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“ It is certain by God's Word, that Children which are hapti“zed, dying before they commit a&tual fin, are undoubtedly “ saved.'

“ To take away all fcruple concerning the use of the sign of " the Cross in Baptism; the true Explication thereof, and the

just reasons for the retaining of it, may be seen in the xxxth “ Capon, first published in the Year MDCIV."

The MINISTRATION of. Private BAPTISM of Children in Houses. ITAE Curates of every Parish shall often admonish the People, i bar they

defer not the Baptism of their Children lenger than the firffor jecord Sunday next after their Birih, or other Hely-day falling betu:een, unless upon a great and reasonable cauje, to be apiroved of ibe Curate. And also they fall warn them, that without like great cause and neceffiry i bey procure not ibeir cbildren to be baptized as bome in their beuses. But when need

shall compel them foto da, iben Baptism fball be administered on this fashion ; Firf bet the Minifier of the Parish, (or in his absence, any other lawful Minifter that can be procured) wiib them tbot are present, call upon God, and say the Lord's Prayr, and so many of the Colleets appointed to be said before in the Form of Publiek Baptism, as the time and present exigence will fuffer. And tben the Child being named by some one ihat

is present, the Minister shall pour Waler upon it, saying these words, N. Nabaptizen thee in the 1 And let them met doubt

, but that of the Son, and of the Holy and fufficiently baprized, and Ghost. Amen.

ougbt not to be baptized again. 1 Tben all kneeling down, the Mi

Yet neverthelejs, if the Child,

wbich is after this fort baptiznifter shall give ibanks unto God,

ed, do afterward live, it is expe

dient, that it be brought into the W TE yield thee hearty thanks, Church, to the intent that if the

Minister of the same Parish did it hath pleased thee to regene bimjeif baprize' tbat Cbiid, the rate this Infant with thy Holy Congregation mæy be certified of Spirit: to receive bim for thine the true form of Baptism, by own Cbild hy adoption, and to bim privately before ufed. In incorporate bim into thy holy which cafe be fall say ibus, Church. And we humbly befeech thee to grant, that as be I created five and prescribed under is now made partaker of the death of thy Son, so he may be of the Church, at such a time, and also of his resurrection : and at such a place,' before divers that finally, with the residue of witnesses I baptized this Child. thy Saints be may inherit thine everlasting kingdom, through ? But if the Child were baptized the same thy Son Jesus Chrift by any other lawful Minitir; cur Lord, Amen,

iben ibe Minifter of the Parish


and juy,

wybere the Child' was born or But when Jefus few it, he was christened, pall examine and much displeased, and said unto try wbether the Child be law- them, Suffer the little children fülly baptized, or no: In which to come unto me, and forbid cafe, if those that bring any them not: for of such is the Child to tbe Church, do answer kingdom of God. Verily I say that tbe fame Child is already unto you, Whosoever shall not baptized, then shall ibe Minister receive the kingdom of God as examine ibem furtber, saying,

a little child, he Thall not enter Biwhom was this Child Bap- themes armes pollet har them up

Who was present when this them, and blessed them. Child was baptized ?

After tbe Gospel is read, the Because some things effential Minister fallmake this brief to this Sacrament may happen Exbortation upon the words of to be omitted through fear or

the Gospel halte, in fuch times of nexture Beloved ye hear in this Gof

further of you,

our Christ, that he commanded With what matter was this the children to be brought unChild baptized?

to him; how he blamed those With what words was this that would have kept them from Child baptized ?

him ; how he exhorted all men And if the Minister shall find to follow their innocency. Ye by the answers of such as bring perceive how by his outward the Child, tbat all things were gefture and deed he declared done as they ought to be; then his good-will toward them; for fall not be Christen the Child he embraced them in his arms, again, but fall receive bim as he laid his hands upon them,

one of the flock of true Chriftian and blessed them. Doubt ye not people, saying thus :

therefore, but earnestly believe, I

all is well done, and accord- bly received tbis present Infant; ing unto due order, concerning that he hath embraced bim with the baptizing of this Child; the arms of his mercy; and (as who being born in original fin, he hath promised in his holy and in the wrath of God, is now Word) will give unto him the by the laver of regeneration in blessing of eternal life, and make Baptism, received into the num- bim partaker of his everlasting ber of the children of God, and kingdom. Wherefore we being heirs of everlasting life:' for our thus persuaded of the good will Lord Jesus Chrift doth not deny of our heavenly Father, declared his grace and mercy unto fuch by his Son Jesus Christ towards Infants, but most lovingly doth this Infant, let us faithfully and call them unto him, as the holy devoutly give thanks unto him, Gospel doth witness to our com- and say the Prayer which the fort on this wise:

