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has a right to talk. But a man has no right to swear if he is within hearing of a second person, (although he disbelieves his accountability to God !) because he offends the ear of his listener. No man has a right to outrage the feelings of any fellow citizen, therefore no man has a right to swear in the hearing of another. Again, no man has a right to offend his Creator; but swearing is offensive to God, therefore no man has a right to swear. Again, such a habit is the infallible index to a coarse, vulgar, and slavish nature, though the man be clothed in scarlet, or enrobed in ermine. What refined man, what honest man, who that has a just claim to the name of a freeman, and a gentleman, would act thus disrespectfully to the name of his father ? not to speak of his God ! And what true patriot, what lover of liberty, what freeman deserving the name could crouch to a bad man, or worship a crown on the head of a tyrant, not to speak of bowing down his mind to be fettered by the shackles of a friend ? No, he who swears from habit or design, for empty vanity, emphasis or passion, is at best an unmanly slave, though his shoulders bore the lion skin of Hercules. The Christian churches, and the women of America, have a duty in this thing, that it were well they more effectually performed. The original Americans, the Indians of the West, have no word in any of the dialects of their tribes, constituting an oath, and in this the uncivilized Red Man is superior to his more. elevated pale-faced brother. As to chewing tobacco, that is so self-evidently wrong, so disgusting, that nothing but a vitiated taste, could keep the habit alive a single day. In the costly drawing room, in the courts of law, in libraries, steam-boats, steam-cars, in churches, yea, even in the pulpit, they have the spittoon. Boys of eight, nine, and ten years, chew from emulative imitation, which grows into an iron habit at manhood, as imperious, injurious, and more disgusting than that of opium-eater. The breath is contaminated by a most offensive fætor, the teeth are discoloured, the stomach injured, and the brain stimulated unduly. But to enlarge is needless ; let but the women in America declare emphatically against it, and it must fall; how they tolerate it is to me an enigma.






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