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Ilt. The Registrar General shall in every such place shall be certified in writing to the Year make out and cause to be printed a Registrar General through the SuperintendList of all existing certified Places of Worship eni Registrar of the District in which such which shall have been returned to him as Meeting shall be held, it becomes necessary aforesaid, and also of all such other places that you should be immediately furnished of Worship as shall from Time to Time be with the means of carrying the Act into certified to and recorded by him as afore- operation in your District, whenever an apsaid, and shall state in such List the County plication shall be made to you by persons and Superintendent Registrar's District within desirous of availing themselves of its prowhich each of such Places of Worship is si- visions. tuated, and the Religious Denomination to You will accordingly receive herewith a which it belongs, and shall cause a copy of supply of blank Forms of Certificate, for the such List to be sent to every Superintendent use of any persons who may hereafter require Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages them for the purpose of certifying, as a in England; and such Lists shall be open at place of Religious Worship for Protestant all reasonable Times, without Fee, to all Per- Dissenters, any Building, Room, or Place in sons desirous of inspecting the same.

your District which has not already been so

certified under either of the Statutes of 1 The following circular to Superintendent William and Mary, c. 18, and 52 George III. Registrars will assist in understanding the c. 155, before cited. You will have the course to be adopted by parties about to goodness, therefore, to present two of these occupy a new place of worship.

Forms to any applicant, apon tequest, with

an intimation that when properly filled up General Register Office, June 29, 1852.

and signed in duplicate, they are to be reSir,-I herewith transmit to you, by turned to you, with a fee of 25. 6d., which direction of the Registrar General, a copy of you will be entitled to receive and retain for “ An Act to amend the Law relating to the your own use; you will thereupon transmit Certifying and Registering Places of Reli- the Certificates by post to the Registrar gious Worship of Protestant Dissenters," General, who will forthwith cause the same which has this day received the Royal As- to be recorded as the Act directs, and will sent. Under this Act, certain duties will return one of the Forms to you, in order that devolve upon the Registrar General, and you may deliver it back to the person from upon Superintendent Registrars, for the per- whom you received it. formance whereof, so far as the latter are It is very possible, however, that you may concerned, I am directed to convey to you occasionally have presented to you, for registhe following instructions:

tration in this office, Certificates made out You are probably aware that under the not upon the printed Form, nor in exact lat as comprised in the Act of 1 William accordance with it; in either case you will and Mary, c. 18 (commonly known as the have the goodness not to reject them, but to

Toleration Act), and that of 52 George III. forward them to the Registrar General, who c. 155, no Congregation or Assembly for Re- will himself decide whether to record them ligious Worship of Protestants, at which pursuant to the Act, or to return them, there should be present more than twenty through you, to the parties for amendment. persons, besides the immediate family and Should the latter course be adopted by him, servants of the person in whose house or you will be so good as to place in the hands upon whose premises such Meeting, Congre- of the parties, along with the defective Cergation, or Assembly should be had, was per- tificates when returned to you, two of the missible or allowable, until the place of such prescribed printed Forms, with a request that meeting had been certified either to the these may be used in lieu of the former, and Bishop of the Diocese, or to the Archdeacon that when they have been filled up and of the Archdeaconry, or to the Justices of signed in duplicate, they may be left with you the Peace at the General or Quarter Sessions to be dealt with as before directed. of the Peace for the County, Riding, Division, A further supply of these Forms, when City, Town, or Place in which such meeting needed, will be sent to you at any time, on should be held; and it was further requisite your written application. that every such certified place of Meeting You will have the goodness to fill up and should be registered in the Court of the said sign, and forthwith return to the Registrar Bishop or Archdeacon, or be recorded at the General, the enclosed printed acknowledgsaid General or Quarter Sessions.

ment of the receipt of those now sent. The recent statute, however, having altered The Registrar General will forward to you the law in this respect, by providing that no in the year 1853 and in each subsequent place of Meeting of any Congregation or year (as directed in section 3), a printed list Assembly for Religious Worship of Protest of all existing certified places of Religious ants dissenting from the Church of England Worship belonging to Protestant Dissenters shall in future be certified in the manner in England and Wales. It will behove you above recited, but that in lieu thereof every 'to preserve these Lists carefully as official

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documents, the Act requiring that they should Dated this* day of

18 be accessible to the public at all reasonable times, without fee. To this end I am tot

of the Place of Meeting suggest that they be constantly kept in the above described Register Office, along with the Marriage No MEMORANDUM.— The foregoing tice Book.

