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Fears and Terrors; encompassed about with thick Clouds of Sadness! But yet I hope to see the Goodness of the Lord in the Land of the Living. — Lord, fanctify this great Affliction to me ! And let nor any of the Devil's Temptations prevail with me, to let go my hope in Cbrift. Grant me, I beseech thee, Trust and Affiance in thy Mercy; and lét me not make Sin my Refuge, or feek Comfort and Redress from any indirect Means: But patiently wait on thee, O God, who alone bringest down, and raisést up; who killest, and makest alive. O Lord, be pleas’d to pardon, and forgive me all my Sins; and to hcal all my Bodily Weaknesses and Infirmities, and to quiet and compofe my Spirits. O Lord, speak Peace unto me thy Servant; give thy Servant the Blessiog of Peace. - Thou searchest me out, and knowest me : Thou understandest my Thoughts long before. Thou art about my Path, and about my Bed; and feeft in what Sadnefs I pafs the Day and the Night. 0 Lord, send down the Holy Ghost the Comforter, to enlighten and comfort my poor Soul, and to fanctify and hallow all the Faculties and Powers thereof. Cleanse it of all prophane; impure, revengeful, wandring, or desponding Thoughts, and all other evil Imaginations; and let not my Heart bé inclined to any evil Thing. Vouchsafe,


A PRAYER, &c. I beseech thee, O Lord, to direct, sanctify, and govern both my Heart and Body in the Ways of thy Laws, and in the Works of thy Commandments; that among all the Changes and Chances of this mortal Life, I may ever be defended by thy most gracious and ready Help. And, O Lord God Almighty, unto whom all Hearts are open, all Delires known, and from whom no Secrets are hid, cleanse the Thoughts of my Heart by the Inspiration of thy Holy Spirit, that I may perfectly love thee, and worthily magnify thy holy Name. Thou feeft, O Lord, that I have no Power of myself; keep me therefore, both outwardly in my Body, and inwardly in my Soul; that I may be defended from all Adversities, which may happen to the Body, and from all Evil Thoughts, which may affault and hurt the Soul: And at last bring me to that blessed State, where I shall ferve

, love, and worship thee, without Fear or Diftraction; and be out of the reach of all my Spiritual Enemies, and enjoy consummate Tranquillity, and Bliss. And all I most humbly and carnestly beg, in and through the meritorious Agonies and Death of Jelus Christ, our only Lord and Saviour. Amen.

Our Father, 83C.

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