Diablo II: The Awakening

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Wizards of the Coast, 1 mar 2000 - 128
This action-packed epic takes the world of the Diablo II computer game and translates it into the ultimate AD&D adventure. Create AD&D heroes with a Diablo twist, then send them off to challenge terrors that were once only found on a computer screen. The adventure starts in Tristram, the site of the original Diablo game, then takes the heroes to the mysterious Monastery of the Sightless Eye -- full of dangers and challenges pulled right from Diablo II but enhanced for a traditional roleplaying game experience.

This epic adventure allows expert AD&D players to delve into the world of the Diablo computer game. This book contains nineteen two-color illustrations and maps and a bound-in, two-sided, full-color map booklet.

Origins Award winner Bruce Cordell abandoned biopharmaceutical research when TSR offered to pay him for making up stuff. Since then, Bruce has written over a dozen products, including The Gates of Firestorm Peak, The Return to the Tomb of Horrors, and Tangents.

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Informacje o autorze (2000)

Stardeep" is BRUCE R. CORDELL's fourth novel. His previous novels include "Oath of Nerull" (as T.H. Lain), "Lady of Poison," and "Darkvision," By day, Bruce is a game designer, and in that role he has written over forty game titles, a few of which garnered awards. Bruce lives in Washington State with his wife and a menagerie of gentle house pets.

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