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upon all the bishops and clergy throughout the whole world, and upon all rulers and princes. Enlighten poor infidels, heretics, and sinners; and assist such apostolic missioners as labour for their conversion. Unite all mankind in the profession of the true faith; give them the spirit of divine charity, whereby they may love thee above all things, and for thy sake love each other. Have compassion on the suffering souls of the faithful departed. Give thy blessing to my parents, friends, relations, and benefactors; preserve them from eternal misery; and conduct us all, by thy grace, to the mansions of celestial bliss, there to praise and glorify thee for ever. Amen.


* Prayer. To which Pope Pius VII. hath annexed a plenary indulgence, applicable to the souls in purgatory, which all the faithful may obtain, who, after having confessed their sins with contrition, and received the Holy Communion, shall devoutly recite it before an image or representation of Christ crucified.

Behold, O kind and most sweet Jesus, I cast myself upon my knees in thy sight, and with the most fervent desire of my soul I pray and beseech thee that thou wouldst impress upon my heart lively sentiments of faith, hope, and charity, with true repentance for my sins, and a firm desire of amendment, whilst with deep affection and grief of soul I ponder within myself, and mentally contemplate thy five most precious wounds; having before my eyes that which David spake in prophecy: "They pierced my hands and my feet; they have numbered all my bones."


The First Commandment.
"1am the Lord thy God," &c.—Exodus xx.

Have you been guilty of heresy or disbelief, or wilful doubting of any article of faith 1 How often? and for how long a time? Or have you rashly exposed yourself to the danger of infidelity, by reading bad books, or keeping wicked company? How often?

Have you, by word or deed, denied your religion, or gone to places of false worship, so as to join in any way in the worship, or to give scandal? How often?

Have you been ignorant of the articles of your creed, of the commandments, or of any of those things which Christians in your station are bound to know? For how long a time?

Have you despaired of salvation, or of the forgiveness of your sins? Or have you rashly presumed upon finding mercy; going on in your sins, without any thoughts of amendment; or depending upon a death-bed repentance? How long have you been in this way?

Have you, after falling into mortal sin, neglected for a long time to turn to God by repentance? and for how long a time?

Have you committed any thing that you judged or doubted to be a mortal sin, though perhaps it was not so? How often 1 Or have you exposed yourself to the evident danger of mortal sin? How often? and of what sin?

Have you been negligent in the worship of God? seldom or never adoring and praising him, or giving him thanks; praying but little, or with little attention; and neglecting to make acts of faith, hope, or love of God? How long has this negligence continued?

Have you made a sacrilegious confession or communion, by concealing some mortal sin in confession, or what you doubted might be mortal; or for want of a hearty sorrow for your sins, and a firm purpose of amendment; or by being grossly negligent in the examination of your conscience? How often 1

Have you received any other sacrament, for example, confirmation or matrimony, in mortal sin 1

Have you neglected to perform the penance enjoined in confession 1 or said it with wilful distractions 1 How often?

Have you presumed to receive the blessed sacrament after having broken your fast?

Have you been guilty of idolatry, or of giving divine honours to any thing created, or used any witchcraft, or charms, or spells, or such like other diabolical inventions? How often 1 and with what scandal or ill example to others?

Have you employed prayers or sacred names to superstitious uses! How often?

Have you consulted fortune-tellers, or made use of any superstitious practices, to find out things to come, recover things lost, &c.? How often 1

Have you given credit to dreams, taken notice of omens, or made any other superstitious observations? How often?

Have you blasphemed God or his saints 1 How often?

Have you abused the holy Scriptures, or scoffed at holy things? How often?

The Second Commandment. "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain." Have you taken God's name in vain, or used it without respect in common discourse? Have you taken a false oath, or sworn to what you did not certainly know whether it was true or false? Have you taken a rash oath, or without a sufficient reason? Have you taken an oath to do any thing that was wicked or unlawful? or broken your lawful oaths? How often?

Have you had a custom of swearing rashly and inconsiderately by the name of God, by your soul, or by the way of imprecation upon yourself? How long have you had this custom? How many times a day have you sworn in this manner? Have you sworn by the blood or wounds of God, or any other blasphemous oath? How often?

Have you cursed yourself or others, or any thing else? and if so, was it from your heart? How often?

Have you been accessary to others swearing, cursing, or blaspheming? How often?

Have you made a rash vow, without sufficient knowledge or deliberation?

Have you broken any vow or solemn promise made to God? How often?

The Third Commandment.
"Remember that thou keep holy the Sabbath day."

Have you neglected to keep holy the Sunday 1

Have you, when prevented from hearing Mass on Sundays and holydays, supplied the omission by prayers at home, and taken care that those under your charge did the same?

Have you done any servile work without necessity upon those days? or been accessary to others so doing i How often? 6

Have you spent those days in idleness or in sin? or been accessary to others spending them so? How often 1

The Fourth Commandment.

"Honour thy father and thy mother."

If a Child.—Have you been wanting in your duty to

your parents, by not loving them, or not shewing them

due respect; or by disobeying them? and was it in any

matter of moment? Or have you been disobedient or

disrespectful to any other lawful superiors? How often?

Have you desired your parents' death, or cursed them 1 Or given them injurious language? Or lifted up your hand against them? Or threatened them? Or provoked them to swear, or otherwise to offend God? Or caused them any considerable trouble or uneasiness? How often?

Have you stolen from your parents, or otherwise wronged them? Or squandered away their substance? How much, and how often I

Have you neglected to succour your parents in their necessities, either corporal or spiritual?

If a Parent.—Have you been negligent in procuring that your children should be speedily baptised? Or that they should be timely instructed in their prayers and the Christian doctrine? Or have you been wanting in giving them early impressions of the fear and love of God? Or in taking care of their discharging their duty with regard to the sacraments?

Have you neglected to correct them; or been excessive in your correction?

Have you neglected to remove from them the occasions of sin, such as wicked companions, bad books, romances, &C. ; or suffered them to lie in the same bed with one another, with danger to their chastity?

Have you flattered them in their passions, or indulged them in their evil inclinations?

Have you given them bad example? How often, and in what kind?

If a Servant.—Have you disobeyed your master or mistress? Have you been wanting in diligence or industry? Have you injured or destroyed their property through carelessness or neglect? or suffered others to injure them?

Have you stolen from them, or given any thing away without their knowledge?

Have you betrayed their confidence by revealing their secrets, by tale-bearing, by lies, &C. 1

Have you obeyed or flattered them in any thing sinful?

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