Lord himself taught us :

UR Father which art In They think that he Thould Name; Thy kingdom come

Hey brought young children Oy touch them: and his disciples re- Thy will be done in earth, as it buked those that brought them, is in heaven; Give us this day

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our daily bread; and forgive us Father Almighty; and from our trespafløs, as we forgive thence shall come again at the them that trespass against us; end of the world to judge the and lead us not iuto temptation, quick and the dead? But deliver us from evil. Amen. And doft thou believe in the

God, heavenly Father, we lick Church the Communion give thee humble thanks, that of Saints; thé Remiffion of sins; thou hast vouchfased to call us the Resurrection of the flesh; to the knowledge of thy grace and everlasting Life after death? and faith in thee; Increase this Anfw. All this I stedfa'ly beknowledge, and confirm this lieve. faith in us evermore : Give thy

Minister. be being born again, and be keep God's holy will and ing made an beir of everlast- commandments, and walk in ing salvation, through our Lord the same all the days of thy life? Jesus Christ, may continue thy

Answ. I will. ferrant, and attain thy promise, q Then shall the Priest say, through the same our Lord Jesus E receive this Child inreigneth with thee and the Holy Christ's Aock; and Spirit, now and for ever. Amen. do *sign bim with Prich fall make

Then mall the Prioj demand the sign of the Child's forebead. tbe Name of the Child, wbich Cross; in token that hereafter being by the Godfathers and be shall not be ashamed to conGodmotbers pronounced, the Mi- fess the faith of Christ crucified, nifter fall say,

and manfully to fight under his Post thou in the Name of banner against sin, the world, vil and all his works, the vain Chrift's faithful foldier and serpomp and glory of the world, vant unto his life's end. Amen.. with all covetous desires of the 1 Tben fall the Priest fay,

Eeing the flesh; so that thou wilt not brethren, that ibis Child is by follow nor be led by them? Baptism regenerate and graftAnswer. I renounce them all. ed into the Body of Christ's Minifer.

Church, let us give thanks unOST thou believe in God

to Almighty God for these beker of heaven and earth? make our prayers unto him,

And in Jesus Christ his only that he may lead the rest of bis begotten. Son our Lord? And life according to this beginning. that he was conceived by the 4 Tben hall tbe Prief sag, Holy Ghost; born of the Virgin TE yield thec noít hearty Mary; that he suffered under


thanks, most mercifui FaPontius Pilate, was crucified, ther, that it hath pleased thee dead, and buried; that he weni to regenerate Ibis Infunt with down into hell, and also did rise thy Holy Spirit, to receive bim again the third day; that he af- for thine own Child by adopcended into heaven, and fitteth tion, and to incorporate him in. on the right hand of God the Ho thy holy Church, And hum


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bly we beseech thee to grant, which a Chrifinn ought to that be being dead unto sin, and know and believe to luis soul's living unto righteousness, and health; and that this Child may being buried with Christ in his be virtuously brought up to lead death, may crucify the old man, a godly and a Christian life; and utterly abolinh the whole remembering always that Bapbody of on; and that as be is tisin doth represent unto us our made partaker of the death of profession, which is to follow thy Son, be may also be porta- the example of our Saviour ker of his resurrection; so that Christ, and be made like unto finally with the residue of thy him; that as he died, and rose holy Church, be may be an in- again for us ; fo thould we, who beritor of thine everlasting king- are baptized, die trom fin, and dom, through Jesus Christ our rise again unto righteousness, Lord. Amen.

continually motifying all our Then all Randing up, the Mi: evil and corrupt atfections, and nifter shall make this Exhorta- daily proceeding in all virtue tion to tbe Godfathers and Gede and godliness of living. moibers;

