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thing without thee, but that through thee I can do all things. I love, and will love thee, and all things that thou lovest, O infinite fountain of all good, because thou art good in thyself, and infinitely to be loved. I rejoice in thy infinite perfection, beatitude, and loveliness; and in all the homage, praise, honour, and glory which has been, is, or can be rendered to thee by thy elect and by all creatures. All these I offer to thee, along with every service and affection of my heart and my life itself.

I firmly embrace thee and thy blessed will in all things with the arms of love and resignation; I venerate thee with every possible feeling of reverence, affection, and gratitude; and I desire to embrace, love, and venerate thee for ever, if thou wilt mercifully grant that I may not be separated from thy grace and love here, or fail in attaining thy happy vision hereafter.

I believe in thee, O supreme truth.

I revere thee, O infinite majesty.

I adore thee, O tremendous power.

I bless thee, O most liberal benignity.

I hope in thee, O eternal felicity.

I love thee, O incomprehensible goodness.

I glorify thee, O most holy godhead.

I grieve from my inmost heart that I have ever offended thee!


O Christ Jesus, meek and humble of heart, who, being in the form of God, didst empty thyself, and take upon thee the form of a servant, grant that my heart may not be lifted up, that I be not high-minded, but fear.

O my God, who, when thou wast rich, didst take upon thee the form of a poor servant, incline my heart to thy testimonies, that I may delight in the way of thy commandments.

O Lamb without spot, who didst will to be born of a virgin, grant me purity of mind and body, by that wine

which maketh virgins. Create a clean heart in me, O God!

O Christ Jesus, who wast led as an innocent lamb to the slaughter, and didst suffer so many injuries and reproaches, grant me the spirit of patience and meekness. May I learn of thee to be meek and humble of heart!

O Christ my Saviour, who when thou didst thirst wast given gall and vinegar to drink, but hast prepared for us all spiritual joys in this Sacrament, detach me from all sensual gratifications. Grant that I may serve thee, my God, not the flesh; take away from me all sensual lusts, that my heart may never be denied by sin.

O Lord, who in the garden didst pray long and fervently with a bloody sweat, grant that I may praise thee with my whole heart, and enjoy the comfort of thy holy grace.

O Lord, who with true charity didst pray for thine enemies, grant me to love my neighbour as myself, and to bless them that hate me.

O most sweet Saviour and Searcher of hearts, thou knowest what is in man, thou spiest out all my ways, thou knowest better than I do the virtues and gifts which I need most in the station of life wherein thy providence has placed me.

Grant me thy grace, O thou who hast given me so plenteous a treasure, even thyself, the Author of grace, in this Sacrament! For what goods shall fail to fall upon him to whom the very Author of good deigns to come as a guest! When thou didst enter into the house of Zaccheus, thou saidst, " This day is salvation come to this house." Oh, say to my soul, I beseech thee, 0 Lord, " I am thy salvation!"

N.B.—The Litany and Hymns for the Blessed Sacrament will be found at the end of the volume, pp. 334 and 346.

THE CHAPLET OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. y. Deus, in adjutorium. Gloria Patri.

The Chaplet consists of thirty-three aspirations, after each of which may be added a Pater, and at the end of each decade a Gloria Patri.

First Decade.Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity.

I. I believe, O my Jesus, thy divine word, that under this appearance of bread thou thyself art here present as thou art in heaven. Pater noster.

II. I believe that thou art the divine Son, eternally equal to the Father, that by the operation of the Holy Ghost thou didst take human flesh of the Blessed Virgin. Pater.

III. I believe that thou art the same Jesus who wast born of Mary ever Virgin, adored an infant by thy angels, by the shepherds and the magi. Pater.

IV. I believe, O my Redeemer, here present in Sacrament, that thou art the same Jesus of Nazareth who didst heal the sick and didst raise the dead, who for us didst suffer and die upon the Cross. Pater.

