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O praise thimin dhe heighien pralles dance himetwithe meabire

18 He sendeth out his word, of Israel, even the people that and melteth them : he bloweth serveth him. with his wind, and the waters PSAL. 149. Cantate Domino. flow. 19 He dheweth his word unto O Sing unto the Lord a new

song : let the congregation Jacob : his statutes and ordi- of faints praise him. nances unto Israel.

2. Let Israel rejoice in him 20 He hath not dealt so with that made him : and let the any nation : neither have the children of Sion be joyful in heathen knowledge of his laws. their king. PSAL. 148. Laudate Dominum. 3 Let them praise his Name

him in height. praises unto him with tabret 2 Praise him, all ye angels of and harp. his : praise him all his holt. 4 For the Lord hath pleasure

3. Praise him, fun and moon in his people : and helpeth the praise him, all ye stars and light. meek-hearted.

4 Praise him, all ye heavens : 5 Let the saints be joyful and ye waters that are above with glory : let them rejoice in the heavens.

their beds. 5. Let them praise the Name 6 Let the praises of God be of the Lord : for he spake the in their mouth : and a twoword, and they were made ; he edged sword in their hands; commanded, and they were 7 To be avenged of the heacreated.

then : and to rebuke the people; 6 He hath made them fast 8 To bind their kings in for ever and ever : he hath giv- chains : and their nobles with en them a law which shall not links of iron. be broken,

9. That they may be avenged 7 Praise the Lord upon earth : of them, as it is written : Such ye dragons, and all deeps; honour have all his faints.

8 Fire and hail, snow and PSAL. 150. Laudate Dominum. filling his

praise him in the firma9 Mountains and all hills ment of his power. fruitful trees and all cedars; 2 Praise him in his noble acts:

10 Beasts and all cattle : praise him according to his exworms and feathered fowls; cellent greatness. 11 Kings of the earth and all

3 Praise him in the found of people : princes and all judges the trumpet : praise him upon of the world;

the lute and harp. 12 Young men and maidens, 4 Praise him in the cymbals old men and children, praise and dances : praise him upon the Name of the Lord i for his the strings and pipe. Name only is excellent, and his 5 Praise him upon the wellpraise above heaven and earth, tuned cymbals : praise him up

13 He shall exalt the horn of on the loud cymbals. his people; all his Saints shall

6 Let every thing that hath praise him ; even the children, breath : praise the Lord. The End of the Psalms.

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I The Morning and Evening Service to be used daily at Sea, fall be

tbe same wbich is appointed in the Book of Common Prayer. I These two following Prayers are lift up the waves of the sea, and

to be also used in His Majesty's who stillett the rage thereof We Navy every day.

thy creatures, but miferablé finEternal Lord God, who ners, do in this our great distress O

alone spreadest out the cry unto thee for help: Save, heavens, and ruleft the raging Lord, or else we perish. 'We conof the sea;-who haft compas- fess, when we have been fafe, fed the waters with bounds, and feen all things quiet about until day and night come to an us, we have forgot thee our God, end; Bé pleased to receive into and refused to hearken to the still thy Almighty and most graci- voice of thy word, and to obey ous protection, the persons of thy commandments: But now us thy servants, and the Fleet we see how terrible thou art in all in which we serve. Preserve us thy works of wonder; the great from the dangers of the sea,. God to be feared above all : And and from the violence of the therefore we adore thy Divine enemy; that we may be a safe- Majesty, acknowledging thy guard unto our most gracious

So- power, and imploring thy goodvereign Lord King GEORGE, ness. Help, Lord, and save us, and his kingdoms, and a fecu- for thy, mercies sake in Jesus rity for such as pass on the seas Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen. upon their lawful occasions :

Or tbis, thand may in peace and quiet. Mord Elod, whand vegetached his ness serve thee our God: and heaven, but beholdest all things that we may return in safety to below, Look down we beseech enjoy the blessings of the land, thee, arıd hear us, calling out of with the fruits of our labours; the depth of mifery, and out of and with a thankful remem- the jaws of this death, which is brance of thy mercies, to praise ready now to swallow us up: and glorify thy holy Name, Save, Lord, or else we perith. The through Jesus Christ our Lord. living, the living shall praise thee. An.en.

