Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French

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Lindsay and Blakiston, 1845 - 188

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Strona 79 - Rus sians, he replied, that as soon as they sent him back the leg he had lost at Moscow, he would surrender the fortress. Many times in my life," continued he, " have I been saved by soldiers and officers throwing themselves before me when I was in the most imminent danger. At Arcola, when I was advancing, Colonel...
Strona 64 - Jourdan also represented to them the enormity of such a measure. For a moment the troops hesitated; but a reinforcement now arrived in close column. General Leclerc exclaimed: " In the name of general Bonaparte, the legislative body is dissolved; let all good citizens retire. Grenadiers, forward!" Cries of indignation arose from every side; but these were drowned by the drums. The grenadiers advanced slowly across the whole width of the Orangery, and presenting bayonets. In this way they drove the...
Strona 99 - ... they were endeavouring to force the president Lucien to put the outlawry of his brother to the vote. Napoleon immediately hastened to the Five Hundred, entered the chamber with his hat off, and ordered the officers and soldiers who accompanied him, to remain at the doors : he was desirous to present himself at the bar, to rally his party, which was numerous, but which had lost all unity and resolution. But to get to the bar, it was necessary to cross half the chamber, because the President had...
Strona 15 - He had seen Louis XVI. put on the red cap, and show himself .from the palace of the...
Strona 79 - Smith, fell at my feet. Two soldiers who were close by, seized, and closely embraced me, one in front and the other on one side, and made a rampart of their bodies for me, against the effect of the shell, which exploded, and overwhelmed us with sand. — We sunk into the hole formed by its oursting; one of them was wounded.
Strona 157 - France, whose happiness has ever been the only object of my thoughts, and still will be the sole object of my wishes ! Do not deplore my fate : if I consent to live, it is that I may still contribute to your glory. I will record the great achievements we have performed together.
Strona 95 - ... intentions fully. At the same time, he proposed to appoint a committee of seven persons, to make a report upon the state of the republic. The furious rushing forth of the winds enclosed in the caverns of Eolus never raised a more raging storm.
Strona 85 - The people amongst whom we are going to live are Mahometans. The first article of their faith is this : " There is no God but God, and Mahomet is his Prophet.
Strona 97 - The assembly appeared to declare itself with so much unanimity, that no deputy durst refuse to swear to the constitution: even Lucien himself was compelled to swear. Shouts and cries of " Bravo !" were heard throughout the chamber.
Strona 95 - Washington is dead ! This great man fought against tyranny ; he established the liberty of his country. His memory will always be dear to the French people, as it will be to all free men of the two worlds ; and especially to French soldiers, who, like him and the American soldiers, have combated for liberty and equality.

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