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Πολλαι μεν θνητοις Γλωτται, μια δ' αθανατοισιν.


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1. AND in the first year of Cyrus | the house of the Lord, which Nabucho+Commonly king of the Persians, that donosor had brought from Jerusalem, Book of Ezra. the word of the Lord by the and put in the house of his god. And mouth of Jeremias might be fulfilled, the Cyrus king of the Persians brought Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus king them out by the hand of Mithradates of the Persians, and he issued a pro- the treasurer, and he numclamation through all his kingdom, and bered them to Sasabasar, that in writing, saying, 2 Thus said Cyrus the chief man of Juda. And this is king of the Persians, The Lord God their number: thirty gold basons, and of heaven has given me all the king- a thousand silver basons, nine and doms of the earth, and he has given twenty changes, thirty + Heb. knives, me a charge to build him a house in golden goblets. 10And four see Heb. Jerusalem that is in Judea. 3 Who hundred and ten double silver vessels, is there among you of all his people? and a thousand other vessels. for his God shall be with him, and he the gold and silver vessels were five shall go up to Jerusalem that is in thousand four hundred, even all that Judea, and let him build the house went up with Sasabasar from the place of the God of Israel, he is the God of transportation, from Babylon to that is in Jerusalem. And let every Jerusalem. Jew that is left go from every place where he sojourns, and the men of his +Gr. take him. place shall help him with silver, and gold, and goods, and cattle, together with the voluntary offering for the house of God that is in Jerusalem. Then the chiefs of the families of Juda and Benjamin arose, and the priests, and the Levites, all whose spirit the Lord stirred up to go up to build the house of the Lord that is in Jerusalem. And all that were round about strengthened their hands with vessels of silver, with gold, with goods, and with cattle, and with presents, besides the voluntary offerings. And king Cyrus brought out the vessels of




+ Hebrew


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2. And these are the people of the land that went up, of the number of prisoners who were removed, whom Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon carried away to Babylon, and they returned to Juda and Jerusalem, every man to his city; who came with Zorobabel: Jesus, Neemias, Saraias, Reelias, Mardochæus, Balasan, Masphar, Baguai, Reum, Baana. The number of the people of Israel: the children of Phares, two thousand one hundred and seventy-two. The children of Saphatia, three hundred and seventy-two. The children of Ares, seven hundred and seventy-five. The





children of Phaath Moab, belonging | mer, a thousand and fifty-two. 38 The to the sons of Jesue and Joab, two children of Phassur, a thousand two thousand eight hundred and twelve. hundred and forty-seven. 39 The chil7 The children of Elam, a thousand dren of Erem, a thousand and seven. two hundred and fifty-four. 8 The 40 And the Levites, the sons of Jesus children of Zatthua, nine hundred and and Cadmiel, belonging to the sons of forty-five. The children of Zacchu, Oduia, seventy-four. The sons of seven hundred and sixty. 10 The chil- Asaph, singers, a hundred and twentydren of Banui, six hundred and forty-eight. 42 The children of the porters, two. 11 The children of Babai, six the children of Sellum, the children of hundred and twenty-three. 12 The Ater, the children of Telmon, the chilchildren of Asgad, a thousand two dren of Acub, the children of Atita, hundred and twenty-two. 13 The chil- the children of Sobai, in all a hundred dren of Adonicam, six hundred and and thirty-nine. 43 The Nathinim: the sixty-six. 14 The children of Bague, children of Suthia, the children of two thousand and fifty-six. 15 The chil- Asupha, the children of Tabaoth, 44 the dren of Addin, four hundred and fifty- sons of Cades, the children of Siaa, four. 16 The children of Ater the son the children of Phadon, 45 the children of Ezekias, ninety-eight. 17 The chil- of Labano, the children of Agaba, the dren of Bassu, three hundred and sons of Acub, 46 the children of Agab, twenty-three. 18 The children of Jora, the children of Selami, the children of a hundred and twelve. 19 The children Anan. 47 The children of Geddel, the of Asum, two hundred and twenty- children of Gaar, the children of Raia, three. 20 The children of Gaber, ninety- 48 the children of Rason, the children five. 21 The children of Bethlaem, a of Necoda, the children of Gazem, hundred and twenty-three. 22 The 49 the children of Azo, the children of children of Netopha, fifty-six. 23 The Phase, the children of Basi, 50 the chilchildren of Anathoth, a hundred and dren of Asena, the children of Mounim, twenty-eight. 24 The children of Az- the children of Nephusim, 51 the chilmoth, forty-three. 25 The children of dren of Bacbuc, the children of AcuCariathiarim, Chaphira, and Beroth, pha, the children of Arur, 52 the chilseven hundred and forty-three. 26 The dren of Basaloth, the children of Mauda, children of Rama and Gabaa, six hun- the children of Arsa, 53 the children of dred and twenty-one. 27 The men of Barcos, the children of Sisara, the Machmas, a hundred and twenty-two. children of Thema, 54 the children of 28 The men of Bethel and Aia, four Nasthie, the children of Atupha. 55The hundred and twenty-three. 29 The chil- children of the servants of Solomon: dren of Nabu, fifty-two. 30 The chil- the children of Sotai, the children of dren of Magebis, a hundred and fifty- Sephera, the children of Phadura, 56 the six. 31 The children of Elamar, a children of Jeela, the children of Darthousand two hundred and fifty-four. con, the children of Gedel, 57 the chil


'servants of

32 The children of Elam, three hun-dren of Saphatia, the children of Atil, the children of Phacherath, the children of Aseboim, the children of Emei. 58 All the Nathanim, and the sons of Abdeselma were three hun- Heb. word, dred and ninety-two. 59 And Solomon.' these are they that went up from Thelmelech, Thelaresa, Cherub, Hedan, Emmer: and they were not + Gr. family. able to tell the house of their fathers,

dred and twenty. 33 The children of Lodadi and Ono, seven hundred and twenty-five. 34The children of Jericho, three hundred and forty-five. 35 The children of Senaa, three thousand six hundred and thirty. 36 And the priests, the sons of Jedua, belonging to the house of Jesus, were nine hundred and seventy-three. 37 The children of Em

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