O fend thy word of command 10 The Colleet,

rebuke the raging winds, and the our doings with thy most livered from this distress may gracious favour, and further us live to serve thee, and to glority with thy continual help; that thy Name all the days of our life. in all our works begun, conti- Hear, Lord, and save us, for the nued and ended in thee, we infinite merits of our blessed may glorify thy holy Name, and Saviour, thy Son our Lord Jesus finally by thy mercy, obtain Chrift. Amen. everlasting life, through Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen. The Prayer to be said before a Figbt

at Sea again any Enemy: I Prayers to be used in Storms at Sea.

Most powerful and glon. O

ous Lord God, the Lord Most powerful and glori- of hosts, that ruleft and ccm

ous Lord God, at whose mandest all things; Thou ft. command the winds blow and test in the throne judging right


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and therefore we make our ad Short pragers in respect of a dress to thy divine Majesty in

Storm. this our necessity, thou

O Lord, that stillest thine own hand, and judge be- hear us, and save us, that we tween ns, and our enemies. Stir perish not. up thy strength, O Lord, and

O blessed Saviour, that didst come and help us; for thou save thy disciples ready to perish giveft not alway the battle to in a storm, hear us, and save us, the strong, but canst save by we beseech thee. many or by few. O let not our

Lord, have mercy upon us, fins now cry against us for ven Chrift, have mercy upon us. geance; but hear us thy poor Lord, have mercy upon us, fervants begging mercy, and O Lord, hear us. imploring, thy help, and that O Christ, hear us. thou wouldett be a defence un

God the Father, God the Son, to us against the face of the God the Holy Gholt, have mercy enemy. Make it appear that upon us, save us now and everthou art our Saviour and migh- more. Amen. the Deliverceria. the means that Jesus O Fatherai which part in Sbort Prayers for fingle Perfons, Name; Thy kingdom come;

that cannot meet to join in Prayer Thy will be done in earth, as it with others, by reason of tbe is in heaven): Give us this day Fight, or Storm. General Prayers.

our daily bread; and forgive Lo ORD, be merciful to us them that 'trespass against us;

us our trespasses, as we forgive finners, and save us, for thy and lead us not into temptamercies fake. Thou art the great God, that for thine is the kingdom, and

tion, But deliver us from evil; hast made, and ruleft all things,: the power, and the glory, for O deliver us for thy Name's

ever and ever. Amen. fake.

Thou art the great God, to 1 Wken there fhall be imminent be feared above all : O fave us, danger, as many that we may praise thee.

spared' from necessary, service Special Prayers with respect to the

in the Jřip, shall be called togeEnemy.

ther, and make an bumble conΤΗ *HOU, O Lord, art just and

fellion of their fins to God: In powerful : o defend our

which every one ought seriously cause against the face of the

to reflekt upon those particular

fins of which bis conscience enemy: o God thou art a strong

Jall accuse bim; Jaying as

followeth. tower of defence to all that fee unto thee : O save us from the

The Confeffion. violence of the enemy:

O Lord of hoits, fight for us; our Lord Jesus Christ, that we may glorify thee. Maker of all things, Judge of

O fuffer us not to sink under all men; we acknowledge and the weight of our fins, or the bewail our manifold fins and violence of the enemy.

wickedness, Which we from O Lord, arise, help us, and time to time moft grievously deliver us for thy Name's fake. have committed, By thought,



can be

word, and deed, against thy Colleets of Thanksgiving.. Divine Majesty, provoking most

. O Lord God, who art of injuftly thy wrath and indignation against us. We do earnest- finite goodness and mercy; We ly repent, and are heartily sorry thy poor creatures, whom thou for these our misdoings: The haft made and preserved, holdremembrance of them is griev- ing our souls in life, and now ous unto us, The burden of rescuing us out of the jaws of them is intolerable, Have mer- death, humbly present ourselves cy upon us, Have mercy upon again before thy divine Maje. us, most merciful Father; For fty, to offer a sacrifice of praise thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ's and thanksgiving, for that thou fake, forgive us all that is paft; heardeft us when we called in And grant that we may ever our trouble, and didst not cast hereafter serve and please thee out our prayer, which we made in newness of life, to the ho. before thee in our great di-. nour. and glory of thy Name, stress, even when we gave all, Through Jesus Christ our Lord. for lost, our ship, our goods, Amen.

