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When man had been created, and out of him his bride,
The Tempter entered Eden and talked with her-aside :
He spoke of wondrous knowledge and thus beguiled her heart,
She ate the fruit forbidden and gave the man a part.

Adam was not deceived and utter death incurred,
As God before had spoken and man before had heard;
Then man was straightway exiled with his less guilty wife,
And driven forth from Eden-debarred the Tree of Life.

Most justly were they banished from Eden and the Tree,
But mercy marked the margin of that divine decree ;
For sin has thus a limit and shall not reign alway,
Nor man in sin and sorrow live on and on for aye.

And ere the man was exiled with his less guilty wife,
The words of doom were spoken on one with sin most rife;
The Serpent, the Deceiver who caused the deadly deed,
Was told of his destruction by Woman's wondrous Seed.

Outside the bounds of Eden a sinful race arose,
Brought forth both weak and mortal and heirs of many woes ;.
The Episode of Evil thus moved along its way,
Led by the power of darkness until the judgment day.


The Woman's Seed predicted in greatest mystery came;
God Son of God-incarnate, and Jesus was His name ;
The Serpent saw Him human in feeble infancy,
And straightway sought to slay Him, thro' Herod's enmity.

Incensed with subtle hatred the Serpent sought the Seed,
And found Him in a desert when at His utmost need ;
But there in human weakness He signally prevailed,
O’er all the power of evil wherewith he was assailed.

Filled with the Holy Spirit—the Son of God confessed,
He went about in mercy relieving the distressed;
The oppressed by that old Serpent he healed and filled with joy,
And in due time will utterly the devil's works destroy.
The fierce and final conflict upon the cross was waged,
While holy angels witnessed-while men and devils raged;
The Serpent struck the Seed then, and sorely crushed his heel,
But of his own destruction he then received the seal.

For Jesus triumphed gloriously over all his mighty foes,
And spoiled the hosts of evil who 'gainst the right arose ;
The Episode of Evil He brought beneath His sway,
And, dying, wrought redemption on that victorious day.

He rose again immortal-He reigns in life on high,
No more to veil His glory, nor lay His power by;
And thence the life eternal He gives in love most free,
Life, soon to be completed in immortality.


By grace of God the Father we now in Christ believe,
Through Him from God the Father we life and good receive;
To Him the Father gave us—His joy and just reward,
And by all saints and angels He's honoured and adored.
In Christ we have redemption -redeemed by His own blood;
And now are we the children of God—the living God;
By Christ too represented before our Father's face;
And thus are shown the riches of God's abounding grace.
Our Lord will come in glory-almighty power is His,
To chain that ancient Serpent, and bind him in th' abyss :
Then will He crown with glory His chosen, ransomed Bride,
She, like her Lord, immortal, and seat her near His side.
He then will rescue Israel, and save them by His grace-
Will save in loving kindness that ancient chosen race :
Jerusalem shall then be the centre of His sway,
And all Earth's kings and princes His mandates must obey.
Evil shall then be shackled by His Almighty hand,
And good in rich abundance flow from Immanuel's land :
Rebellion must lie prostrate, nor dare lift up its head,
For Christ's majestic glory will fill his foes with dread.
Messiah's righteous sceptre shall rule o'er all the earth,
And peace, with plenteous blessing, shall fill the scene with mirth :
All Israel then shall triumph and glorify their king-
Adore Jehovah-Jesus, and of His conquests sing.


But when Messiah's kingdom of “ thousand years” is past,
Then shall the ancient Serpent be loosed to do his last;
Deceived by him the nations will all their might employ,
Against the holy City-but God will them destroy.
Then comes the final judgment before the great white throne,
And all ungodly sinners their righteous Judge shall own-
The Judge whose sentence limits all sin and suff'ring too,
And yields to men and devils nought but their righteous due.
Then will the Seed of Woman-the Firstborn from the dead,
Tread down that ancient Serpent, and bruise his evil head;
Will crush him to destruction, and all his works destroy,
While saints and angels triumph with shouts of holy joy.

The Episode of Evil till then moves on its way;
But at that consummation it shall have passed away,
All evil shall have perished-shall never more be found ;
And highest good shall flourish-beatitude abound.
The universe all perfect-made one in Christ the Head,
Shall praise with holy fervour-praise Him who once was dead ;
Praise Him who died to conquer-praise Him who came with might,
“ To terminate the evil, and diadem the right.”
Then will the Son surrender bis mediatorial sway,
And unto God the Father most loving homage pay,
While myriads of immortals His wondrous ways extol,

So that, in absoluteness, “ God may be all in all."
Mannamead, Plymouth.



SIGHING FOR RELIEF. felt when a younger man.

