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niuc producam conn; David: * paravi lucernam Christo meo.

Inimicos ejus induam confusione : • super ipsum auteui efflorebit sanctificatio mea.

18 There will I bring forth a horn unto David: I have prepared a lamp for mine Anointed.

19 His enemies will I clothe with confusion: but upon himself shall my sanctifieation flourish.


(The Common of Virgins and Holy Women, and the
Vespers for New Year's Day, are the same.)

First Psalm, Dixit Dominus, as above, p. 95.
Second „ Laudate, pueri, p. 99.

Third Psalm, Psalm cxxi. Lcetatus sum.

Lietatus sum in his (jure dicta sunt mihi :* In domum Domini fbimus.

Stantes erant pedes nostri f in atriis tuis, Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, quae aedificatur ut civitas :* cujus participatio ejus in idipsum.

Illuc enim ascenderunt tribus, tribus Domini : * testimonium Israel ad confitendum nomini Domini.

Quia illic sederunt sedes in judicio : * sedes super domum David.

Rogue quae ad pacem

1 I was glad at the things that were said unto me: We will go into the house of the Lord.

2 Our feet were wont to stand: in thy courts, O Jerusalem.

3 Jerusalem, which is built as a city: that is at unity with itself.

4 For thither did the tribes go up, the tribes of the Lord: the testimony of Israel, to praise the name of the Lord.

5 For there are set the seats of judgment: the seats over the house of David.

6 Pray ye for the things Fourth Psalm, Psalm cxxvi. Nisi Dominus.

sunt Jerusalem :* et abundantia diligentibus te.

Fiat pax in virtute tua :* et abundantia in tuiribus tuis.

Propter fratres meos et proximos meos :* loquebar pacem de te.

Propter domutn Domini Dei nostri :* queesivi bona tibi.

Gloria, &c.

that are for the peace of Jerusalem: and plenteousness be to them that love thee.

7 Let peace be in thy strength: and plenteousness in thy towers.

8 For my brethren and companions' sake: I spake peace concerning thee.

9 Because of the house of the Lord our God: I have sought good things for thee.

Glory, &e.

Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum :* in vanum laboraverunt qui sedificant eam.

Nisi Dominus custodierit civitatem :* frustravigilat qui custodit eam.

Vanum est vobis ante lucem surgere : * surgite postquam sederitis, qui manducatis panem doloris.

Cum dederit dilectis suis somnum :* ecce hsereditas Domini filii, merces fructus ventris.

Sicut sagittse in manu potcntis :* ita filii excuss6 rum.

Beatus vir qui implevit

1 Unless the Lord build the house: they labour in vain that build it.

2 Unless the Lord keep the city: he watcheth in vain that keepeth it.

3 In vain ye rise before the light: rise not till ye have rested, O ye that eat the bread of sorrow.

4 When he hath given sleep to his beloved: lo, children are an heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb a reward.

5 Like as arrows in the hand of the mighty one: so are the children of those who have been cast out .

6 Blessed is the man

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Qui emittit eloquium suum terrae :* velociter currit sermo ejus.

Qui dat nivem sicut lanam :• nebulam sicut cinerem spargit.

Mittit crystallum suam sicut buccellas : * ante faciem frigoris ejus quis sustinebit?

Emittet verbum suum, et liquefaciet ea :* Habit, spiritus ejus, et fluent aquae.

Qui annuntiat verbum suum Jacob : * justitias et judicia sua Israel.

1 Praise the Lord, O Jerusalem : praise thy God, O Sion.

2 For he hath strengthened the bars of thy gates: he hath blessed thy children within thee.

3 He hath made peace within thy borders: and filleth thee with the fatness of corn.

4 He sendeth forth his commandment on the earth: his word runneth very swift


5 He giveth snow like wool: he scattereth the hoar-frost like ashes.

6 He sendeth his ice like morsels: who is able to abide his frost?

7 He shall send forth his word, and melt them: he shall blow with his wind, and the waters shall flow.

8 He maketh known his word unto Jacob: his statutes and ordinances unto Israel.

Non fecit taliter omni nationi:* etjudiciasuanon manifeatavit eis.

9 He hath not dealt so with any nation: neither hath he shewed them his judgments.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

G1oria Patri, &c.

Psalm cxvi. Laudate Dominum.

Laudate D6minum, om- 1 Praise the Lord, all ye

nes gentes: * laudate eum, gentiles : praise him, all ye

images p6puli: people:

Quuniam confirmSta est 2 For his mercy is consuper nos, miseric6rdia firmed upon us : and the ejus : * et Veritas D6mini truth of the Lord endureth manct in sternum, for ever.


First Vespers: last Psalm, Laudate Dominum. Second Vespers (and through the Octave): Fourth Psalm, De profundis, p. 136. Last do. Memento, Domine, p. 109.


First Vespers: last Psalm, Linda Dominum. Second Vespers: as on Sundays.


First Vespers: last Psalm, Laudate Dominum. Second Vespers: as in Common of Apostles.


First Vespers: last Psalm, Laudate Dominum. Second Vespers: last a Credidi, p. 105.


Second Vespers: last Psalm, Laudate Dominum.


1. Ps. Dixit, p. 95. 2. Confitebor, p. 96. 3 Credidi, p. 105. 4. Beati omnes, p. 139. 5. Lauda, Jerusalem, p. 113.


Last Psalm, Lauda, Jerusalem, p. 113.


The Reader begins, f. Jube, domnc, benedicere. "jf. Pray, Sir, a blessing. The Blessing.

Noctem quiet am, et finem May the Lord Almighty grant

perfectum concedat nobis Do- us a quiet night, and a perfect

minus omnipotens. end.

If. Amen. K". Amen.

Short Lesson. 1 St. Pet. v.

Fratres, sobrii estote, et vigilate: quia adversarius vester diabolus tamquam leo rugiens circuit, quaerens quem devoret: cui resistite fortes in fide. Tu autem, Domine, miserere nobis,

B/. Deo gratias.

V". Adjutorium nostrum in nomine Domini.

B/. Qui fecit ccelum et terrain.

Pater noster. (Dicitur totum secreto.)

Brethren, be sober, and watch: because your adversary the devil as a roaring liongoethabout, seeking whom he may devour; whom resist ye strong in faith. But do thou, O Lord, have mercy on us.

H". Thanks be to God.

y. Our help is in the name of the Lord.

B/. Who hath made heaven and earth.

Our Father, &c. (All in secret.)

Then the Hebdomadarius makes the Confession.

Confiteor Deo "'"'9" beat a* Mariae semper Virgini, beato Michaelo Archangelo, beato Joanni Baptistae, Sanctis Apostolis Petro et Paulo, omnibus Sanctis, et vobis, fratres: quia peccavi nimis cogitatione, verbo, et opere: mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Ideo precor beatam Mariam semper Virginem, beatum Michaelem Archangelum, beatumJoannem Baptistam, sanctos Apostolos Petrum et Paulum, omnes Sanc

I confess to almighty God, to blessed Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed John the Baptist, to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, to all the Saints, and to you, brethren: thatlhave sinned exceedingly in thought, word, and deed: through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. Therefore I beseech the blessed Mary ever Virgin, blessed Michael the Archangel, blessed John the

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