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§. 1. Reference to the general division of the whole mind.

Ir will be recollected, that we proposed, as the basis of our inquiries, the general division of the mind into the Intellect, the Sensibilities, and the Will. These great departments of the mind are not only generically distinct; but the difference between them is so clear and marked, it is surprising they should have been so often confounded together. They are not only different in their nature, a fact which is clearly ascertained by Consciousness, in its cognizance of their respective acts; but are separated from each other, as all observation shows, by the relations, which they respectively sustain. The Intellect or Understanding comes first in order, and furnishes the basis of action to the other great departments of the mind. It is this portion of the mind, which we have endeavored to examine; and which we are now about to leave for the purpose of advancing into departments of our mental nature, which, considered in reference to the Intellect, may be regarded as more remote and interior.

In examining the INTELLECT, we were aided by adopting the classification, founded in nature, into intellectual states of External origin, and intellectual states of Internal origin. A classification, which seems sufficiently to authorize the expressions, External Intellect and Internal Intellect; expressions founded on the fact, that the intellectual action sometimes takes place in direct connection with outward objects, and sometimes independently of such connection. This

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