He felt DEAR SIR,- In the course of the the burden of the Lord, but he discussions which have been taking dared not forbear proclaiming what place among the United Presbyte- he believed to be the truth. They rian clergymen here, over the case of would all feel it a relief if they Mr. Macrae, of Gourock, many could, on an honest interpretation of things bave been said, deeply sug. the Bible, come to the conclusion that gestive of the utter perplexity in sin and misery would ultimately which the traditional dogma of end- perish in God's universe. If, on an less misery has landed its advocates; hovest and conscientious interpretabut none more significant than the tion of the Scriptures, they could following words of Dr. Joseph come to such a conclusion, that Brown, of this city. After depreca- would be such a relief, that he ting the “ presumption of Mr. thought a man might be willing to Macrae's" sitting in judgment on sacrifice his position in any Church the Divine“ government”—(which, in Christendom in order to enjoy by the way, was scarcely what Mr. that comfort and the joy of preachMacrae was doing in denouncing a

ing it.” misrepresentation of the revealed It is impossible not to sympathise method of that government)- Dr. with the venerable speaker in bis Brown went on to say :-“ He did distress. Yet it seems to me that not wonder that Mr. Macrae had the wished for “relief,” is found in felt the burden of the punishment his own words, had he but the wisof the lost. They had all felt that dom or the courage to apply it. that was the burden of the Lord; He wishes he could believe " that and the longer he lived and preached, sin and misery would ultimately he felt more the burden, and spoke perish in God's universe” – by upon that snbject with a tremulous- which term he means, become extinct, ness and solemnity on his spirit come to an end, cease to be. Suppose, that he did not remember to have then, that be apply to the Scripture

use of the same term, the interpre- most persistent of hallucinations, tation " he would have us pot upon which bids Dr. Brown, and his it in his own lips. He would then fellows maintain that sinners are be able both to warn and to persuade imperishablein spite of the commen without the overwhelming sense bined and emphatic testimony of that he was charged with a message both the silence and the speech of whose justice he could scarcely Scripture to the contrary. venture to defend. He would be

M. W. STRANG. able to proclaim the true burden of the Lord against the impenitent- Mount Florida, Glasgow.

. heavy, doubtless, as all threats of penalty must be, yet credible" Except ye repent, ye shall all CONSTABLE'S WORKS. likewise perish." (Luke xiii. 3, 5; Dear Sir, I have several copies also 2 Peter ii. 12.) And with

on band of my works on what fresh meaning would he be

Duration and Nature of Future able to beseech men to betake them

Punishment and " Hades." I selves to the fountain of life, opened

should be glad if the friends of the up in the love of Him who came

truth would help me to circulate into the world, “ that whosoever

the above at 3s. 6d. per copy, post believeth in Him should not perish, free. Apply with post office order but have everlasting life !" I know

or stamps to of nothing which can prevent the

Rev. Henry CONSTABLE, acceptance of such a method of interpretation as “ honest and con

34, St. Thomas Road, scientious,"except that strangest and

Hackney, E,



The Infidel Apostasy of the Last Anglo-Israelism Refuted. A Lec

A Days. London: Haughton and ture, By Robert Roberts, of Co.

Birmingham. London: Pitman. True enough, there will be such This is in reply to a lecture by an apostasy--there is, and has been Edward Hine. What Mr. Hine for centuries, and it will grow worse; said we do not know; but of this but an address delivered in 1869, we are quite sure, that Mr. Roberts, with “ Introduction” dated clever as he is, will never refute 1878, though the subject is always Anglo-Israelism. Some of the arimportant, is somewhat out of date guments in the lecture are very weak for a notice.

for a strong man like Mr. Roberts.



THE RAINBOW: I Magazine of Christian Literature, with Special Reference to the

Rebealed future of the Church and tge World.



CONDITIONAL IMMORTALITY ASSOCIATION. HE Second Annual Conference of the above Association will

(D.V.) be held in Maberly Chapel, Balls Pond Road, Kingsland, London, N., on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 1879.

The following is the plan of services and meetings to be held on the occasion : SUNDAY, August 31st.-Special sermons will be delivered in the

London District, in the chapels shown in the “Visitors'

Guide.” Monday, September 1st.-A meeting of the “ Central Board” to

prepare reports and digest of business. Tea at 4. Meeting at

5 p.m. Tuesday, September 2nd.

9.30 a.m. Meeting for prayer. 10.30 a.m. Meeting of Delegates and Subscribers. (At each

day's (morning) meetings, the President, Henry J. Ward,

Esq., of Liverpool, will preside.) 1.30 p.m. Public dinner, tickets 1s. 3d. each. (N.B.- Dinner

will be provided each day of the Conference at the same time

and price.) 3.0 p.m. Public meeting. Chairman-Rev. W. Lcask, D.D., who will also preside at each day's (afternoon) meetings. Paper by Rev. Henry Constable, M.A., late Prebendary of Cork,

Conditional Immortality Tested by Admitted Doctrines."
Paper by Rev. Thos. Vasey, of Briùguorth, " The Fall; its Effecis

on the Nature and Constitution of Man, and his Redemption

therefrom." N.B.-At the afternoon meetings twenty minutes will be allowed,

following each paper, for questions or remarks thereon; the reader having the right to reply.


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