Sydenham: Or, Memoirs of a Man of the World ...

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E. L. Carey & A. Hart, 1833
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Strona 142 - ... sermo oritur, non de villis domibusve alienis, nee male necne Lepos saltet ; sed quod magis ad nos pertinet et nescire malum est agitamus : utrumne divitiis homines an sint virtute beati ; quidve ad amicitias, usus rectumne, trahat nos ; 75 et quae sit natura boni summumque quid eius.
Strona 13 - Schotten zum schutz ihres glaubensbekenntnisses. you my ans were to your propositions and I assure you it shall not be my fault if I doe not goe from hence to you to Heidleberg, as Cottrells letter uill tell you particullarlie. I ame verie sorie for the trouble you haue in your house. I had hoped that all had bene ended with the yeare but I finde by what Sophie and you write, it is renewed againe. I can say nothing else to it, but...
Strona 96 - Gentlemen," said he, drawing from his pocket a sheet of paper folded in the form of a letter,
Strona 142 - Pocula, seu modicis uvescit laetius. Ergo Sermo oritur, non de villis domibusve alienis, Nee male necne Lepos saltet...
Strona 16 - I am unacquainted, to offer yourself as a candidate to supply the vacancy in the representation of the county, occasioned by the death of Mr. Sotheby ?"
Strona 71 - He asked me what I had been doing with myself during the summer, and without pausing for a reply, ran into a history of his own transactions since we had parted.
Strona 156 - ... rely on them, they bend and totter, and ill brook supporting you.

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