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all my treasons against thee, and all the abominations and sins of my past life. I renew my promises made in baptism, and from this moment I dedicate myself eternally to thy love and service. OhI grant that for the time to come I may abhor sin more than death itself, and avoid all such occasions and companies as have unhappily brought me to it. This I resolve to do, by the aid of thy divine grace, without which I can do nothing. I beg thy blessing upon these my resolutions, that they may not be ineffectual, like so many others I have formerly made; for, O Lord, without thee I am nothing but misery and sin. Supply also, by thy mercy, whatever defects have been in this my confession, and give me grace to be now and always a true penitent, through the same Jesus Christ thy Son. Amen.

A Thanksgiving after Confession.

I return unto thee, O Lord Jesus, and give thee thanks that thou hast been pleased to cleanse me from the foul leprosy of my sins. Blessed be thy Name, O Lord, for ever and ever. Truly thou art a Saviour who rejectest none that come unto thee seriously desiring to repent, but receives them into thy favour, and numberest them with thy children. I acknowledge and adore thy mercy, and dedicate myself wholly to thy service hereafter. Assist my weakness, and suffer me not again to fall into my past sins and to be separated from thee; but so bind my heart and soul to thee with the cords of thy love, that I may say with the Apostle, Who shall separate me from the love of Christ I


Preparatory Prayer.

Almighty and everlasting God, I trust that, by thy mercy, I am absolved from all my sins, and delivered from eternal damnation; yet since I am still obnoxious to the temporal punishments due unto my sins, and my own works are not sufficient to make satisfaction for them, I fly to the inexhaustible treasury of the merits of thy only-begotten Son and of thy saints, that, by their abundance, my defects and infirmities may be supplied. I cheerfully offer myself to do all those things which are appointed for obtaining this end. Receive them, O Father of mercies, in union with the passion and death of the same thy Son, and make me, although unworthy, partaker of this plenary indulgence.

Our Father. Hail Mary.

Prayer to God the Father, for the Exaltation of our
Holy Mother the Church.

O eternal Father, be mindful of thy congregation which thou hast possessed from the beginning. Acknowledge the Church as the spouse of thine only-begotten Son, for which he hesitated not to shed his blood. So exalt it, I beseech thee, with the beauty of holiness, the riches of grace, and the fulness of thine inheritance, that it may shine forth worthy of its divine Spouse, and of the great price of its redemption. Look mercifully upon all the sons of this holy Mother, and gather all nations into their number; that all may acknowledge, with living faith, thee the Father, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent, in the unity of the Holy Ghost,

• For obtaining the Indulgences, it is mfjicient to say with devotion five Our Fathers and five Hail MartfM; but the following are the forms commonly used. They are applicable either to those who use them or to the souls in purgatory, and may be said either at the time of the Jubilee or any other occasion.

one God; and may call upon thee with steadfast hope, and embrace thee with perfect charity. Amen.

Our Father. Hail Mary.

F. Behold, O Lord, and visit this vine.

W. And perfect that which thy right hand hath planted.

Look down, we beseech thee, O Lord, upon this thy family, for which our Lord Jesus Christ did not refuse to be delivered into the hands of sinners, and to undergo the torment of the cross; who livetb and reigneth with thee, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end. Amen.

To God the Son, for the Extirpation of Heresies. O Jesus, the true light that lightenest every one that cometh into the world, grant, I beseech thee, by the inestimable virtue of thy passion and death, that, the darkness of heresies and errors being driven away, all may embrace the light of thy truth, and be brought into the bosom of thy Church. O thou good Shepherd, who didst lay down thy life for thy sheep, protect thy flock, and defend it from the violence and cunning of those who come in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. Grant that all may acknowledge one shepherd, and be of one fold. Abide with us, O Lord, as thou hast said, Behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world. Make manifest that thy Church is founded on a rock, and that the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. Amen. Our Father. Hail Mary.

"f. Deliver not up to beasts of prey the souls that put their trust in thee.

If. And forget not, O Lord, for ever the souls of thy poor.

Hear the prayers of thy Church, O Lord, we beseech thee, and turn away thine anger from us ; that all adversities and errors being done away, we may serve thee in freedom and security; through our Lord, &c.

To the Holy Ghost, for Concord among Christian Princes.

O Holy Spirit, Spirit of love and peace, who hast gathered together so many and various nations in the unity of the faith, vouchsafe to grant to all Christian princes, and to their counsellors, the abundance of thy grace, and imbue their hearts with the new commandment of thy love; that all men may know by this that they are to be counted among the number of thine elect, and are worthy of the name of Christ. Grant that they may not be led away through covetousness to do any thing contrary to thy divine glory, and the peace of thy Church; but rather may strive, with united efforts, to bring the people committed unto them, together with themselves, to the vision of eternal peace, and to the heavenly Jerusalem. Amen.

Our Father. Hail Mary.

f. Let peace be in thy strength.

B/. And plenteousness in thy towers.

O God, from whom all holy desires, good counsels, and just works do proceed, give unto thy servants that peace which the world cannot give, that, our hearts being given up to obey thy commandments, and ourselves delivered from the fear of our enemies, our days, by thy protection, may be peaceably ordered, through Jesus Christ thy Son, our Lord, who, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, liveth and reignethwith thee, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

To the most Holy Trinity; offering up the Works
prescribed for obtaining the Indulgence.

O most holy Trinity, I trust I have now performed whatever hath been prescribed for obtaining a plenary indulgence for the punishment due to my sins. I confess that anywise I ought to have done all this, and much more, for thy divine Majesty, being bound thereto under a thousand titles. It is of thine infinite goodness and bountiful liberality alone that thou art pleased so abundantly to remunerate the worthless works of our bounden duty. Receive, therefore, O most holy Trinity, these works that I have done, in whatever way I may have done them, and grant that all their defects may be supplied by the merits of the passion and death of Jesus Christ our Lord, and by his most precious blood which was shed for us; and thus make me (or the soul of —) partaker of this plenary indulgence: for which mercy, O Lord, may all heaven and earth unite with me in giving praise and thanksgiving unto thee now and for ever. Amen.

Our Father. Hail Mary. The Te Deum, p. 140.

A Prayer for obtaining the effects of a Plenary Indulgence.

Accept, O almighty God, through the merits of thine only Son Jesus Christ, the intercession of his immaculate Mother, the blessed Virgin Mary, and the whole court of heaven, the communion I am about to make, to thy greater glory. Accept it in thanksgiving for thy innumerable benefits, to obtain the pardon of my sins, and grace to acquire a victory over my passions, particularly those to which I am most enslaved. (Name them.)

Considering that the debts which I owe to thy justice are so immense, that of myself I have not the means of discharging them, I have therefore recourse to the inexhaustible treasure of merit which thy Church, through its supreme Pastor, now holds forth to me. Grant me, O Lord, the dispositions to obtain such portion thereof as may be necessary to discharge the debt of temporal punishment due to my sins. Suffer me now to partake of the infinite merits of Christ, that the immense ransom which he has paid for my salvation being applied to my soul, I may be released from the punishment which it has otherwise so justly deserved. I beseech thee also, O most bountiful Lord, to pour down thy blessing upon thy holy Catholic Church; on its supreme pastor the Pope [name him] ; on the prelate to whom the care of thy flock in this diocese (or district) is committed [name

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