The Works in Verse and Prose, of William Shenstone, Esq;: Essays on men, manners, and things. A description of The Leasowes, the seat of the late William Shenstone, Esq. Verses to Mr. Shenstone

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R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-mall., 1764 - 345

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Strona 350 - Hoc erat in votis : modus agri non ita magnus, Hortus ubi et tecto vicinus jugis aquae fons Et paulum silvae super his foret. Auctius atque Di melius fecere. Bene est. Nil amplius oro, Maia nate, nisi ut propria haec mihi munera faxis.
Strona 333 - The turf, with daisies broider'd o'er. Exceeds, we wot, the Parian floor; Nor yet for artful strains we call, But listen to the water's fall. Would you then...
Strona 230 - Perhaps it is the only time he ought to be regarded: " Aperit prscordia Liber." Patience is the Panacea; but where does it grow, or who can swallow it. Wits uniformly exclaim against fools, yet fools are their proper foil; and it is from them alone they can learn what figure themselves make.
Strona 45 - ... paradoxes believed and well-accepted. His image, like that of a sovereign, could give an additional value to the most precious...
Strona 217 - A gentleman of fortune will be often complaining of taxes ; that his estate is inconsiderable ; that he can never make so much of it as the world is ready to imagine. A mere citizen, on the other hand, is always aiming to...
Strona 389 - He cultur'd his thyme for the bees, But never would rifle their cell. Ye lambkins that play'd at his feet, Go bleat — and your master bemoan ; His music was artless and sweet, His manners as mild as your own.
Strona 137 - ... appears to me the most proper designer. The misfortune of it is, that these painters are apt to regard the execution of their work, much more than the choice of subject.
Strona 368 - And while the fight unveils a part, Let fancy paint the reft. Let coy referve with coft unite To grace your wood or field ; No ray...
Strona 339 - Other cafcades may poffibly have the advantage of a greater defcent, and a larger torrent, but a more wild and romantic appearance of water, and at the fame time ftriftly natural, is what I never law in any place whatever.
Strona 230 - Do not regard what he says, now he is in liquor." Perhaps it is the only time he ought to be regarded :

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