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A bane so much the deadlier fills it now,
As calumny is worse than death, for here
The Gadfly's venom, fifty times distilled,
Is mingled with the vomit of the Leech,
In due proportion, and black ratsbane, which
That very Rat, who, like the Pontic tyrant,
Nurtures himself on poison, dare not touch ; –
All is sealed up with the broad seal of Fraud,
Who is the Devil's Lord High Chancellor,
And over it the primate of all Hell
Murmured this pious baptism:-“Be thou called
The GREEN BAG ; and this power and grace be thine:
That thy contents, on whomsoever poured,
Turn innocence to guilt, and gentlest looks
To savage, foul, and fierce deformity.
Let all, baptised by thy infernal dew,
Be called adulterer, drunkard, liar, wretch 1
No name left out which orthodoxy loves,
Court Journal or legitimate Review —
Be they called tyrant, beast, fool, glutton, lover
Of other wives and husbands than their own—
The heaviest sin on this side of the Alps
Wither they to a ghastly caricature
Of what was human —let not man nor beast
Behold their face with unaverted eyes :
Or hear their names with ears that tingle not
With blood of indignation, rage, and shame !”
This is a perilous liquor;-good my Lords.
[Swellroot approaches to touch the GREEN PAG.

Beware for God's sake, beware 1–if you should


Now, with a little common sense, my Lords,
Only undoing all that has been done,
(..." so as it may seem we but confirm it,)

ur victory is assured. We must entice
Her Majesty from the sty, and make the pigs
Believe that the contents of the GREEN BAG
Are the true test of guilt or innocence.
And that, if she be guilty, 'twill transform her
To manifest deformity like guilt.
If innocent, she will become transfigured
Into an angel, such as they say she is ;
And they will see her flying through the air,
So bright that she will dim the noon-day sun ;
Showering down blessings in the shape of comfits.
This, trust a priest, is just the sort of thing
Swine will believe. I’ll wager you will see them
Climbing upon the thatch of their low sties;
With pieces of smoked glass, to watch her sail
Among the clouds, and some will hold the flaps
Of one another's ears between their teeth,
To catch the coming hail of comfits in.
You, Purganax, who have the gift o' the gab,
Make them a solemn speech to this effect:
I go to put in readiness the feast
Kept to the honour of our goddess Famine,
Where, for more glory, let the ceremony
Take place of the uglification of the Queen.

DARRY (to Swellfoot).
I, as the keeper of your sacred conscience,

The seal, and touch the fatal liquor— [break Humbly remind your Majesty that the care
Of your high office, as man-milliner
PURGANAx. There! To red Bellona, should not be deferred.
Give it to me. I have been use to handle PURGANAx.
All sorts of poisons. His dread majesty All part, in happier plight to meet again.
Only desires to see the colour of it. [Eretent.
SCENE I. And such home manufactures, is but partial;
The Public Sty. And, that the population of the pigs,
- Instead of hog-wash, has been fed on straw
The Boars in full Assembly. And water, is a fact which is—you know—
Enter PURGANAx. That is—it is a state necessity—
PURGANAx. Temporary, of course. Those impious pigs,

Grant me your patience, Gentlemen and Boars,
Ye, by whose patience under public burthens
The glorious constitution of these sties
Subsists, and shall subsist. The lean pig-rates
Grow with the growing populace of swine,
The taxes, that true source of piggishness,
so can I find a more appropriate term
o include religion, morals, peace, and plenty,
And all that fit Boeotia as a nation
To teach the other nations how to live
Increase with piggishness itself; and still
Does the revenue, that great spring of all
The patronage, and pensions, and by-payments,
Which free-born pigs regard with jealous eyes,
Diminish, till at length, by glorious steps,
All the land's produce will be merged in taxes,
And the revenue will amount to—nothing :
The failure of a foreign market for
Sausages, bristles, and blood-puddings,

Who, by frequent squeaks, have dared impugn
The settled Swellfoot system, or to make
Irreverent mockery of the genuflexions
Inculcated by the arch-priest, have been whipt
Into a loyal and an orthodox whine.
Things being in this happy state, the Queen

A loud cry from the Pigs.

