Lord, we behands of violent and blood- of this world may be so peace

feech thee, that the course thirsty men, and barbarously ably ordered by thy governance, to be murdered by them : yet that thy church may joyfully thou didst not leave us for ever serve thee in all godly quierners, as Theep, without a Thepherd; through Jesus Chrift our Lord. but by 'thy gracious providence Amen.

The Order for EVENING PRAYER. ITbe Hymn appointed to be ufed Inpead of the firĄ Çolleet at

Morning Prayer infead of Evening Prayer, fhall these two
Venite exultemus, fall bere which next follow be used.
also be used before the Proper O , ,

by thy wisdom not only Righteous art thou, O Lord, &c. guideft and ordereft all things 4- Proper Psalms. 79.94. 85. most suitably to thine own ju

& Proper Lefonso ifice; but also performest thy The Eirft. Jer. 12. or Dan. 9. pleasure in such a manner, that to ver. 22.

we cannot but *acknowledge The Second. Hebr. 13, ver. 32. thee to be righteous in all thy and 12. to ver. 7.

ways, and holy in all thy works':

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