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Cope T., Esq., Coventry
Cope Mrs., ditto, 2 copies
Cope Mrs., Leamington, 2 copies
Cope Miss, Osbaston Hall
Cope Miss E., ditto
Chaytor Mrs., Worthing
Collins Mrs., Coventry
Carter Mrs., Little Park-street, ditto
Clark Mrs. William, ditto, 2 copies
Cramp Miss, ditto
Clowes Mrs., ditto
Caldicott Mrs., ditto
Courmouls Miss, Kenilworth

Draper Mrs., Kenilworth
Draper Mrs. R., ditto, 2 copies
Draper Charles, Esq., ditto
Dowson Mrs., Coventry
Dresser Mrs. Charles, ditto, 3 copies

Ewart Colonel, Coventry
Eld Mrs., ditto

Frizell Mrs., Coventry
Franklin Miss, ditto
Goldney Rev. H. N., Henley-in-Arden
Goldney F. B., Esq., Manor House, Brixton
Gibson Rev. E., Allesley
Grant Miss E., Coventry
Grant Miss M., ditto
Gulson Mrs., ditto
Gorl Mrs., Teignmouth
Hunt Leigh, Esq., London, 2 copies
Hunt Miss Leigh, Tamworth
Harding Charles, Esq., ditto
Howells Mrs., Coventry
Howe Mrs., ditto
Hammerton Mrs., ditto
Hill Miss, ditto, 8 copies
Hands Mrs. R., ditto
Harris Miss, ditto
Hewitt Miss, Leamington
Hyatt Miss, ditto

Jackson Mrs., Leamington
Jeffcoat Mrs., Coventry
Jefferys Mrs., Nuneaton

Iliffe Miss, ditto

Kittermaster Dr., Meriden, 2 copies
Kittermaster Mrs., ditto
Kent Mrs., Tamworth

Laxon Mrs., Coventry
Lapworth Mrs., Nuneaton
Leavis Miss, ditto
Lockwood Mrs., ditto, 2 copies

McTaggart J., Esq., Tamworth, 2 copies
Marshall Mrs. C., London
Mitchell William, Esq., Highgate
Mitchell G., Esq., ditto
Matthews Mrs., Atherstone
Mercer Mrs., Coventry
Mousley Mrs., Cold Ashby

Nason Mrs., Nuneaton
Newark Mr. T., Coventry
Newark Mrs., ditto
Odell Mrs. W., Coventry
Ogilvy Mrs., ditto
Peel, the Lady Jane, Baginton Hall, 2 copies
Pye Mrs., Clifton Hall, 2 copies
Parr Mrs., Kenilworth, 2 copies
Patullo Mrs., Brodie Cottage, Scotland, 2 copies
Parsons Mrs., Tamworth
Power Mrs. H., Atherstone, 2 copies
Parker Mrs. C., London
Parker Miss, Eton College
Parker Miss C., ditto
Pearman Mrs., Coventry
Pears A. H., Esq., Foleshill
Pears Mrs., ditto
Righton Mrs., Tamworth, 2 copies
Ratliff Mrs., Coventry

Ronalds Mrs., Primrose Hill
Ronalds Miss, ditto
Rann Mrs., Leamington
Rann Richard, Esq., Wormleighton

Smedley Miss, Derby, 10 copies
Shawe Mrs. Pole, Hints Hall, 2 copies
Smith Mrs., Mifield House
Stevens T. B., Esq., Tamworth
Sheepshanks Mrs., Coventry
Slingsby Mrs., ditto
Slingsby Miss, ditto
Soden Mrs. William, ditto
Smith Miss, Leamington
Shyrte Mrs., Witton Hall
Shenton Mrs., Wells Green

Tongue Mrs., Comberford Hall, 2 copies
Thickins Rev. John, Fillongley
Tatlock Mrs., Coventry
Troughton Mrs., ditto
Troughton Miss, ditto
Troughton Miss S., ditto

Vaughton Miss, Fillongley Lodge
Vale S., Esq., Coventry, 2 copies

Willington Mrs., Tamworth, 2 copies
Woody Mrs., ditto
Woody J., Esq., ditto
Woodcock E. H., Esq., Coventry
Woodcock Mrs., ditto
Woodcock Miss, ditto
Woodcock Mrs. C., ditto
Watson Mrs., Whitehaven
Warner Mr. H., Coventry
Waters Mrs., Coundon
Wilmot Miss, ditto

Just published, by the same Author, STEPS TO KNOWLEDGE;




“Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to min'?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And the days o' lang syne?"


In the winter of 1832, a party was assembled at the seat of Sir Alfred De Courcy, which consisted of Sir Alfred and Lady De Courcy; their four children, William, Adelaide, Amelia, and Henry; Mr. Mandeville, brother to Lady De Courcy, who, with his daughter Edith, had just arrived from India ; his son Captain Mandeville, from an expedition to the frozen ocean; and a schoolboy and girl, one from Ireland, Anna, niece to Lady De Courcy, the other, Donald, from Scotland, nephew to Sir Alfred.

They had been unexpectedly joined by Mr. Frederick De Courcy, Sir Alfred's younger brother, who had been a wanderer in Arabia and the Holy Land, and who was so great a favourite amongst them, that his being called away to visit Norway, Sweden, and Lapland, before the termination of the Christmas holidays, was the cause of great regret. He, too, though going to countries he had long wished to traverse, grieved to quit De Courcy Lodge, (such was the name of Sir Alfred's seat,) and remarked that, should he even return in the autumn, many changes would in all probability have taken place among its present inmates : Mr. Mandeville and Edith would, most likely, be settled in a home of their own; Donald and Anna, be at school; and Capt. Mandeville gone on another voyage.

Mr. Mandeville had endeavoured to impress upon their minds the uncertainty of all human enjoyments, or rather the certainty of their passing away; and that, therefore, though we ought to be grateful for, and enjoy every present blessing, it is but courting disappointment to set our hearts upon them, whilst the blessings of another life are unchangeable and everlasting, and on that account alone would be worthy of our strongest exertions to obtain. But the additional de. light which a religious mind experiences in all

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