Certificate was duly recorded It will be the duty of the Registrar General in the General Register Office, to expunge from time to tiine from the List this

day of of“ existing' certified places all those which 18

, pursuant to the Act have wholly ceased to be used for Public Re- above-mentioned. ligious Worship. With this view, and for the purpose of obtaining authentic information upon that point, he will probably have occasion hereafter to seek your assistance and

ASSOCIATIONS.) that of the Registrars under your superin

BERKS AND WEST MIDDLESEX. tendence. Into that matter, however, he will not now further enter, as a complete and Eighteen churches constitute this body. satisfactory inquiry in reference to it cannot


R, H. Marten. possibly take place until the Bishops' and Addlestone Archdeacons' Registrars, and the Clerks of Ashampstead

H. Fuller.

Beech Hill. the Peace throughout England and Wales,

.....H. Young.

Brimpton shall severally have made to the Registrar Dorchester..

.J. Oldham. General the “ Returns” mentioned in sec- Harlington

Wm. Perratt. tion 1.


B. Davis,

..Joseph Drew. I am, Sir, your very obedient servant,


...J. J. Brown, Tuos. Mann, Chief Clerk.


G. Hawson.

...G. Chew.

J. Ainsworth, Forms, of which a copy is subjoined, may Wallingford

...S. Davies. be obtained of the local Superintendent

Wantage ...

..C. E. Birt.
West Drayton

...J. Gibson. Registrars.


....S. Lillycrop. Wokingham...


The annual meeting was held at Walling, DEATHS, AND MARRIAGES IN ENGLAND,

ford, June 1st and 2nd. Brother S. Davies I the undersigned

of was chosen moderator. Brother Harcourt

in the County was re-appointed Secretary. Sermons were of

do hereby, under and preached by brethren Marten, and Birt of by virtue of an Act passed in the sixteenth Oldham. T'he Circular Letter, written by year of the Reign of Her present Majesty brother Brown, is on Church Discipline. Queen Victoria, entitled “ An Act to amend

Statistics. the law relating to the certifying and register


76 ing Places of Religious Worship of Pro

Received by Letter.

17 testant Dissenters," certifying that a certain


1 Building known by the name of t

99 situated atf

in the
Removed by death..........

25 County aforesaid within the Superintendent


12 Registrar's District of



28 forthwith intended to be used, and will be


7 forth with used as a Place of Meeting for

88 Religious Worship by a Congregation or Clear increase Assembly of Protestant Dissenters from the

Number of members .......................

1468 School children

1574 Church of England of the Denomination

Teachers ........................................

221 called & And I request that this Village Stations.......

27 Certificate may be recorded in the General Register Office pursuant to the said Act. Tuesday and Wednesday

The next meeting is to be held on the




in 6 Whitsun

week at Staines, • Insert in this and the two following blank spaces, the Name, Residence, County in which it is situated, and the. Rank or Profession of the

DEVOX Party certifying.

+ Insert the name of the Building if it have a Thirty-five churches constitute this distinguishing name ; if not, expunge the words body : “known by the name of."

# Describe the situation so as clearly to identify the Building

* Fill in the date, and add the Signature below $ Insert the Religious Denomination of the it. Persons on whose behalf the Building is certi. † Add " Proprietor," or "A Trustee," or "Occufied.

pier," (s the case may be.)


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Dorchester .............

- Kerry. Appledore......


H. W. Stenıbridge. Ashwater ....A. Facy.


.....J. Bolton.
.....J. Dore.

Horsington .........D. Bridgman.
W. Walton.

Isle Abbotty

.....J. Chappell. Barnstaple ....S. Newman.


