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Brief Survey of Books.


could perhaps wholly avoid. In a work of error during the mechanical operation, that this kind, we seek for information respect the pupil is compelled to go straight foring a people, on whose history, peculiarities, ward in the path prescribed. Some parts, and ideas, all former writers were nearly without doubt, will be found rather ornasilent, and finding this in abundance, none mental than useful, but in every effort a but the fastidious will turn from the repast, certain portion must be devoted to fancy. to animadvert on points of ceremony, and it is like the tweedle of an organ, emptyunimportant circumstantials.

ing its pipes when the tune is ended. On In all the genuine materials, for which the whole, we think that this system is alone history is valuable, these volumes entitled to an impartial trial, and we can amply abound. A copious table of con- hardly doubt that this will give it respectatents accompanies each chapter, through bility, and adoption. which any article, without much difficulty, 2. The Christian Visitor, (Simpkin, can be found, especially as the pages are London) has lately made its appearance in specified where all the chapters begin and numbers, to be continued quarterly. It end. The first volume is embellished with contains general information on religious five copperplate, and nine wood engravings; topics, and subjects connected with Chrisand the second is ornamented with four of tian instruction. The two numbers which the former, and seven of the latter. These we have, are of fair promise, and the are neatly executed; and in some of the sources of information to which the comidols, they exhibit monstrous images, that piler has access, appears to be both rerarely before, perhaps, ever met an Euro- spectable and numerous. pean eye. The work is neatly printed on 3. Scripture Characters and Subjects excellent paper; and though far from being | Versified, by R. Tobit, (Bennet, London,) diminutive in magnitude, it will confer continue to sustain the character with which more honour and dignity on the library it began, namely, that it is designed for into which it is admitted, than it will take children, to whose capacities the humble of the room it occupies on its shelves. verse is adapted.

Viewed both in their outline and detail, 4. Address of Earl Stanhope, President these two volumes of Polynesian Re- of the Medico-Botanical Society, at the searches are replete with interesting matter. Anniversary Meeting, Jan. 16. 1829, We have perused them with glowing (Wilson, London,) is in every respect ardour, and can hardly avoid thinking that suited to the occasion. It takes an extenthey add a new and striking feature to the sive and luminous survey of the various characteristic history of the human race. subjects immediately connected with the But what is of still greater importance, society, of the interest which they excite in they erect a more stupendous monument various parts of the world, and of their imto the efficacy of divine grace, than, under portance to mankind. similar circumstances, any other portion of 5. A Memorial or Tribute of Praise the globe, or period of history, can furnish. to the Holy, Essential, and Eternal God, In both of these respects, they have nothing by Samuel Eyles Pierce, (Baynes, London,) to fear from any existing rival, and an age seems to contain and express much religious will perhaps elapse, before they will be feeling. Bit in his nomination of Deity degraded from this exalted station in the he has so overloaded the subject with laudaeyes of posterity.

tory epithets, that, although they may be all appropriate, they have more the appear.

ance of fulsome adulation than of rational 1. The Desideratum of Penmanship, homage, and sober devotion &c. &c. &c. by J. Carstairs, (Longman, 6. The New French Manual and Tra. London,) exhibits some curious specimens veller's Companion, &c.; by Gabriel Suof lines, quadrants, and other mathema- renne, F.A.S.E., (Marshall, London) is tical figures in connexion with the letters of an useful book for learners, and as sach we the alphabet, the formation and position of characterized it some months since. "It which the author endeavours to reduce to has now reached the third edition, which scientific rules. His' method displays indicates that the public are not ignorant much ingenuity and industry, and the re- of its value. sult will be found of great service to 7. The Sabbath Minstrel, a Collection learners, and also to many of those who of Hymns for Sunday Schools, by John teach learners to write. His system is Taylor, (Westley, London,) we have peradapted to secure a command of hand in

used with pleasing emotions. They are every degree of variety ; and so effectually familiar in their style, easy in their versifihas he guarded the avenues which lead to cation, and pare in their sentiment






Crab, marked as follows: the northern 78,

the southern 68, and the middle 71, he is SEPTEMBER, 1829.

