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Strona 134 - When thus he met his mother's view, She had the passions of her kind, She spake some certain truths of you. Indeed I heard one bitter word That scarce is fit for you to hear; Her manners had not that repose Which stamps the caste of Vere de Vere.
Strona 137 - Tis not in blood that Liberty Inscribes her civil laws. She writes them on the people's heart In language clear and plain; True thoughts have moved the world before, And so they shall again. « We yield to none in earnest love Of Freedom's cause sublime; We join the cry, 'Fraternity!
Strona 195 - Premier says, that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Strona 161 - I'd fly on the wings of air, The homes of sorrow and guilt I'd seek, And calm and truthful words I'd speak To save them from despair. I'd fly, I'd fly o'er the crowded town, And drop, like the happy sunlight^ down Into the hearts of suffering men, And teach them to rejoice again.
Strona 86 - With desperate sorrow wild, th' affrighted man Thrice sigh'd, thrice struck his breast, and thus began .' ' Sad was the hour, and luckless was the day, When first from Schiraz...
Strona 135 - These testimonies of a confidence so honourable are due, I am aware, much more to the name which I bear than to myself, who have as yet done nothing for my country ; — but the more the memory of the Emperor protects me, and inspires your suffrages, the more I feel myself called upon to make known...
Strona 142 - Yes, yes, if you reckon, we reckon ; if you pay your debts, we pay ours ; if you fly, we conquer, and are content.
Strona 68 - It had no fins, but something like the mane of a horse, or rather a bunch of seaweed, washed about its back.
Strona 142 - I took a single captive, and having first shut him up in his dungeon, I then looked through the twilight of his grated door to take his picture.
Strona 170 - Whene'er you see a widow weeping In public sight, And still in flagrant notice keeping Her doleful plight Aye talking of her dear departed ; One truth is plain, She will not languish broken-hearted, But wed again.

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