She is innocent 1 most innocent

PURGANAX. That is the verything that I was saying, Gentlemen Swine; the Queen Iona being Most innocent, no doubt, returns to Thebes, And the lean sows and boars collect about her, Wishing to make her think that we believe § mean those more substantial pigs, who swill ich hog-wash, while the others mouth damp straw,)

[blocks in formation]

PURGANAX. Why, it is hinted, that a certain bull— Thus much is known :-the milk-white bulls that feed Beside Clitumnus and the crystal lakes Of the Cisalpine mountains, in fresh dews Of lotus-grass and blossoming asphodel, Sleeking their silken hair, and with sweet breath Loading the morning winds until they faint With living fragrance, are so beautiful — Well, I say nothing –but Europa rode On such a one from Asia into Crete, And the enamoured sea grew calm beneath His gliding beauty. And Pasiphae, Iona's grandmother, but she is innocent And that both you and I, and all assert.

FIRST BOAR. Most innocent 1

PURGANAx. Behold this BAG ; a bag—

SECOND BOAR. Oh! no GREEN BAGs Jealousy's eyes are green, Scorpions are green, and water-snakes, and efts, And verdigris, and—

Honourable swine,

In piggish souls can prepossessions reign :
Allow me to remind you, grass is green—
All flesh is grass;–no bacon but is flesh—
Ye are but bacon. This divining BAG
s". is not green, but only bacon colour)
s filled with liquor, which if sprinkled o'er
A woman guilty of we all know what—
Makes her so hideous, till she finds one blind,
She never can commit the like again.
If innocent, she will turn into an angel,
And rain down blessings in the shape of comfits
As she flies up to heaven. Now, my proposal
Is to converther sacred Majesty

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PURGANAX. [His heart is seen to beat through his waistcoat. Gods ! What would ye be at :

semichorus i. Purganax has plainly shown a Cloven foot and jack-daw feather.

sewiichorus il. I vote Swellfoot and Iona Try the magic test together; Whenever royal spouses bicker, Both should try the magic liquor.

AN old BoAR (aside). A miserable state is that of pigs, For if their drivers would tear caps and wigs, The swine must bite each other's ear therefore.

AN old sow (aside). A wretched lot Jove has assigned to swine, Squabbling makes pig-herds hungry, and they dine On bacon, and whip sucking-pigs the more.

CHORUS. Hog-wash has been ta'en away : If the Bull-Queen is divested, We shall be in every way Hunted, stript, exposed, molested; Let us do whate'er we may, That she shall not be arrested. QUEEN, we entrench you with walls of brawn, And palisades of tusks, sharp as a bayonet: Place your most sacred person here. We pawn Our lives that none a finger dare to lay on it. Those who wrong you, wrong us; Those who hate you, hate us; Those who sting you, sting us; Those who bait you, bait us; The oracle is now about to be Fulfilled by circumvolving destiny; Which says: “Thebes, choose reform or civil war, When through your streets, instead of hare with dogs, A Consort Queen shall hunt a KING with hogs, Riding upon the IoniaN MINoTAUR.”

Enter IoxA TAURINA. Iona TAURINA (coming forward). Gentlemen swine, and gentle lady-pigs, The tender heart of every boar acquits Their QUEEN, of any act incongruous With native piggishness, and she reposing With confidence upon the grunting nation, Has thrown herself, her cause, her life, her all, . Her innocence, into their hoggish arms; Nor has the expectation been deceived Of finding shelter there. Yet know, great boars, (For such who ever lives among you finds you, And so do I) the innocent are proud 1 I have accepted your protection only In compliment of your kind love and care, Not for necessity. The innocent Are safest there where trials and dangers wait ; Innocent Queens o'er white-hot plough-shares tread Unsinged; and ladies, Erin's laureate sings it,”

