Underneath the Bragg Peaks: Structural Analysis of Complex Materials

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Elsevier, 16 paź 2003 - 404
* Introducing a unique method to study the atomic structure of nano-materials
* Award winning research. Takeshi Egami received the 2003 Eugene Bertram Warren Diffraction Physics Award for the work described in the book.

This book focuses on the structural determination of crystalline solids with extensive disorder. Well-established methods exist for characterizing the structure of fully crystalline solids or fully disordered materials such as liquids and glasses, but there is a dearth of techniques for the cases in-between, crystalline solids with internal atomic and nanometer scale disorder. Egami and Billinge discuss how to fill the gap using modern tools of structural characterization. While this subject might sound rather narrow, the fact is that today this problem is encountered in the structural characterization of a surprisingly wide range of complex materials of interest to modern technology and is becoming increasingly important.

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Chapter 2 Crystallographic Analysis of Complex Materials
Chapter 3 The Method of Total Scattering and Atomic Pair Distribution Function Analysis
Chapter 4 Total Scattering Experiments
Chapter 5 Data Collection and Analysis
Chapter 6 Extracting Structural Information from the PDF
Chapter 7 Dynamics of the Local Structure
Chapter 8 Structure of WellOrdered Crystals
Chapter 9 Defects Nanocrystalline and Crystallographically Challenged Materials
Chapter 10 Local Structure of Systems with Competing Interactions
Chapter 11 Phase Transitions
Chapter 12 Concluding Remarks
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