A History of the Town of Franklin, Mass: From Its Settlement to the Completion of Its First Century, 2d March, 1878; with Genealogical Notices of Its Earliest Families, Sketches of Its Professional Men, and a Report of the Centennial Celebration

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Committee of the Town, 1879 - 289

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Strona 49 - In case the Congress should think it necessary for the safety of the United Colonies to declare them independent of Great Britain, the inhabitants, with their lives and the remnant of their fortunes, will most cheerfully support them in the measure.
Strona 70 - Our ancestors from Catholic became first Church-of -England men, and then refined into Presbyterians. To change now from Presbyterianism to Popery seems to me refining backwards, from white sugar to brown. I have written to Dr. Price, of London, requesting him to make a choice of proper books to commence a library for the use of the inhabitants of Franklin.
Strona 166 - I accepted the secretaryship in June, 1837, until May, 1848, when I tendered my resignation of it, I labored in this cause an average of not less than fifteen hours a day; from the beginning to the end of this period I never took a single day for relaxation, and months and months together passed without my withdrawing a single evening to call upon a friend.
Strona 36 - WHATEVER brawls disturb the street, There should be peace at home; Where sisters dwell and brothers meet Quarrels should never come. Birds in their little nests agree ; And 'tis a shameful sight, When children of one family Fall out, and chide, and fight. Hard names at first, and threatening words, That are but noisy breath, May grow to clubs and naked swords, To murder and to death.
Strona 42 - ... to meet together at such time and place as shall be expressed in said warrant to choose such officers as towns are authorized by law to choose, and transact other such lawful matters as shall be expressed in said warrant.
Strona 9 - We whose names are hereunto subscribed, do in the fear and reverence of our Almighty God mutually and severally promise amongst ourselves, and each to other, to profess and practice one faith according to that most perfect rule, the foundation whereof is everlasting love.
Strona 45 - ... blessings precarious in their enjoyment, and consequently trifling in their value. Let us disappoint the men, who are raising themselves on the ruin of this country. Let us convince every invader of our freedom, that we will bean free, as the Constitution our Fathers recognized, will justify.
Strona 42 - FRANKLIN, and invested with all the powers, Privileges and Immunities that Towns in this State do or may enjoy. "And be it further enacted, by the Authority aforesaid, That the inhabitants of the...
Strona 40 - Therefore be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of the State of Massachusetts...
Strona 211 - Henceforth so long as I hold this office I devote myself to the supremest welfare of mankind upon earth.

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