Peace in the Fire Volume III

Przednia okładka
AuthorHouse, 2004 - 172

Despite the devotion and hard work that Kate Kinsey had put into her marriage, divorce had become her only option to rid herself of the lying and cheating of her husband Jack. Meeting Steven Reese was happenstance, falling in love with the new man had brought more turmoil to her already troubled life. Even her parents had taken Jack's side in order to bring the two back together, making her life more unsettled.

Steven had ghosts from his past that held him back from committing himself to another woman. Meeting Kate and watching her go through what he had suffered with his first wife gave him an insight to what men feel during divorce. Comparing his fate to Kate's dilemma nearly cost him a soul mate.

If things could get no worse for Kate, she meets another man who is not only interested in her, but pursues her to the point of relocating from Los Angeles to Chicago to be near her. Greg Jensen is not only persistent but wealthy.

Kate having lived with Jack makes her leery of what men have to offer. Not impressed with Greg or his money while on a quest to help Steven creates strange circumstances for the twenty four year old.

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