The Mystery of Numbers: Revealed Through their Digital Root

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 4 sty 2011 - 214
(Please note that this is the 1st edition. a much larger 2nd edition has already been published.)What is it that relates all these different things together?-The subatomic particles and the geometrical patterns of the Vedic square.-The procession of the equinox; the Mayan dooms day; the Hindu's Brahma cycle; and the destruction of Atlantis. -The hydrogen atom and the golden section. -Fibonacci numbers, alchemy and consciousness.-Nikola Tesla, the octave scale and Pythagoras' music of the spheres.-Plants' phyllotaxis, Solfeggio frequencies and the planets of our solar system. It is: Numbers, or more precisely, their digital root.In this book the author examines the amazing world of numbers, particularly those which have intrigued and fascinated ancient and modern mathematicians alike. However, he does it from a very novel point of view; by implementing the digital root operation, in which the individual digits of any of these numbers are summed up until a single digit is left over. The author will show that when applying this simple operation to magical numbers, and to many other groups of numbers, an amazing world of hidden interconnections; repetition cycles; numerical symmetries; and geometrical patterns emerges. Especially so when the geometrical (the circle) and the numerical aspects of the digital root world are combined together. It is in this circular/numerical world where numbers, individually or collectively, exist in their most basic, never the less, perfect and symmetrical states, and where the basic nine numbers are differentiated into triplet groups of intriguing properties and presence.Along the way, the author will also show how these new revelations of the digital root world are in fact corroborating and strengthening the numerological and mystical qualities that have been claimed to numbers by philosophers and mystics throughout the ages. This book will take us on a numerical and spiritual journey: starting from prime and figurate numbers; to Fibonacci sequence and the golden section; to alchemy and the Mayan calendar; to finally conclude with the mysterious 4th dimension. In all, this book presents a very unique and intriguing perspective of the numerical world, which will forever alter our perception not just toward numbers, but also toward the whole universe at large.

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Informacje o autorze (2011)

Talal Ghannam is a PhD holder in Physics. His physics research concentrates on light in both of its aspects: the classical and the quantum mechanical. This dichotomy in the nature of light; being a wave and a particle at the same time, among many other unexplained physical phenomena, was one of the reasons that urged him to explore the meaning behind everything in the natural world; from forces to particles, to patterns etc. His research spans many disciplines including: alchemy, alternative or spiritual science, sacred numbers and geometry, numerology, among many others. He is also very much interested in the mysterious aspect of history, especially in its unorthodox version.

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