slowly approaching Regulus in the conThe Sun enters the Equinoctial sign of stellation of the Lion. Jupiter is rapidly Libra on the 23d at 17 minutes past eight receding from our view, he may be observin the morning, when the Autumnal quarter ed at first to the west of w Ophiuchi, which commences, and the days and nights are of he soon passes, and slowly recedes from; equal length in every part of the globe. on the 5th, at 23 minutes 5 seconds past His declination on the 1st is 8 degrees seven in the evening, his first satellite 18 minutes north, and on the 30th it has emerges from his disc. changed to south, being 2 degrees 48 minutes southward of the equator. On the

GLEANINGS. 1st his semidiameter is 15 minutes, 53 seconds, and 3 lenths, and on the 25th

New South Wales.-The Sydney Monitor of the 3d

of February, 1829, thus potices the melancholy death, 15 minutes, 59 seconds, and 4 tenths ; by. drowning, of Mr. Robert Howe, proprietor and

editor of the oldest Colonial Journal, the Sydney the time that his semidiameter occupies in Gazette, to the columns of which we have been inpassing the meridian on the 1st is 1 minute, it appears, bought a boat on the morning of the 29th of

, 4 seconds, and 2 tenths, and on the 25th

infant child and his groom along with him (the latter 1 minute, 3 seconds, and 9 tenths : his

carrying a basket containing refreshments,) he went on hourly motion in space on the 1st is 2 board, and rowed near to Pinchgut Island, and there minutes, 25 seconds, and 3 tenths ; and clapsed

in fishing, when the sails underwent, at the on the 25th 2 minutes, 27 seconds, and 2

Mr. Howe rose suddenly to take his child from one tenths.

situation in the boat to fix it in another, when the

little vessel went over, and every thing fell into the The Moon enters her first quarter on the water. All instantly went down, and the groom says 6th

at noon, in the 13th degree of Sagittarius, face, he saw kir. Howe seize the child, and hold it her latitude being 5 degrees south : on the above his head with both hands. The groom also

seized the child, and both then swam towards the 13th, at 24 minutes 54 seconds past five nearest ship, distant about two huudred and fifty in the morning, she enters the Earth's yards, although Pinchgut Island was not more than shadow; ten minutes later she sets, having he said. "We shall all be drowned, and I shall leave

my poor wife a widow; save the child if you can," 1 degree, or digit, 19 minutes, 22 seconds,

and immediately sank. In a minute a boat from the eclipsed on her southern limb: she is fulí nearest ship, approached, and took in the child. Mr.

Howe was found the next day near Pinchgut Island the same morning at 29 minutes past six and, most marvellous

to relate, his basket was found in the 20th degree of Pisces : at 6 unhappy gentleman, in going down the second time, minutes past twelve at night, on the 19th,

fell in with the lines and basket-that he caught at

the lines, and supposing them thrown to his assistshe enters her last quarter in the 26th de- ance, wound them about him to make them tight, gree of Gemini; and on the 28th, at 3 hoping to feel a friendly hand at the tight end ; and

thus, in his dying efforts, the basket handle slipped minutes past two in the morning, she is

over his head,

How to Catch, and how to Cure a Cold.- At this time new in the 4th degree of Libra. She passes of the year, says a correspondent, colds are easily the planet Jupiter on the 5th at twelve at caught, and difficult to cure. The following will be

found effectual :-After a quick walk in the evening, night, Saturn on the 23d at 15 minutes sit in the draught to cool; the consequence will be a

severe cold, attended perhaps with cough; the next past eight in the evening, Mars on the

day hoarseness, short breath, and much expectora26th at 15 minutes past nine in the even- In the evening, at seven, go to a well-fre.

quented tavern, and drink three or four glasses of ing, and Mercury on the 30th at seven in strong punch, or stiff rum and water, stay till eleven the morning. She is in perigee on the

or twelve o'clock, walk home cosey, and go to bed,

You need not get up the next day, but send for the 13th, and in apogee on the 27th.

apothecary; the following day you must send for the

physician, and the third day your friends will send The planet Mercury is too near the Sun for the undertaker. You win never feel the effects to be visible this month, he crosses the of an autumnal cold afterwards.

