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Resident Licentiute, T'heological Seminary, Andover.


No. 9 Corphill.

Clinton Hall.

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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1832, by PEIRCB & PARKER, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

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The first object of this work is to make the public acquainted with the life and character of the learned, pious, and eloquent F. V. Reinbard of the last generation, for more than twenty years Chiel-Court Preacher at Dresden. It is divided into two paris.

The first comprises bis letters or confessions, in which he gives an account of his education for the sacred ministry, and a general criticism of his serinons. These letters were occasioned by a review of some of his works in the Hall. Lit. Zeit., and written during the winter evenings of 1809–10. They have passed throagh several editions, of which, however, I have seen only the first. While translating Reinhard's Plan of the Founder of Christianity, I became much interested in these letters ; and deeming them an excellent piece of autobiography, I thought they would constitute an acceptable present to the public; and having consulted a friend, upon whose judgment I relied, who had also read them, and ascertained the coincidence of his views with my own in these respects, I prepared them for the press.

In the mean tiine, I felt the need of mak

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ing some additions to them by way of completing the view
they give of their author; and hence, added the memoirs
or second part. The translation of the confessions was
not a difficult task, but the second part has cost me much
and severe labor. It has been drawn chiefly from Bötti-
ger's Delineation of Reinhard's Character ; a pamphlet
rich in materials, but written by an antiquary in an intricate,
parenthetical style and full of learned allusions. It con-
tains matter, however, drawn from other sources, interwo-
ven with ideas of my own, the whole of wbich has been
arranged in the order which struck me as the best.* The
likerless which accompanies the volume was originally
taken from a portrait of Reinhard, drawn three years before
bis death, by his brother-in-law Von Charpentier. This
portrait was considered an excellent one.
Reinhard to be sitting in his study. With one hand he
sustains his head, while with the other resting on the Bible,
he holds a manuscript, containing a train of thought de-
duced from the Scriptures, in meditating upon which, the
light of faith bursts in upon his mind, and he is supposed
to exclaim, “ Yea, thou art the truth.” The look in the
original is said to be very striking and destitute of all
ambiguity. Much of its expressiveness was lost in the
first process of reducing the portrait and engraving it.

I am aware that the work will, alter all, furnish but an imperfect account of Reinhard; especially so, as all the biographies which have been written of him in Germany, are more or less imperfect, time enough not having yet elapsed to permit many of his letters, directed as they were, lo persons still on the theatre of action, to be brought from their

* Perhaps the reader should be informed, that I have not reduced the dollars named in the course of the work, to our own currency; and hence, that they express a little too much.

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