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London Printed by W. Clowes,





II.-Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Straits,

to co-operate with the Polar Expeditions. Performed in

his Majesty's Ship Blossom, under the command of Cap-

tain F. W. Beechey, R.N.

(1 to) 57

III.-1. Two Lectures on Population, delivered before the Uni-

versity of Oxford. By Nassau William Senior, Professor

of Political Economy.

2. The Law of Population. A Treatise in Six Books, in

disproof of the Superfecundity of Human Beings, and

developing the Real Principle of their Increase. By

Michael Thomas Sadler, M.P.

3. Mr. Sadler's Reply to an Article in the Edinburgh Review,


4. Letters on Systematic Colonization and the Bill now

before Parliament, &c. By Charles Tennant, Esq., M.P. 97

IV.-Fragments of Voyages and Travels, including Anecdotes

of a Naval Life; chiefly for the use of young persons.

By Captain Basil Hall, R.N., F.R.S.


V.-1. Conspiration pour l'Egalité, dite de Babeuf; suivie du

Procès auquel elle donna lieu, et des Pièces justificatives,

&c. Par Philippo Buonarroti.

2. Haute Cour de Justice. Copie des Pièces saisies dans le


que Babeuf occupoit lors de son Arrestation 167

VI.-1. Statements, Calculations, and Explanations, submitted

to the Board of Trade, relating to the Commercial, Fi-

nancial, and Political State of the British West India

Colonies, since the 19th of May, 1830.

2. The Conduct of the British Government towards the

Church of England in the West India Colonies. In a

Letter to Viscount Goderich, Secretary of State for the

Colonial Department. By Vindex.

3. Some Considerations on the Present State of our West

India Colonies, and on the Regulations which influence

their Industry and Trade. By a West India Proprietor,

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