Crime and Education,-Mr. Justice Park, in his late ecliptic in his descending node on the 10th, address to the Essex Grand Jury, observed, and is in aphelio on the 22nd. The situa-thongh crime had appeared to decrease in this county, tion of Venus is unfavourable for general out the kingdom; on the contrary, there was an in.

crease. Many good and excellent men (said his lordobservation during this month, but the ex- ship) had endeavoured to account for the increase of

crime, but the task appeared very difficult. It might pert astronomer may probably obtain a

be considered, however, that crime would keep pace view of her, and he will observe 10 digits with the increase of population. There were those illuminated on her western limb, her appa- , and who asserted that education had done no good! rent diameter being 12 seconds on the I (said his lordship) am of a different opinion, else the

greater the increase of crime, the larger would be the 24th. Mars is also hid from our view by number of educated persons upon its lists. He thought his proximity to the Sun; he is in aphelio rev. prelate (the diocesan of this county,) who had on the 3d. The planet Saturn now be given his opinion, that but for education, within the comes conspicuous in the morning, rising state worse than that of total ignorance." at 37 minutes past two on the 1st; and at

Caution to Children.-On Friday morning, Aug. 7th,

1829, the following singular accident occurred at 27 minutes past one on the 25th he is ob- Camberwell :-A girl, about thirteen years of age, served receding from three small stars in the while amusing herself alone on a swing, and giving

herself a rotatory motiou, slipped from her seat in


" Al


Literary Notices.


such a manner as to get the rope twisted about her Munificent Contributions. The services at the Annineck, so that before she could loosen it she was firmly versary Meeting of the Manchester Auxiliary of the suspended, and hung unobserved for several minutes. London Missionary Society, commenced on Sunday, When cut down, she was, to all appearance, quite June 7th, 1829. At the public meeting, on Monday dead. On employing, however, the usual means of evening, Mr. George Hadfield again came forward, resuscitation, she began slowly to evince signs of as on two former occasions, and offered to subscribe returning life, and in a few hours the vital functions 1001. to the funds of the society, if the rest of the were restored. Delirium, however, accompanied with meeting would undertake to increase that sum to convulsions of the most distressing kind, continued 10001. He was seconded, as before, by Mr. Samuel for five hours, at the expiration of which time she Fletcher, with another 1001.; and in the course of an regained eptire possession of her mental faculties, hour and a half, the sum of 10231. 68. was subscribed. but could not recollect any thing of the accident, A general collection was then made, and 671. more Leeches. It is said to have been lately discovered

were received. The services of the anniversary conthat leeches twice applied possess the property of

cluded on Wednesday evening, when the collections communicating to the second subject the disease of

at the different services, independent of the contrithe first.

butions on Monday evening, amounted to about 8001.,

making an aggregate sum of 18901, to be appropriated American Aloe.-The fellow plant to that which

to the Missionary Cause. flowered last year at Brislington hall, is now iu flower, and bids fair to form a specimen fiper than the former, the flower-stalk having already reached the height of twenty-two feet.

Literary Notices. The Giraffe, or Camelopard. The following account is given of the present state of the giraffe presented

Just Published. to his majesty by the pasha of Egypt. From the No. V. of National Portrait Gallery, with three period of its arrival at the menagerie in Windsor splendid Likenesses, of Marquis Wellesley, Sir Hum. great park, to the present time (June, 1829,) the ani. phry Davy, and Sir Henry Torrens. mal has grown eighteen inches. She can now reach Part 111. of Lancashire Illustrated, containing sixabout thirteen feet. Her usual food is barley, oats, teen beautiful prints, with descriptive letter-press. beans, (which are split,) and ash leaves. She drinks No. I. of Illustrations of Devonshire and Cornwall, milk. Her health is not good. Her joints appear to containing four highly finished engravings, and shoot over, and she is very weak and crippled, afford- Vignette, with

historical descriptions. ing little probability that she will recover her strength. Part III. of Jones's Illustrations of Edinburgh. She is occasionally led for exercise round the pad- Part I. of Bath and Bristol, and Part III, of Views dock, when she seems well enough; but now, in the of Gentlemen's Seats, are ready for delivery. day, she is seldom on her legs. Indeed, so great is Morning and Evening Prayers, adapted for fami'y the weakness of her fore-legs, that a pully has been worship: constructed, being suspended from the ceiling of her The Preacher's Manual, in two vols. Yol. II., by hovel, and fastened round her body, for the purpose S. T, Sturtevant. of raising her on her legs without any exertion on The Sabbath Minstrel, by I. Taylor. her part. When she first arrived she was exceedingly The Apocrypha of the Book of Daniel, &c., by playful, and perfectly harmless, but she is now much Lake Howard. less active, although as gentle as before. She ap- A Brief History of the Life and Labours of the pears to know her keeper, and every object by which she is surrounded attracts her attention.-Library of gan. M.A.

