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The other Branch of a Communicant's Duty is, to 66 examine whether he *** hath a lively Faith in God's

A lively Faith

in God's Mercy. Mercy through Christ.” Examine yourselves whether ye be in the Faith, 2 Cor. xii. 5. this Sacrament of the Lord'o. Supper being only appointed for such Believers is own their Baptism, and profess the Faith of Christ crucified, and understand the fundamental Articles of the Chiiftian Religion, confastained in the Apostles Creed, and also the End and Design of this holy Institution. The che Benefits of our Saviour's Death and Passion in

this Sacrament are indeed freely offered unto event all, but only effectually to Believers. As many Durias received him, to them gave he power to etcome the Sons of God, even to them that believe ist in his Name, John i. 12. And this is Life is c eternal, that they might know thee, the only true

God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hafi fent, - John xvii. 3. All that Christ hath done and

suffered for us Men and our Salvation, can

never profit us, unless we have Faith to believe bait : That which must render the Benefits and us in Blessings of the Gospel effectual to our Salvalindstion is our Faith in Chrift. Verily I say unto

you, faith our Saviour, he that heareth my Words, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting Life, and Mall not come into Condemnation, but is passed from Death unto Life, John V. 24. The ancient Churches accounted those only Faithful that had received the Lord's Supper; and the Germans allowed none to come


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unto their Sacrifices who had lost their Shields; nor does our own Church allow that any of us Thould come to this Christian Sacrifice without the Shield of Faith. “ Draw near with Faith, “ says the Priest, and take this holy Sacra« ment to your Comfort.” And this Faith hath God's Mercy, through Christ, for its Object, as the Fountain and Foundation of all those infinite Blessings and Comforts which we gain by his Manifestation in the Flesh; and if

fc we enquire into the Cause and Reason of so

b much Mercy and Goodness to Mankind, no

b other can be given, but the Riches of his Mercy

, Eph. ii. 4. And if we further enquire how this Mercy became ours, the Anfwer is plain, it was through Christ, by whom all the Blessings of this Life, and those of a better, are purchased for us, and must be obtained through the Merits and Interceflion of the Holy Jesus: By him we were

de redeemed, and according to the Riches of his Grace we have obtained Remifsion of our Sins, and through him at last we shall be glorified.

PA And to this our Faith we must join

16 thankful Remembrance of his A thankful " Death, and of those Benefits Remembrance

16 which we receive thereby." of bis Death,

" Our gracious and merciful Lord, faith holy David, hath so done his marvel lous Works, that they ought to be had in Remembrance, Psal. cxi. 4. But especially this Work of our Redemption by Jesus Christ, which to forget were an Ingratitude baser and vilers than ever Heathens, or Publicans, the very &


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offered upon

worst of People among the Jews, were known to be guilty of towards their Benefactors. Matt. V. 46. Herein is Love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the Propitiation for our Sins, 1 John iv. 10. This is a Mercy far above all other Mercies; nay, it is even this which sweetens all other Mercies to us.

Had there been no Redemption, our Creation had only made us capable of endless Torments, and it had been better for us never to have been born, than to be born to inevitable Ruin ; which must have been our Lot and Portion, had not " the Son “ of God, by his own Oblation of himself,

the Cross, made a full, “ perfect, and sufficient Sacrifice and Satir.

faction to God for the Sins of the whole « World.” The Consequences of this Redemption are so infinitely great and valuable, that it as much surpasses our Understanding as it does our Merits. We are to declare and publish to all the World, what God hath done to save Mankind from that Damnation which they had deserved, and to restore us again to that Happiness and Glory which we could never expect or hope to enjoy, had not Chrift died for us. O come hither and hearken, all ye that fear God, and I will tell you what he hath done for my Soul, Pfal. Ixvi. 16. Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and all that is within me, praise his holy Name : Praise the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all his Benefits; who forgiveth all thy Sins, and healeth all thy Infirmi





our Master

and nit,


ties; who faveth thy Life from Destruction, and for crowneth thee with Mercy and Loving-kindness

, ar Psalm ciii. 1, 2, 3, 4. With what Joy and Thankfulness then should every good Chriftian lea commemorate this exceeding Love of God, in the Salvation of Sinners by Jesus Christ? This was the proper End and Design of this Institution, to perpetuate this wonderful Love of Christ in laying down his Life for us. D:

] this in Remembrance of me, faith LoOur Obligations our Saviour a little before his 10 a frequent Communion,

Crucifixion ; which being a fo

lemn Command of "6 " and only Saviour thus dying for us,” we and cannot refuse Obedience hereunto, without being guilty of the most horrible Ingratitude Low and Contempt of his divine Authority. He hath appointed it for a solemn Commemora. fed tion of his great Love to us, in laying down his Life for us Men, and for our Salvation; and therefore he commands us to do it in Re-Lor membrance of him : And St. Paul tells us, that as often as we eat this Bread, and drink this Cup, we do shew forth the Lord's Death till be Go

As for those Men then amongst us who profess themselves Chriftians, and hope for its Salvation by Jesus Christ, not to pay Obec dience to this his Command, is a downright24. Affront to his facred Majesty ; and he may if justly upbraid us Christians, as he did once the Jews, Why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the the Things which I fay? How unworthy are we of that Salvation which he hath wrought Brut





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which he


caun Coutfied Saviour, yet surely the Consideration of se Auto to the dying Words of our cruci<d, and i to set his Heart right towards amongte proceed farther, and enquire how is a cow 24. to offer up any Gift or Oblation unto God, hedder Malice, Hatred, or Revenge. If Injuries ex

for us, if we deny him so small a Favour, such a reasonable Request, as to commemorate his

Death and bitter Passion once a Month, or at least thrice a Year, “ who did humble himself

even to the Death of the Cross, for us miser“ able Sinners, who lay in Darkness, and in « the Shadow of Death, that he might make us

" the Children of God, and exalt us to everhis LR lasting Life ?”. In this Sacrament of the

Lord's Supper we have the Pardon and Rea mission of all our Sins, the Grace

and Affistance of God's holy Spi- Mens own In23 of 4 erit, and the Hopes of eternal Life teref fould

oblige them to drier kreand Happiness, freely offered un a confiant Com

to us : And therefore had we no munion, behomioli: Love, no Regard or Reverence cause of is

great Benefits. in lezour own present and future Advantage might

prevail with us to be more frequent at the Lord's Table than we usually are.

Hitherto a Communicant hath been directed God; but this is not all, he must And to be in

Charity wib

all Mem. it stands towards his Neighbour, fince we are exprefly forbidden, Matt. v. 23, our Hearts are leavened with

of thou bring thy Gift unto the Altar, poated from a

Cuinixuricant. and there rememberest that thy Brother hath ought against thee, leave there tky


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