Memoirs of the Life of Gilbert Wakefield, B.A. Late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge

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E. Hodson ...; and sold by J. Deighton, 1792 - 405

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Strona 5 - Neither can they die any more: for they are equal to the angels, and are the children of God, being the children of the resurrection.
Strona 275 - So two kings, for example, engaging each other with military weapons, might ferve to convey the idea of a war between two nations. This abbreviated method would be more expeditious than the former: but what it gained in concifenefs, it would lofe in perfpicuity. The great defideratum would ftill be unatchieved. This is only a defcription, more compendious indeed.
Strona 44 - Vultum verba decent, iratum plena minarum, Ludentem lasciva, severum seria dictu. Format enim natura prius nos intus ad omnem Fortunarum habitum ; juvat aut impellit ad iram Aut ad humum maerore gravi deducit et angit; no Post effert animi motus interprete lingua.
Strona 295 - An union of theological and classical learning, illustrating the Scriptures by light borrowed from the philology of Greece and Rome " Under the title of " Silva Critica," three parts of this performance issued from the university press of Cambridge.
Strona 272 - ... device : and after fo long a trial, to no purpofe, we may reafonably infer, that their mode of writing, which is growing more intricate and voluminous every day, would never terminate in fo clear, fo comparatively fimple, an expedient, as that of alphabetical characters. • The Mexicans, alfo, on the new continent, had made fome rudq attempts of the fame kind, but with lefs fuccefs than the Chinefe.
Strona 242 - I was a young man sitting at work, the people cheerfully pass by my shop to Kingston market; but now, my lord, they are forced to go round about, through a hot sandy road, ready to faint beneath their burden ; and I am unwilling to leave the world worse than I found it.
Strona 262 - If (tlphabetical writing were a human invention, the natural -result of ingenuity and experience; might we not expect, that different nations would have fallen upon the •same expedient, independently of each other, during the compass of so many ages: when the faculties of the mind are equally capable at all times, and in every corner of the universe; and when the habits of life and modes • of thought inevitably bear...
Strona 343 - TIRED nature's sweet restorer, balmy sleep ! He, like the world, his ready visit pays Where fortune smiles, the wretched he forsakes : Swift on his downy pinions flies from woe, And lights on lids unsullied with a tear.
Strona 273 - Continent, had made fome rude attempts of the fame kind, but with lefs fuccefs than the Chinefe. We know alfo, that Hieroglyphics were in...
Strona 268 - Indeed, this proportion feems to be fufficiently afcertained by another argument; that is, from the famenefs of the artificial denominations of the letters in the Oriental, Greek, and Latin languages; accompanied too by a fimilar arrangement: Alpha, Beta, and fo on.

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