Rev. T. Charles, A.B., by the Rev. Edward MorEntertaining Knowledge.

The Female Servant's Adviser, with plates. Meeting of Thieves in London. It is said that a

Gideon and other poems. meeting of notorious swell thieves took place a short Popular Lectures on Biblical Criticism and Intertime since, at a flash house Dear Temple Bar, to de. pretation, by William Carpenter. termine what course the fraternity should pursue The Evidence of Prophecy, from a work by the in the present aspect of affairs, as regards the new

Rev. A. Keith. police act.

Welcome to Affliction, &c. by the Rev. Samuel Fine Silk Shawl.-There is at present in the pos

Shaw, M.A. session of an ingenious lady in Clontarf (Ireland,)

Immanuel, &c., by Samuel Shaw, M.A. a crimsou silk shawl, containing 9,880 threads in

Baxter's Saints Rest, abridged. the warp, 4,300 shoots, or 8,600 threads in the weft,

Help to Zion's Travellers, by Robert Hall. 5-4ths square; weight two ounces, produced from

Elementary Thoughts on the Right Process of worms of her own rearing; reeled in the raw by

Education, with Suggestions for the Formation of a herself.

Public School, by Geddes Mackenzie Scott, M.A. Sea in New Holland. Some black natives, who

Noon-day Sun-set, a Sermon addressed chiefly to lately visited Sydney, have reported the existence of

Young People, at New Broad Street Meeting House,

London, on the decease of Mrs. T. c. Everett, of an extensive sea in ihe interior of New Holland, and an expedition has been fitted out by Sir John Jamieson,

Reading, hy I. P. Dobson. Second edition.

Calvinistic Predestination Repugnant to the Geneto ascertain the fact. It had long been supposed, from

ral Tenor of Scripture; shewn in a series of Disthe absence of any river of great magnitude emanat

courses on the Moral Attributes and Government of ing from so large a continent, that there must be

God; delivered in the Chapel of Trinity College, some extensive morass or reservoir of water in the interior; and if this be found to be the case, and the

Dublin, by the late very Rev. Richard Graves, D.D. inland sea prove navigable, the discovery will be of

M.R.I,A., King's Professor of Divinity, in 'Trinity vast importance, and remove many of the drawbacks

College, Dublin, Dean of Ardagh, &c. which now exist against settling in that colony, in

In one vol, demy 19mo. Scriptural Characters and preference to Van Diemen's Land.

Subjects Versified, by R. Tobitt.
The Eleventh
Volume of the Seats of the

Nobility Living Barometer.-One of the most sensitive of all and Gentry in the United Kingdom, by J. P. Neale, animals is the leech; a disposition owing probably to being the last but one of this popular and interesting the curious arrangement of the cutaneous annules of work, which will contain upwards of 800 highly its ou ter coat. This creature, being put into a phial finished engravings. nearly filled with water, has been used as a means of Christian Visitor, Nos. 1 and 2. foretelling changes of weather several hours beforehand. In fair or frosty weather it will lie rolled up

Preparing for Publication. in a spiral form at the bottom of the vessel, but, prior The Arguments for Predestination and Necessity to rain or snow it will creep to the surface; if there Contrasted with the established Principles of Philois wind, it will glide quickly about the bottle, and if sophical Inquiry. In two sermons, in Trinity Collightning be approaching, it starts convulsively near lege, Dublin, 1828. With Notes and Appendis,

by the top, and gets as much out of the water as it can. Richard Hastings Graves, D.D. To remove Grease, &c. The following, method of

In the Press. removing grease and oil spots from silk and other articles, without injury to the colours, is given in the A Topographical and Historical Account of Me Journal des Connaissances Usuelles :Take the yolk of chodism in Yorkshire: giving a detail of its Rise, an egg, and put a little of it on the spot, then place Progress, and Present State, in the City of York, and over it a piece of white linen, and wet it with boiling in every Town, Village, Hamlet, &c. in the County. water ; rub the linen with the hand, and repeat the Captain Brown has in the Press, a Work to be process three or four times, at each time applying entitled Biographical Sketches and Authentic Aneefresh boiling water; the linen is to be then removed, dotes of Horses; with a Historical Introduction, and and the part thus treated is to be washed with clean an Appendix on the Diseases and Medical Treatment cold water.

of the Horse,


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