Remarks on Local Scenery & Manners in Scotland During the Years 1799 and 1800, Tom 2

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William Miller, 1801 - 341

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Strona 20 - That on a wild secluded scene impress Thoughts of more deep seclusion ; and connect The landscape with the quiet of the sky.
Strona 64 - When in one night, ere glimpse of morn, His shadowy flail hath threshed the corn That ten day-labourers could not end, Then lies him down, the lubber fiend, And, stretched out all the chimney's length, Basks at the fire his hairy strength; And crop-full out of doors he flings, Ere the first cock his matin rings.
Strona 127 - Right in the middest of that Paradise There stood a stately mount, on whose round top A gloomy grove of mirtle trees did rise...
Strona 171 - The redbreast warbles still, but is content With slender notes, and more than half suppress'd : Pleased with his solitude, and flitting light From spray to spray, where'er he rests he shakes From many a twig the pendent drops of ice That tinkle in the wither'd leaves below. Stillness, accompanied with sounds so soft, Charms more than silence.
Strona 83 - To th' instruments divine respondence meet: The silver sounding instruments did meet With the base murmure of the waters fall: The waters fall with difference discreet, Now soft, now loud, unto the wind did call: The gentle warbling wind low answered to all.
Strona 171 - No noise is here, or none that hinders thought. The redbreast warbles still, but is content With slender notes, and more than half...
Strona 336 - Or flowery odour, mixed with spicery, No soft embrace or pleasure bodily ; And yet it is a kind of inward feast, A harmony that sounds within the breast, An odour, light, embrace, in which the soul doth rest.
Strona 48 - And airy mountaines shake, and frighted shadows howL Famine, and bloodless Care, and bloody War, Want, and the want of knowledge how to use Abundance ; Age, and Fear that runs afar Before his fellow Grief, that aye pursues His winged steps...
Strona 127 - And in the midst of all a fountaine stood, Of richest substance that on earth might bee, So pure and shiny that the silver flood Through every channell running one might see ; Most goodly it with curious ymageree Was overwrought, and shapes of naked boyes, Of which some seemd with lively jollitee To fly about, playing their wanton toyes, Whylest others did themselves embay in liquid joyes.
Strona 314 - Large galleries, where piece with piece doth seeme to strive, Of pictures done to life, landskip, and perspective, Thence goodly gardens sees, where antique statues stand In stone and copper, cut by many a...

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