Lavater's Looking-glass: Or, Essays on the Face of Animated Nature, from Man to Plants

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M. Ritchie and sold by Messrs. Richardsons, 1800 - 216

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Strona 171 - The glory of his noftrils is terrible. He paweth in the valley, and rejoiceth in his ftrength. He goeth on to meet the armed men. He mo'cketh at fear, and is not affrighted ; neither turneth he back from the fword. The quiver rattleth againft him ; the glittering fpear and the fhield. He fwalloweth the ground with fiercenefs and rage ; neither believeth he that it is the found of the trumpet.
Strona 172 - Th' impatient courfer pants in ev'ry vein, And pawing, feems to beat the diftant plain ; Hills, vales, and floods appear already crofs'd, And ere he ftarts, a thoufand fteps are loft.
Strona 171 - Freed from his keepers, thus, with broken reins, The wanton courser prances o'er the plains, Or in the pride of youth o'erleaps the mounds, And snuffs the females in forbidden grounds. Or seeks his wat'ring in the...
Strona 172 - The fiery courser, when he hears from far The sprightly trumpets, and the shouts of war, Pricks up his ears, and trembling with delight, Shifts pace, and paws; and hopes the promis'd fight.
Strona 171 - He fwalloweth the ground with fiercenefs and rage ; neither believeth he that it is the found of the trumpet. He faith among the trumpets— Ha, ha! and he fmelleth the battle afar off; the thunder of the captains, and the fhouting!
Strona 172 - Ruffles at speed, and dances in the wind. His horny hoofs are jetty black and round; His chine is double; starting, with a bound He turns the turf, and shakes the solid ground. Fire from his eyes, clouds from his nostrils flow: He bears his rider headlong on the foe.
Strona 172 - He smelleth the battle afar off," and what follows about the shouting, is a circumstance expressed with great spirit by Lucan. So when the ring with joyful shouts rebounds, With rage and pride the imprison'd courser bounds : He frets, he foams, he rends his idle rein ; Springs o'er the fence, and headlong seeks the plain.
Strona 171 - ... writings. I cannot but particularly observe, that whereas the classical poets chiefly endeavour to paint the outward figure, lineaments, and motions; the sacred poet makes all the beauties to flow from an inward principle in the creature he describes, and thereby gives great spirit and vivacity to his description.
Strona 79 - Grace was in all her fteps, Heav'n in her eye. In every gefture dignity and love.
Strona 171 - And muffs the females in forbidden grounds. Or feeks his watering in the well-known flood, To quench his thirft, and cool his fiery blood : • He fwims luxuriant in the liquid plain, And o'er his fhoulder flows his waving mane: He He neighs , he fnorts, he bears his head on high; Before his ample cheft the frothy waters fly.

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