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God, adore my Jesus with me, supply, I beg of you, my deficiencies; obtain for me a lively faith and deep reverence, now that I am so soon to receive the Lord Jesus. Oh, how unfit art thou, O my soul, to meet that God who is about to visit thee! But he comes to illuminate and strengthen thee, to give thee a living pledge of that glory which is prepared for thee in paradise. Enlarge thy heart, increase thy confidence, and know that thou wilt obtain as much as thou dost desire. Thy Jesus is omnipotent; he can give thee every good, and that by only opening his hand. Thy Jesus is thy Father; he loves thee so much that he will endue thee with every grace, if thou wilt only seek for it, and if thou wilt live thereby.

Act of Love,

O my Jesus, O my love, God of my soul, how good art thou, how lovely, how worthy to be loved! O my God, I love thee with all my soul, with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my strength. I love thee much, for thou art the sole object of my desires, my beginning, and my end. Oh, would that I had a thousand tongues to bless and praise thee! Oh, would that I could proclaim thy holy name throughout the world, that thou mightest be known and loved! O God, would that I were melted by thy love! would that I could bless, thank, and love thee with the love of the holy Virgin, and more than all creatures! I love thee, my Jesus, my treasure, my Father, my life, my hope, my paradise. Spouse of my soul, I love thee, because thou art worthy of being loved, for thou art God. O God, would that I were all love, and loved none other but thee. Thou, my soul, wert created by God to love him; love him then. Thou, my heart, canst not find peace and safety out of God; strip thyself of every earthly affection, and thou shalt receive God. O Mother of holy love, obtain for me the grace of loving God!

How canst thou, O my soul, dare to receive a God of infinite purity, majesty, sanctity, into an abyss of vice, ingratitude, and sin? Dost thou not recollect the evils thou hast done to thy God? Ah, thou hast been much more cruel to Jesus than Calvary! For thou hast crucified him again as often as thou hast mortally sinned.

Act of Desire.

Come, divine food, to nourish my soul! Come, furnace of charity, to inflame me. Come, heavenly shepherd, to guard me. Come, my Father, my spouse, my treasure, my life, my peace. Come, thou sole end of all my hopes. Come, light of my soul, consoler of the afflicted. Come, the expected of all nations. Come, thou desire of the holy Father, joy of angels, delight of heaven, bliss of the saints. Come, my paradise, come, for I have desired thee, I have wished for thee. Come, that thou mayest inflame me with love. Come, do not delay, lest I faint. Come, then, my Jesus.

Holy Virgin, I draw nigh to receive your and my Jesus. From your hands I expect him; offer him to me as thou didst manifest him to the shepherds, to the magi, and to holy Simeon; prepare me to receive him with love; give him to me now, and pray to him that he will fill me with his choicest blessings.

Sftet 5^0i5 eommtmttm.

Behold, my desires are satisfied, my hunger is satiated; my God has come to visit me; Jesus has entered into me; I am no longer my own, but now I belong to Jesus. Oh, infinite goodness of God, to enter the heart of one so vile and unworthy as myself! My soul, on what thinkest thou? Lo! thou art sanctified by Jesus, and transformed into Jesus. Thou and He are one. Oh, true and wonderful union! My soul, art thou yet silent 1

Dost thou not speak with thy God, whom thou hast within thee? Ah, unite all the affections of thy spirit, hide thyself in the sacred heart of thy Jesus, adore him and say: Thou art welcome, O dear Lord! Oh, how have I longed for this hour! But, alas, my sins have often caused thee to renew thy passion and death. Lord, what dost thou find in me but earthly love? O my God, art thou come to dwell with me? I could say to thee with St. Peter, Depart from this sinful soul, for she is not worthy to contain a God. "Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord I" Go take up thine abode in some purer and more fervent soul than mine. But, no! my well-beloved, depart not from me, for if thou goest away I am lost. O God, my hope, I will not leave thee. I unite thee to my heart, and will live and die with thee. O Mary, O ye holy angels, ye saints, ye souls that love God, lend me your affections, that I may thus become a worthy companion of my Jesus.

