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It is so represented in the hands of Henri Sieg ing almost to the ground, and escallopped at neur de Metz, Marechal de France, in the chureh the edges. of Notre Dame de Chartres.

A representation of Katharine, Queen of Eng The female costume of this period was dis- land, exists in the carving of an oak chest in the figured by a most extravagantly high and pro- Treasury of York Cathedral. jecting horned head-dress, curious examples of Isabelle of Bavaria, her mother, is engraved in which are to be seen in the royal MS. marked Montfaucon, from a MS. in the French Royal 15 D. 3, and in the effigy of Beatrice, Countess Library, wearing the high, heart-shaped headof Arundel, engraved in Stothard’s ‘Monumental dress, introduced into England in the reign of Effigies. The rest of the habit was rather grace- Henry VI., but, probably, worn earlier in Franee. ful than otherwise ; consisting, in general, of a There are several other portraits of her in the long and full robe confined by a rich girdle, steeple head-dress, a still later fashion, contemhigh in the neck, the waist moderately short, porary in England with the reign of Edward and the sleeves like those of the men, reach. IV.

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