our lives, then didst thou mer

cifully look upon us, and won? Then all the Priest, if there derfully command a delivere

be any in the Ship, pronounce ance; for which we, now beibis Abfolution.

ing in safety, do give all praise Lmighty God, out heaven. throughi Jesus Christ our Lord. AH

and glory to thy holy Name, ly Father, who of his great Amen. mercy hath promised forgive

Or this. nefs of fins to all them which with hearty repentance and true O

Most mighty and gracious faith turn unto him: Have mer-"

good God, thy mercy is cy upon you, pardon and deli- over all thy works, but in fpever you from all your fins, con

cial manner hath been extendfirm and strengthen you in all ed towards us, whom thou haft goodness, and bring you to evera

so powerfully and wonderfully lasting life, through Jesus Chriit defended. Thou haft fhewed us our Lord. Amen.

terrible things, and wonders in

the deep, that we might see Thanksgiving after a Storm.

how powerful and gracious a

God thou art; how able and Jubilate Deo. PSAL. 66. ready to help them that trust

Be joyful in God, all ye in thee. Thou haft shewed us lands : sing praises unto

how both winds and seas obey the honour of his Name, make thy command; that we may his praise to be glorious, & c.

learn even from them hereafter Glory be to the Father, &C. to obey thy voice, and to do As it was in the beginning, &c. thy, will, We therefore bless

and glorify thy Name for, this Confitemini Domino. PSAL, 107. thy mercy in saving us, when

Give thanks O

unto the we were ready to perith. And Lord, for he is gracious : we beseech thee, make us as and his mercy endureth for truly sensible now of thy mercy,

as we were then of the danger; Glory be to the Father, &c. and give us hearts always rea. As it was in the beginning, &c. dy to express our thankfulness,

ever, &c.



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not only by words, but also by thy servants : but didft hear our our lives, in being more obe- cry, and haft saved us. dient to thy holy command Thou didst send forth thy

Continue, we beseech commandment : and the windy thee, this thy goodness to us; storm ceafed, and was turned that we, whom thou hast faved, into a calm. may serve thee in holiness and Olet us therefore praise the righteousness all the days of our Lord for his goodness : and delife, through Jesus Christ our Lord clare the wonders that he hath and Saviour. Amen.

done, and still doeth for the An Hymn of Praise and Thankf- children of men!

giving after a dangerous Tem Praised be the Lord daily : pef.

even the Lord that helpeth us, Come, let us give thanks and poureth his benefits upon

unto the Lord, for he is gracious : and his mercy en He is our God, even the God dureth for ever.

of whom cometh salvation : Great is the Lord, and greatly God is the Lord, by whom we to be praised; let the redeemed have escaped death. of the Lord say so : whom he Thou, Lord, hast made us hath delivered from the merciless glad through the operation of rage of the sea.

thy hands : and we will triumph The Lord is gracious and full in thy praise. of compassion : now to anger,

Blefied be the Lord God: even and of great mercy.

the Lord God, who only doeth He hath not dealt with us wondrous things; according to our sins : neither And blessed be the Name of his rewarded us according to our Majesty for ever : and let every iniquities;

one of us say, Amen, Amen. But as the heaven is high a Glory be to the Father, &c. bove the earth : so great hath As it was in the beginning, &c. been his mercy towards us.

2 Cor. 13. 14. We found trouble and heavi. 'HE grace of our Lord Jeness : we were even at death's door,

God, and the fellowship of the The waters of the sea had Holy Ghost, be with us all everwell-nigh covered us : the proud more. Amen. waters had well-nigh gone over

After Victory or DeliverThe sea roared : and the stor ance from an Enemy. my wind lifted up the waves 1 A Pfalm or Hymn of Praise and thereof;

Thanksgiving after Victory. were carried up as it

F the Lord had not been on

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our soul,

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again into the deep : our soul if the Lord himself had not melted within us because of been on our side, when men trouble;

rose up against us; Then cried we unto thee, o They had swallowed us up Lord : and thou didst deliver us quick : when they were so out of our distress.

wrathfully displeased at us. Blessed be thy Name, who Yea, the waters had drowndidst not despise the prayer of ed us, and the stream had gone

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