....J. Stembridge.
,B. Arthur,
Lyme Regis

A. Wayland.
Bovey Tracey..
...W. Brook.

- Fuller. Bradninch

c. Baker.

Montacute. .............J. Price.

W. Cutcliffe,
North Curry

.R. Serle.
..M. Saunders.


...J. G. Fuller, Budleigh Salterton ....... .T. Collins,

Street ...

...J. Little. Christow......


..R. Green.
U. Foot.

.S. Sutton
W. Davey.


.....J. Baynes. Crediton..


....J. Trafford. Croyde ...J. Hunt.


.G. Day. Culmstock .........G. Brockway.


R. James. Exeter, South Street..........C. M. Wiglitman.

-Bartholomew Yard ..G. Cole Hemyock

R. P. Cross. Honiton...

W. E. Foote.

The Western Association held its annual Kingsbridge..

E. Tuckett.

meetings at Taunton, on the 23rd and 24th Modbury .....J. Bussell.

of June. The Association Sermon was Lifton .........J. Kings.

preached by Mr. Trafford of Weymouth, on Newton Abbott Ringmore......... ..A, Foster.

success as promised by God to labourers for Shaldon ....

him;" and sermons were preached also by South Molton

.T. W. Blackmore.

Messrs. Fuller of Stogumber and Wayland St. Hill, Kentisbere Thorverton....

of Lyme. The circular letter on * prayer Tiverton

.E. Webb.

meetings” was written by Mr. Pearce of Torrington........

.D. Thompson. Crewkerne. Mr. Green of Taunton was Torquay

.B. Carto. Uffculm..

choren moderator, and Mr. Trend of BridgeYarcombe........


water was re-appointed secretary. After the The annual meeting was held at Kings- reception of a deputation from the Devon bridge, on the 16th and 17th of June, 1852. Association, several important resolutions Brother Tuckett was chosen moderator.

were adopted. The American Baptist Free Brother Webb was requested to continue his Mission Society met with sympathy and enservices as secretary.

Brother Walton read couragement. The Baptist Union was recomthe Association Letter on the Utility of mended to the pecuniary support of the

members of the association, Associations. Brethren Bunce, Newman,

The grant to

Maynooth was condemned on the general and Arthur preached.

principle of opposition to all religious endowStatistics.

ments, The objects of the Anti-StateBaptized


Church Association were commended to the Received by letter


brethren, and a deputation was chosen to Restored


attend the next Triennial Conference. А

180 Removed by death


Petition to Parliament against church rates Removed


was adopted, and separate petitions on the Excluded


same subject were recommended to the

99 Clear increase

churches. The Birmingham Scholastic In

81 Number of members


stitution had a resolution passed in its favour, Schools...

33 The low estate of the churches excited the Children .............


regret of the brethren, and they deemed it Teachers

392 Scholars .....


desirable to fix on the second Monday in The next meeting is to be held at Honiton, Bristol and the Devon Associations on a

October, being the day appointed by the on the Wednesday and Thursday after the similar account, for the purpose of special second Lord's day in June, 1853.

meetings throughout the association for inquiry, exhortation, and prayer.

The churches that have not made collections for WESTERN

the fund are to be affectionately reminded

of their duty in this respect. And it was The following churches are comprised in resolved that the geographical boundary of this body :

the association should be adhered to as it was Boroughbridge .......... .T. Baker.

determined last year. The cases of KingsBridgewater .H. Trend.

bridge and Yarcombe are to be presented to Bridport....... ......T. Young

the churches during the year. Burnham

This association now contains 26 churches. Burton ...J. Merchant.

Letters were received from twenty-three of Chard

.E. Edwards. Creech... ..............G. Medway,

them, from which it appears that there are Crewkerne..... .....S. Pearce.

in these churches just 1800 members, and VOL. XV.-FOURTH SERIES.

1768 Sunday school children taught by 253

Removed by death

23 Dismissed

20 teachers, there are also 25 village stations.

Withdrawn ...........................