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Thro' thee, for emperors, kings, and priests and
Who rule by viziers, sceptres, bank-notes, words,
The earth pours forth its plenteous fruits,
Corn, wool, linen, flesh, and roots— [fat,
Those who consume these fruits through thee grow
Those who produce these fruits through thee
grow lean,
Whatever change takes place, oh, stick to that!
And let things be as they have ever been ;
At least while we remain thy priests,
And proclaim thy fasts and feasts
Through thee the sacred Swellfoot dynasty

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MAMMON. I hear a crackling of the giant bones Of the dread image, and in the black pits Which once were eyes, I see two livid flames: These prodigies are oracular, and show The presence of the unseen Deity. Mighty events are hastening to their doom

swell foot. I only hear the lean and mutinous swine Grunting about the temple.


In a crisis Of such exceeding delicacy, I think We ought to put her Majesty, the QUEEN, Upon her trial without delay.

MAMMON. The BAG Is here.


I have rehearsed the entire scene With an ox-bladder and some ditch-water, On Lady P.-it cannot fail.

[Taking up the bag. Your Majesty (to Swellfoot) In such a filthy business had better Stand on one side, lest it should sprinkle you. A spot or two on me would do no harm ; Nay, it might hide the blood, which the sad genius

Of the Green Isle has fixed, as by a spell, Upon my brow—which would stain all its seas, But which those seas could never wash away !

IONA TAURINA. My Lord, I am ready—nay I am impatient, To undergo the test.

[A graceful figure in a semi-transparent veil passes unnoticed through the Temple; the word Liberary is seen through the veil, as if it were written in fire upon its forehead. Its words are almost drowned in the furious grunting of the Pigs, and the business of the trial. She kneels on the steps of the Altar, and speaks in tones at first faint and low, but which ever become louder and louder.

Mighty Empress Death's white wife Ghastly mother-in-law of life By the God who made thee such, By the magic of thy touch, By the starving and the cramming, Of fasts and feasts —by thy dread self, O Famine! I charge thee when thou wake the multitude, Thou lead them not upon the paths of blood. The earth did never mean her foizon For those who crown life's cup with poison Of fanatic rage and meaningless revenge— But for those radiant spirits, who are still The standard-bearers in the van of Change. Be they th’ appointed stewards, to fill The lap of Pain, and toil, and Age — Remit, O Queen thy accustom'd rage 1 Be what thou art not In voice faint and low FREEdom calls Famine,—her eternal foe, To brief alliance, hollow truce.—Rise now !

[Whilst the veiled Figure has been chaunting this strophe, MAMMON, DAkhy, LAoctonos, and SwellFoot, have surrounded IonA TAURINA, who, with her hands folded on her breast, and her eyes lifted to Heaven, stands, as with saint-like resignation, to wait the issue of the business, in perfect confidence of her innocence.

PURGANAx, after unsealing the GREEN BAG, is gravely about to pour the liquor upon her head, when suddenly the whole expression of her figure and countenance changes; she snatches it from his hand with a loud laugh of triumph, and empties it over Swellfoot and his whole Court, who are instantly changed into a number of filthy and ugly animals, and rush out of the Temple. The image of FAMINE then arises with a tremendous sound, the Pigs begin scrambling for the loaves, and are tripped up by the sculls , all those who eat the loaves are turned into Bulls, and arrange themselves quietly behind the altar. The image of FAMINE sinks through a chasm in the earth, and a MINotAUR rises.


I am the Ionian Minotaur, the mightiest
Of all Europa’s taurine progeny—
I am the old traditional man bull;
And from my ancestors having been Ionian,
I am called Ion, which, by interpretation,
Is John ; in plain Theban, that is to say,
My name's John BULL; I am a famous hunter,
And can leap any gate in all Boeotia,
Even the palings of the royal park,
Or double ditch about the new inclosures;
And if your Majesty will deign to mount me,
At least till you have hunted down your game,
I will not throw you.

[blocks in formation]

[Ereunt, in full cry; Iona driving on the Swine,

with the empty GREEN BAG.

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