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"By holy John, as to our tie was due, "My future life should, as my past, be true. "I need not, what he answer'd, here rehearse; "None bettter speaks than he, and none acts


"At length he bent his flight to distant fields. "When Rest full leisure to Reflection yields,

"This dangerous adage ruled, I deem, his mind, "All are on earth attracted to their kind.'

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Perhaps 'tis noticed by the race of man;

"And change and novelty no less its plan. "For birds in cages sumptuously are fed,

"Their floor below with softest covering spread; "And servants store, as waiting on their lord, "Of honey, sugar, milk, and bread, accord; "But, when the unfasten'd slider is drawn up, "The joyous prisoner spurns his brimming cup; "Swift to the woods escapes, in folly firm;

"And dainties leaves, contented with a worm.

"No sense of interest, and no sacred tie

"Can with Variety's allurement vie.

"Such proved my faithless mate, accursed the

❝ day!

< Though sprung from generous sires, and young, " and gay,

❝ Comely in person, humble, yet not shy,

« He saw a kite, of winning figure fly;

"He saw-and loved! and with relentless basic, "His falcon's image from his mind effaced.

"His love now honours the detested kite;

And I in vain deplore my ravish'd right.”

Fast, as she ended, from the falcon flow'd
Her tears: she fell again, a senseless load.
Whom, in her lap, fair Canace receives.
The train attendant, with the princess grieves,
Prompt each attention to the oppress'd to shew;
And shrill resounds the voice of Female Woe.
Homeward they bear the falcon, faint and weak,
And bind the wounds inflicted by her beak.

The princess herbs from fields adjoining bears And salves, the pride of housewifery, prepares, To heal her bird; and, form'd with care its shed, Suspends it anxious at her couch's head.

'Tis painted all within of sober blue,
Unchanging Constancy's peculiar hue;
But green denotes a fickle bent without,
Where every bird whose faith is held in doubt.
Titmice, and hawks, and owls, appear to stand,
And the pie hops, with ceaseless noise, at hand.
Her presence, still importunate observed,
Like chattering Censure, shew'd what they deserved.
Here will I leave the falcon, day and night
Tended with care by her protectress bright;
Nor more describe the wonders of the ring,
Till I may show the reconcilement spring
From good Camballo's offices benign,
And the wild hawk his lawless love resign.

Now I proceed to speak of battles dread,
Where, fired with glory, valiant Tartars bled;
And strange adventures, filling with amaze,
Of fame, unequall'd in all former days.

First will I tell you of Cambuscan brave,
To whom proud Conquest many a city gave;
Next him, who Theodora had to wife,
In battle won, the valiant Algarsife,

Condemn'd through danger to delight to pass,
And only rescued by his horse of brass;

Then will I tell you with what champion fought
The adventurous brothers, who the princess sought,
The beauteous Canace; thus hard to win:
And still, where I left off, will next begin.






ARE' Aston's hearths yet summon'd to supply The needful heat autumnal days deny?

O skill'd to draw 2 from British harps anew Those3 martial sounds that fear of death subdue; Or soothing, shew the sufferings Love can cause, The grief of shepherds, and the garden's laws;



ADMOVIT jam bruma foco te Basse, Sabiño? Jámne2 lyra, et tetrico vivunt tibi pectine chordæ ? Mire opifex numeris veterum primordia vocum, Atque 3 marem strepitum fidis intendisse Latinæ, Mox 4 juvenes aitare jocos, et pollice honesto

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