26 Separated

21 Stalistics.

90 Baptized..........

Clear increase during the year

34 By letter..

Number of members

Sabbath scholars

1433 By death..


227 Removed

Village statious

31 Excluded


The next Annual Meeting is to be held on Clcar increuse

30 the second Thursday in June, 1853, at Bo

tesdale. The next annual meeting is to bc, lield at Hatch, and brethren Hare, Price, Trafford, and Trend are to visit the brethren of the

SHIRLEY, NEAR SOUTHAMPTON. Devon Association at their next meeting at Honiton, as the representatives of the Western The foundation stone of this new chapel Association.

was laid on Wednesday, July 14th, by Sampson Payne, Esq., Clayfield House.

The assemblage on the occasion was large THE SUFFOLK BAPTIST 110XE MISSIONARY and respectable. The three baptist minisUNION.

ters of Southampton that are united in this

Christian enterprise were countenanced and This society, formed at Bradfield, on Thurz- assisted in the services by the kind co-operaday, June 10th, 1852, includes thirtecn tion of the ministers of other denominations churches :

in the neighbourhood.

The above service closed about five o'clock, Aldborough

J. Matthews

after which nearly three hundred persons Barton-Mills...

J. Richardson. Bildestone..

C. T. Crate.

took tea together, in a booth erected on the Botesdale

E. Tricket.

spot, and were in the course of the evening Bradfield..

G. Ward.

addressed by the Revs. T. Adkin, SouthBury

C. Elven. Diss

J. P. Lewis,

ampton, T. Burt, Beaulieu, J. Martin of Eye

C. Carpenter,

Lymington, A. McLaren, S. S. Pugh, W. Ipswich, Stoke-Green J. Webb.

Yarnold and G. Gregg of Southampton, and Turret-Green ...

I Lord.

Griffiths of Romsey. Stradbroke

..................... R. Bayne. Sudbury ............ S. Murch.

The company broke up about nine o'clock, West-Row ........................ W.C. Ellis.

and separated cherishing the hope that the The principal rules agreed upon as the basis of building may be completed in a few months, this Union are as follows, viz. :

and be known to many generations as the I. That this Society be called “The Suffolk Baptist home of“ a union church " distinguished for Home Missionary Union."

its attachment to the truth as it is in Jesus, 11. That its object be the support and extension of and aiding in the establishment of Christ's HOME MISSIONARY OPERATIONS, by aiding poor and deserving churches, planting permanent stations, kingdom in the world, and promoting the cause of Christ by local efforts, in The committee will require one hundred any other way approved by the Ministers and Messengers at the Annual Meeting.

and fifty pounds beyond what they have in Ill. That any Evangelical Baptist church in the hand, or in promise, to finish the building; county, or its borders, that shall contribute to its | they therefore very earnestly solicit the funds by subscriptions or annual collections, be eligible for membership.

assistance of Christian friends at a distance, IV. That an annual meeting of the representatives

and as they apprehend indisposition may of this society be held at a place appointed by the prevent their secretary from visiting some prerious annual meeting, on the rocond Thursd y in June; and that, during the services, at least one pub- it friends will forward their kind aid before

that expect him, they will feel very thankful lic collection be made on behalf of the funds. V. That every church in this Union be represented

Michaelmas to the Rev. W. Yarnold, at the annual meeting by its minister, and one or Southampton two delegated members, who shall be entitled to sote on every subject which may come under their consideration. VI. That the services of the annual meeting be as

HONITON, Devon. follows:--to semble at hall-past ten o'clock precisely, when the morning shall be devoted to devo

Services were held in this town, July 28th, tional exercises, and reading the statistics sent by

in connexion with the ordination of the Rev. the churches. The afternoon to be appropriated to

W. Evans Foote, as the pastor of the baptist business, and the other servicos to be such as shall be determined by the churcb where the annual ineet

church, and the laying the foundation stone ing is held,

of a new chapel for his ministrations. The Statistica,

existing chapel being small and inconvenient, Baptized

that of the independent church was kindly

87 Received by letter ................

offered and thankfully accepted for the oc

33 Rosiored ...........

casion. In the morning the ordination service 124 took place, when the introductory address on



the nature of the Christian church was de- and a liberal collection made towards the new livered by the Rev. Thos. Winter of Bristol ; building, the questions were proposed, and the ordi- In the evening a sermon was preached to nation prayer offered by the Rev. G. H. the people by Mr. Davis. Davis, Mr. Foote's former pastor; and an A deep solemnity was thrown over all the affecting charge was delivered by the Rev. services by the melancholy fact that the T. S. Crisp, president of the Baptist Col- pastor of the independent church, the Rev. lege.