V. I believe, finally, that thou thyself, now sitting glorious at the right hand of thy Father in heaven, and there interceding for me, yet art verily present in this Sacrament, my nourishment on earth. Pater.

VI. O most loving Jesus, who in this Sacrament hast left me a pledge of future glory, I hope, through the merits of thy death and passion, to behold thee face to face in heaven. Pater.

VII. O Jesus, cause of our glorious resurrection, I hope, through the virtue of this divine food, wherewith thou nourishest me, to rise to life eternal. Pater.

VIII. I love thee, O Jesus, who art perfect charity, who art true God and true man, in whom are contained the treasures of the divinity, and all the fulness of grace which descends to us upon this earth. Pater.

IX. I love thee, dear Jesus, who, for love of me, hast made thyself like unto me; kindle within me the flame of sacred love which thou didst bring from heaven, that, loving thee, I may grow into thy likeness. Pater.

X. I love thee, O divine Jesus, my Lord and Master, because thou hast redeemed and freed me, poor slave of sin, with thy all-precious blood. Oh, of thy sweet mercy, grant that I may enjoy the full fruit of thy redemption. Gloria Patri.

Second Decade.Acts of Adoration.

I. I adore thee, O living bread, descended from heaven for my spiritual food; give me grace worthily to receive thee in life and in death. Pater.

II. I adore thee, divine food of the strong; strengthen my weakness, that I may ever be constant and faithful to thy love. Pater.

III. I adore thee, O my Jesus, hidden beneath the sacramental veil; let my life be hidden, through thee, in God. Pater.

IV. I adore thee, great God, who art the only way; make me ever to walk in the path of thy precepts, and after thy shining example, that so I may arrive at eternal salvation. Pater.

V. I adore thee, O Jesus, true and spiritual life of all who love thee, give me grace to die to myself, and to live to thee alone, who didst die for the love of me. Pater,

VI. I adore thee, my dear Redeemer, truth ineffable; enliven, I beseech thee, and increase my faith, that it may be fruitful in good works. Pater.

VII. I adore thee, O Jesus, divine light of the world; illuminate my mind, that, knowing, I may love thee, and may come to enjoy thee eternally in heaven. Pater.

VIII. I adore thee, O loving Shepherd; draw to thyself this wounded sheep, that it may never more leave thy fold, to fall into the hands of the infernal wolf. Pater.

IX. I adore thee, divine Lamb, who, for the sins of the world, didst give thyself to be slain; grant that I may bear all my sufferings patiently for thy sake, in satisfaction for my sins. Pater.

X. I adore thee, O Jesus, King of glory, Judge of the living and the dead: make me on earth so to fear thy justice, that in heaven I may eternally sing thy mercy. Gloria Patri.

Third Decade.Acts of Thanksgiving.

I. I thank thee, O divine Redeemer, that, not content with having for our sakes come upon the earth, thou hast instituted this adorable Sacrament, that therein thou mightst remain with us unto the consummation of the world. Pater.

II. I thank thee, O glorious Jesus, that thou dost veil, beneath the eucharistic species, thy infinite majesty and beauty, which thy angels delight to behold, that so I might have courage to approach the throne of thy mercy. Pater.

III. I thank thee, O Jesus most loving, that, having made thyself my food, thou descendest upon this tongue, which so often has offended thee, and dost enter within this body, which, alas, has too often deserved to be visited with thy anger. Pater.

IV. I thank thee," my dear Saviour, that in this ineffable Sacrament thou unitest me to thee with so much love, that I therein live in thee, and thou in me. Pater.

V. I thank thee, O my Jesus, that, giving thyself to me in this blessed Sacrament, thou hast so enriched it with the treasures of thy love: that thou hast not, thou canst not, thou knowest not, what greater gift to give me. Pater.

VI. I thank thee, O my good Jesus, that not only thou art become my food, but also in this blessed Sacrament offerest thyself a continual sacrifice for my salvation, to thy eternal Father. Pater.

VII. I thank thee, divine Priest, for that every day thou dost sacrifice thyself upon our altars, in adoration

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