The American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal, Tom 35

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Stephen Denison Peet
F.H. Reveell, 1913

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Strona 23 - I won't tell you that yet," was the answer. "Go on asking me questions." The lad paused, looked puzzled, suddenly brightened, and then said: "Do you believe that the Holy Ghost proceeds from the Father and the Son or from the Father alone...
Strona 15 - ... on the connection, relation and mutual bearing of any practical science, the history of our race, or the facts in any department of knowledge, with and upon the Christian Religion.
Strona 140 - This statement is to be made in duplicate, both copies to be delivered by the publisher to the postmaster, who will send one copy to the Third Assistant Postmaster General (Division of Classification), Washington, DC, and retain the other in the files of the post office.
Strona 20 - ... the navel. His broad back leaned slightly forward as he walked; and his step was hasty, yet sharp and decided, like that of one rapidly descending a declivity.
Strona 20 - The head, unusually large, gave space for a broad and noble brow. The hair, thick, jet black, and slightly curling, fell down over his ears ; the eyebrows were arched and joined. The countenance thin but ruddy. His large eyes, intensely black and piercing, received additional lustre from their long dark eyelashes.
Strona 73 - ... by proceedings In a proper court in the manner provided by law for the appropriation of private property by a municipal corporation of the state.
Strona 41 - It is, however, an evil for which there is no remedy: our liberty depends on the freedom of the press and that cannot be limited without being lost.
Strona 114 - Superior, and see whether that nation would forgive them the wrongs they had done them, and admit them as their allies. The war canoes of the Hurons were manned and paddled on the bosom of the great lake in search of a place of refuge. They arrived quite late in the autumn at the easternmost village of the Ojibways, a situation they named Pe-quak-qua-wahming...
Strona 21 - He was the subject of strong passions, but they were so controlled by reason and discretion, that they rarely appeared upon the surface. When much excited, the vein between his eyebrows would mantle, and violently swell across his ample forehead; yet he was cautious and circumspect, and in action kept ever aloof from danger. Generous and considerate towards his friends, he knew, by well-timed favour and attention, how to gain over even the disaffected and rivet them to his service. His enemies, so...
Strona 115 - Ojibways should protect them, and that they were as numerous as the leaves of the forest toward the setting sun. A situation was assigned them near by, where they and their children could reside and be near the villages of the Ojibways. It was adjacent to a bay about 15 miles east of L'Anse and the bay and river's name has been Huron from that day to this.

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