Mr. Wright, had died during the night preIn the afternoon the foundation stone of vious. It was felt by all to be a striking the new chapel was laid in the presence of a warning to be always ready, and to work large and respectable auditory. Addresses while it is called to-day, because the night were delivered by Messrs. Winter and Davis, ' cometh wherein no man can work.


To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine. in Your Majesty's dominions of the Conventual

system--a system which we consider to be altogether DEAR SIR, -Allow me to call the atten- opposed to the pure and benevolent character of tion of your readers to the subject of the

the Gospel.

Under this system, young and inexperienced petitions now in course of signature respecting females are immured in Nunneries, denied the the nunneries existing in this country, and to privilege of free intercourse with their relatives enclose you a copy of the Memorial to her and friends, deprived of the profitable and wboleMajesty praying for the inspection of such

some discipline of social life, and exposed to con

cealed dangers ; from which unnatural restraint, if establishments.

they should repent of vows taken in ignorance or I am aware that some persons object to rashness, escape is almost impossible. this movement, on the ground that any steps it is desirable to dispel the mystery which enshrouds

That we bumbly represent to Your Majesty that taken for their regulation might imply the these Conventual establishments, and to deprive acknowledged legality of their existence. them of that character of constraint and conceal. But whether legal or not, it is certain that ment which painfully contrasts with the precepts of they do exist, and are increasing much more

the Bible, and the liberty enjoyed by Your Majesty's

subjects. rapidly than most people are aware of, and Relying upon Your Majesty's benevolent care for it would be well if immediate attention were

the welfare of all classes of Your Majesty's subjects, given to the matter.

we earnestly beseech Your Majesty to take effectual With us, as protestant dissenters, the great spection, so that no person may be received into,

steps to open these establishments to regular in. principle of religious liberty must ever stand or detained in, or dismissed from them, without the pre-eminent ; but while we would allow to all knowledge of the proper authorities. And that it who feel it their duty to live a life of asceti- the full enjoyment of all your Royal authority for

may please God long to preserve Your Majesty in cism perfect liberty to do so, we cannot shut the well-being of this nation, and for the furtherour eyes to the fact that the conventual sys- ance of His own glory, is the earnest prayer of tem is essentially opposed to liberty both

Your Majesty's loyal subjects. religious and civil, and that while these establishments remain closed to all official inspection, and even to the visits of those QUERIES ON CHRONOLOGICAL ARRANGEMENT related by the nearest and dearest ties to

OF THE PSALMS. the deluded inmates, they cannot but be considered as most dangerous and pernicious. respondents arising from mistakes in the

The inquiries proposed by different cor-
I am, Sir,
Yours respectfully,

chronological list of the Psalms, derived from MARY

Weiss, are all answered we believe in the


To Her Most Gracious Majesty Victoria, by the Grace


77 of God, of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, De

18 fender of the Faith.


147 104

...35 The Loyal Address of the undersigned Female Inhabitants of

and its neighbourhood, HUMBLY SHEWETH,


127 That we, the undersigned, your Majesty's most dutiful and devoted Female Subjecte, residing in

It has given us pleasure to find that the and its neighbourbood, are deeply sen

table given in June has afforded gratification sible of the blessings of Civil and Religious Liberty, to many of our readers; though we regret which, under Your Majesty's Government, we enjoy. that the haste with which it was made out We however regret to observe that from one class of our fellow subjects these blessings are in a great

has occasioned them some unnecessary trou. measure withheld, in consequence of the existence ble.








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