9 But if they which bring tbe InFO Orasmuch as this Cbild hath fant to the Church do make sucb

promised by you bis fure uncertain answers to the Priest's ties, to renounce the devil and

questions, as that it cannas apall his works, to believe in God, pear tbai the Child was baptizand to serve him; ye must re ed with Warer, In the Name of member that it is your parts tbe Farber, and of Ibe Son, and and duties to see that this in of tbe Holy Gboft (which are fazt be taught, fo foon as be effential parts of Baptism;) then mall be able to learn, what a let ibe Priest baptize it in the folemn vow, promise, and pro Form before appointed for Pubs feffion be hath here made by lick Baptijm of Infants; Saving, you. And that be may know that at i be dipping of ibe Child these things the better, ye thall in ibe Font, be shall use this call upon bim to hear Sermons, Form of words: and chiefly ye hall provide thou art not already baptizthat be may learn the Creed, ed, N. I baptize thee, In the the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Name of the Father, and of the Commandmenis in the vulgar Son, and of the Holy Ghoft. tongue, and all other things Amen.

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The MINISTRATION of BAPTISM to such as are of riper years, and

able to answer for themselves. 9 When any such Perfons as are of Riper Years are to be baptized, timely

notice mall be given to the Bishop, or wbom be fhall appoint for that purpoje, a Week before ai tbe leaft, by the Parents, or some ot ber discreet Persons ; that so due care may be taken

for their Examination, whether tb-y be sufficiently instructed in the Principles of the Christian Religion; and ebar ibey may be exhorted to prepare themselves

witb Prayers and Fafting for tbe receiving of this holy Sacrament,


1 And

Anlif they mall be found fit, then the Godfutbers and Godmothers, (the People being allembled upon the Sunday or Holy day appointed, I jhall be ready to prefert them at the Font immediately after tbe se cond Lefon, either'at Morning or Evening Prayer, as the Curate in bis difcretion shall rbink fit.

And fanding there, the Priest, fall as whether any of the Perfons bere presented be baprized or : If óbey fall answer No; iben Mallibe Priest say thus :

as all men are conceived from thy wrath, may be receiy. and born in sin, (and that which ed into the ark of Christ's is born of the fier is fier, and Church ; and being stedfast in they that are in the Aeth can. faith, joyful through hope, and not please God, but live in fin, rooted in charity, may so pass committing many actual trans- the waves of this troublesome gressions ;) and that our Saviour world, that finally they may Chrift faith, None can enter in- come to the land of everlafting to the kingdom of God, except life; there to reign with thee he be regenerate and born anew world without end, through Je. of water and of the Holy Ghost: sus Christ our Lord. Amen.' i beseech you to call upon God Alimhe aid of all that need, the the Father, through our Lord Jesus Christ, that of his boun. helper of all that flee to thee for teous goodness he will grant to succour, the life of them that bethese persons that which by nature lieve, and the resurrection of the they cannot have ; that they may dead; We call upon thee for be baptized with water, and the these persons, that they coming to Holy Ghost, and received into thy holy Baptism, may receive Chrift's holy Church, and be remission of their fins by- {pirimade lively members of the fame. tual regeneration. Receive them,

O Lord, as thou hast promised 1 Tben foall the Priest say, by thy well-beloved Son, say.

ing, Alk, and ye mall receive; (9 And bere all the Congregation feek, and ye shall find; knock, shall kneel.)

and it mall be opened unto you: Almighty and everlasting so give now unto us that afk;

God, who of thy great let us that seek, find; open the mercy didft fave Noah and his gate unto us that knock; that family in the ark from perish. ibele persons may enjoy the evering by water"; and also didst lasting benediction of thy heasately lead the children of Israel venly washing, and may come thy people ough the Red sea, to the eternal kingdom which figuring thereby thy Holy Bap- thou hast promised by Chrift tism; and by the Baptism of our Lord. Amen. thy well beloved Son Jesus I Then all the people, fand up, Christ in the river Jordan, didit and the Priejt shall say, fanctify the element of water Hear the words of the Gospel to the mystical washing away written by Saint Jobr, in the of fin; We beseech thee for third Chapter, beginning at thine infinite mercies, that thou the first Verse: wilt mercifully look upon tbefe 'HERE was a man of the


Pharisees, named Nicode. fanctity them with the Holy mus, a ruler of the Jews: The


Let us pray

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