Acts of Thanksgiving.

What art thou doing, my soul 1 Know that thy Redeemer really abides in thee. This is not the hour for idleness or distraction; it is the time to ask for all those graces that thou standest in need of from the living and true God who dwells within thee.

The heavens are now open, the blessed Trinity regard thee with looks of love, since thou hast in thy bosom the object of their delight, Jesus Christ. Supplicate Mary, the angels, the saints, thy advocates with God, to obtain thee every grace. Do not, my soul, lose a moment of this precious time; treat of the important affair of thy eternal salvation alone. My soul, thou hast within thee an omnipotent Lord, a living Father, a faithful God. Ask and trust, he will enlarge thy heart, strengthen thy faith; he begins to give thee graces, heavenly graces, worthy of G od to give.

My dear Redeemer, since thou art come to me, and

dost invite me to pray to thee, hear me by the bowels of thy mercy. Grant me, O my Jesus, an increase of lively faith, hope, charity, and contrition. Grant me humility, purity, patience, and all the virtues; extirpate every vice from my heart. Change this heart, so filled with the world, and give me a new heart altogether conformable to thy will, that I may always seek after thy greater glory, and that my affections may tend to thy love. "Create a clean heart in me, O God, and renew a right spirit within me."

Holy Trinity, omnipotent God, hear my prayers. Thou wilt not deny me any grace now, although I am be unworthy, for I do not pray alone, but Jesus Christ is united with me; and though I deserve not to be heard, yet the merits of Jesus Christ, who prays with me, in me, and for me, thou wilt not refuse to listen to. Eternal Father, remember the promise of Jesus, when he said, that whoever asked thee any thing in his name should be heard. "Amen, amen I say to you, if you ask the Father any thing in my name, he will give it you."

Act of Offering.

It is but just, it is only an act of gratitude, O my Jesus, that I should give myself entirely to thee, since thou hast given thyself entirely to me. Let my eyes be thine, my ears thine, my taste thine. Thou hast sanctified my senses, let them, then, be all thine: let them no longer be opposed to thy divine and holy law, but act according to it in all things. Thou hast sanctified my memory; may it be ever mindful of thee. Thou hast sanctified my intellect; may it think on thee alone. Thou hast sanctified my will; may it be in harmony only with thine. To thee, then, with my whole heart, do I offer, as a perpetual holocaust, my soul and body, my senses and my powers. Burn, O divine fire, all that is foreign to thee in me. Consume, O omnipotent Lord, all that is not thine. Amen.

lEjrpodttfon antt iSeruttictton



When the Priest opens the Tabernacle, and incenses the
Blessed Sacrament, is sung the Hymn,
O salutaris Hostia, O saving Victim, opening wide

Quae cceli pandis ostium: The gate of heav'n to man below!
Bella premunt hostilia, Our foes press on from every side;
Da robur, fer auxilium. Thine aid supply, thy strength


Uni trinoque Domino To thy great name be endless praise

Sit sernpiterna gloria, Immortal Godhead, one in three I

Qui vitam sine termino Oh, grant us endless length of days

Nobis donet in patria. In our true native land with thee.

• Amen. Amen.

After which follows the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, see p, 322, or some Psalm (the Psalm " Quam dilecta," will be found p. 138), or Antiphon, or Hymn appropriate to the Feast, or in honour of the Most Holy Sacrament. Here also are recited the corresponding Versicles and Prayers, as also any Prayer enjoined by the Bishop.

If the Te Deurn, p. 140, be sung, the persons present stand until the words Te ergo, quaesumus (We pray thee, therefore), when they kneel.

Then is sung the Hymn Tantum ergo Sacramentum, all present making a profound inclination (not prostration) while the words Veneremur cernui are being said.

Tantum ergo Sacramentum Down in adoration falling,

Veneremur cernui: Lo 1 the sacred host we hail;

Et antiquum documentum Lo! o'er ancient forms depart

Novo cedat ritui, ing,

Praestet fides su; i Icjuentum Newer rites of grace prevail;

Sensuum defectui. Faith for all defects supplying Where the feeble senses fail.

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